PVR 008

No, this is not new. Back in October 2019, Banggood sent this little, inexpensive WiFi Escam auto-tracking PTZ pan-and-tilt 1080p night vision camera to me and for reasons beyond me I did nothing with it. While sorting my stuff to take away with me last summer I was about to file the camera under “bin” as nowadays I only want to use cameras that support RSTP/ONVIF and just assumed this would NOT. WRONG.

ESCAP PVR 008 IP Camera

Currently UK Black-Friday-priced at £21.98 inc VAT ( a year ago it was £18.48 before they started including VAT) on Banggood’s site, I could not remember the name of the APP (that’s what the blog is for) and have long since lost the info sheet that came with the camera or even the NAME (THIS TOOK SOME FINDING). The camera says ESCAM on the front and QC1 on the back (along with a handy QR code and the code is available actually typed out as well.

I plugged in a microUSB lead which I had handy and looked for what I thought was the original free sofware – PS6-Lite only to discover I’d wiped it ages ago – so off I went to the Android Playstore. I found the PS6Lite App – My PS6Lite credentials worked and the camera went straight in using IP search. There are a shedload of controls on this camera and lots of info. The IP address whos up in the APP and you have email settings and FTP settings, night vision, OSD settings and more Name and time can be shown on the OSD.

THEN I gave my usual generic Android ONVIFER program a whirl, knowing only that at some point I will have put my usual password for internal devices into the camera – and guess what, it worked immediately.


Ansd there it is – the ESCAM PVR008 – simple, cheap, works well, 1080p – half-decent output – not too shabby for something first advertised at least a couple of years ago. Not inthe same league as my Imou cameras but then not in the same price league either.

Escam PVR0008

Getting it working on my PC is another matter, but using PS6Lite or Onvifer on the mobile – easy.