During Winter Solstice, we are asked to clarify and set intentions for the coming months as the year comes to a close. December is the twelfth and final month. Setting resolutions and planning is a major motif. In the past, preparations during colder months would have been a safeguard against cold and starvation. Where summer is bountiful, active, expressive, and upward-moving, winter is meagre, passive, dormant, and downward moving. The wintering months may lack an outwards expression of warmth, thus providing ample space to peruse the private, inner world. Now is the time to put your passions to paper and make a plan to breathe life into that little flame you carry inside of you. The call during this phase is to go inside and create from the darkness. Winter is the perfect time to start a new project, commit to a hobby, and engage in the rituals that infuse our being with fervour. As the public sphere contracts with the cold, the private sphere may swell and percolate with the dormant ideas we’ve only visited in dreams. Winter Solstice is also known as the hibernal solstice. Its name captures the restoration needed to ignite the fire within—without rest, we cannot assume the strength to move through the final few weeks of cold and slough off the stagnancy that comes with spring. The deep quietude that comes with the colder months is a space for the unconscious to dance; allow yourself the privilege of daydreams and secret musings!