This 30-minute total-body, high-intensity interval workout is effective, efficient and invigorating. For more on high-intensity interval training, check out High-intensity Interval Training: Why it Works.
Here are four reasons why you should incorporate this type of workout into your training routine:

You can do this type of workout anywhere, literally—from a living room or a parking lot to the gym or the beach. On occasion, I will throw in dumbbells or bands, but you can keep things simple and stick with body weight. The only other thing you need is a determined mindset.
You can do this workout in 30 minutes or less. The body of this workout is 20 minutes (with five minutes for the warm-up and five minutes for a cool-down). Don’t let that fool you though—it’s an intense 20 minutes because you’ll be pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.
You will hit every major muscle group. This workout engages upper body, lower body and core muscles, which makes it a nice complement to any specific program you might be following.
You will engage both muscular and aerobic fitness. This workout not only challenges the body’s strength, but also incorporates sprint work that taps into the body’s anaerobic fitness.

The Workout
Warm up for five minutes with some dynamic movements or jogging. For the 20-minute block, complete as many rounds as you can and rest as often as you need to.

Squat Block

25 Squats: Feet shoulder-width apart, hips to parallel, go quickly
20 Pulsing Squats: Pulse at the bottom of the squat position
15 Jumping Squats: Explode on the way up, jumping as high as you can  

Lunge Block

15 Walking Lunges: 15 reps on each leg, drop your knee back to the ground

Push-Up Block

15 Push-ups: Drop to knees when form starts to fail 
20 Burpees: A squat thrust with a push-up
25 Mountain Climbers: 25 each leg, knees up to chest

Sprint Block

1 Sprint: Sprint back to the spot where the squats were done

Note: Do the three squat variations (squat block), perform the walking lunge for 30 phealthsites, and then do the push-ups, burpees and mountain climbers (push-up block) at this end point. Sprint back to where you completed the squat block and repeat.

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