Am I just being unlucky here? I copy huge volumes of files on my Windows 10 (64-bit) PC all the time – and today I decided I had FAR too many phone-related files (downloads, photos and video) all over the place. I started by taking my PC “screenshots” folder” and moving the contents to PC “oldscreenshots” – hence making a fresh start on files I grab from the phone to my PC for use on Facebook, the blog etc. That of course went without a hitch.

Then it came time to tidy up the phone (Pocophone X3 NFC – which does most things quite quickly using Android 11 and which was last updated this morning). I remembered that on the phone I started some time ago to use an SD for photos and videos – then somehow forgot and reverted to using internal storage. So, this morning, using USB 3 which both the phone and the PC support (WiFi is WAY too slow) I copied the SD-based DCIM folder over to the PC. “30 minutes” it said… and 30 minutes it took, indeed.

I figured while doing that, I would copy the DCIM folder from “Internal storage” on the phone to the same place on the PC- so that at least I could go back to bed while the PC and phone fought it out. NO CHANCE, it seems. The phone reported “This device is currently busy and its contents may not be fully displayed…” – end of that plan – but WHY in 2021 can’t Android handle multiple copies at once?

And if this is typical – what’s going to happen when we all have 108Mpx+ cameras on the phone – and record 4K video as standard as some already do? There HAS to be a better way? I can do 4K 60fps video on my phone but after watching paint dry here in the office while writing this blog entry – I’m wondering if I even want to try…

Before we even look at the “top” brands like Apple and Samsung, the Xiaomi REdmi K40 Pro+, Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 10 5G, Mi 10 Pro 5G, Mi 10i 5G and Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G all appear have 108MP main cameras as does the Motorola Edge+ – ok, I know the arguments – number of pixels isn’t everything – personally I’d rather the manufacturers concentrated on sensor size – as night shots, especially photographing stars, remains an issue for most of these phones. Decent TRULY optical zoom would be nice but I digress…

Once that half-hour copy experience from the SD) was over, it was time to copy the INTERNAL STORAGE images and videos over… “calculating the time required to copy the files…” – “26 minutes remaining”. Just to keep this in perspective, as well as USB 3, I have all solid-state drives on the PC – I blogged about these some time ago and the drive I did all this writing to, handles up to 280MB/s- so this HAS to be the phone, surely?

I’ve a new Insta360 camera and I dread to think how long my first proper attempts at 5K+ video will take to copy across.

Thankfully, DELETING the original files went far more smoothly than the copying – so now my phone has almost twice as much available storage – a light at the end of my weekend tunnel – and I did get some tech blogging done in the meantime.