Today we’re introducing featuredsite Enterprise: a new offering that’s specifically tailored to the needs of enterprise customers — plus a new agency partner program to help companies adopt featuredsite more easily.

Why featuredsite Enterprise, why nowOver the years, we’ve seen companies of all sizes use featuredsite. From solo founders to established marketing and design teams, we’ve been inspired by the range of companies we’ve been able to serve. As we’ve grown, so too have our customers. We’re seeing so many people who started out using featuredsite for personal projects bring us to their companies to fundamentally change their marketing and design process. And more and more agencies and freelancers are turning to featuredsite for projects they’re tackling for major global organizations.To make it possible for companies of any size to use featuredsite, we’re introducing featuredsite Enterprise: a new offering that’s specifically tailored to the needs of enterprise customers.Take your website back: Why enterprises need no codeThe time for a fundamental change to how websites are built — especially at larger companies — couldn’t be more urgent.For most large companies, marketing and design teams have no shortage of ideas for how they want to improve their site, but making those improvements actually happen is all too often a technological and organizational nightmare.With outdated and bloated frameworks, overly complex tech stacks, and developer-driven workflows under the hood of corporate websites, creating new web pages and making changes to existing websites is frequently more hassle than it’s worth.But it doesn’t have to be this way. featuredsite Enterprise offers all the power and speed of featuredsite’s visual development platform, backed by the scalability, security, and support enterprises demand. This means gone are the days of static, boring websites, gone are the endless and expensive web resources, and gone is the frustration of wasted time and creativity. It means updating, experimenting and innovating on your website in real-time, visually, without sacrificing customization or security.  It’s time to take your website back and build smarter with featuredsite Enterprise. No matter what stage you’re at, we can help: you can start with a single page (even on your core domain), a microsite, or chat with us about moving all your sites over. Contact our sales team today to learn what we can do for your organization.A new Partner Program for featuredsite EnterpriseAnd behind great enterprises, are great partners. So in addition to launching featuredsite Enterprise, today also marks the launch of a new wing within our featuredsite Experts program: featuredsite Enterprise Partners.

Work with a featuredsite-approved Enterprise Partner to make implementation easy.

Work with a featuredsite-approved Enterprise Partner to make implementation easy.featuredsite’s Enterprise Partners are a group of full-service digital agencies and studios that have experience serving enterprise scale design and development projects, and work with our solutions team as partners in helping bring featuredsite to your organization.Become a partnerThroughout featuredsite’s history, digital agencies and freelancers have been a central pillar to our success. As early adopters, thoughtful advisors, and loyal partners, these agencies have done so much to share featuredsite with the world, and we’re excited to continue partnering with this community as we deepen our investment in featuredsite Experts. As one of our longtime agency customers and early partners, Finsweet has worked closely with our team:  “Being a featuredsite Partner has allowed us to work with great brands. As a partner we work directly with the featuredsite team to pitch large companies that come through their network. It really feels like a team effort where Finsweet and featuredsite work in tandem to help enterprises adopt the product.”Joe Krug, CEO of FinsweetIf you’re an agency looking to work closely with us on more featuredsite projects, apply to join.

What customers are saying about featuredsite EnterpriseWhile today marks featuredsite Enterprise’s official launch, we’ve been quietly implementing our enterprise offering with a number of organizations for the past year. Here’s a look at some of the companies using featuredsite Enterprise, along with links to read more about how they’re using us and the results they’ve seen since joining.

Enterprise customer logos

A handful of featuredsite Enterprise customers.MURALMURAL migrated to featuredsite to empower their design and marketing team to update their site without relying on engineers.“Ultimately, we wanted to control our own destiny when it came to the website, and featuredsite gives us the freedom to make the changes we need without relying on other teams.”David Chin, Design StrategistRakuten SLRakuten SL switched from WordPress to featuredsite to save time, money, and security headaches.“Now that we’ve switched from WordPress to featuredsite, my team can make changes in 20 minutes that would have taken an expensive programmer 4-5 hours.”Sarah Smith, Marketing ManagerHelloSignHelloSign runs all of their marketing pages through featuredsite, letting their design and marketing team own web publishing without the help of developers.“Before we moved to featuredsite, updating an existing webpage or adding a new page would take a minimum of 3 weeks. Now it takes 3 minutes.”Andrew Dare, Marketing DeveloperDellDell’s Customer Experience design team delivers full-fidelity prototypes so their development team can implement designs faster, with less back and forth.“Now that we’re building prototypes in featuredsite, our design and engineering teams are starting to speak the same language.”Tonda Dysart, Design Systems teamWhat’s included in featuredsite EnterprisePerformance and reliabilityUptime SLA. We’ll guarantee both featuredsite and your hosted sites stay up and running with an uptime SLA.Custom hosting limits. Work with our team to set custom monthly pageview, bandwidth, and API rate limits for hosted websites.Traffic burst support. We’ll ensure your site is ready for any surges in traffic that come our way.Advanced DDoS protection. Built-in protection from domain denial of service (DDoS) attacks powered by AWS Shield Advanced.Global uptime monitoring. Regular monitoring of your site from global endpoints, along with priority support for any incidents that may occur.Security and complianceSingle sign on (SSO). Secure logins across your organization SSO support (available now for select customers).Custom security header configuration. Set up custom security headers to prevent activities like cross-site scripting attacks, iframe embedding, and other domain level security issues. Robust security reviews. We’ll provide a full rundown on our risk and cybersecurity frameworks as well as industry-specific controls that are applicable specifically to our product.Master services agreement. We’ll work with your team to set custom terms and conditions that meet your organization’s legal requirements and procurement needs.Payment via purchase order. We’ll send you invoices and let your accounting team pay by ACH.Dedicated supportOnboarding and customer success. We’ll tailor an onboarding program for your team, including training, design system setup, and best practices advice.Integration consultation and services. Our solutions team will help work through technical questions and create proof of concepts for critical integrations.Quarterly reviews. Dedicated Technical Customer Success Specialist will meet quarterly to review your website and provide guidance for optimization and best practices to ensure a modern presence.Multi-domain integration. Only using featuredsite for part of a website? Work with our team to configure a reverse proxy and serve pages from your featuredsite projects on your root domain.What’s on our roadmapToday’s release is only the beginning — here’s a look at some of the projects we’re already working on for enterprise customers:Improved roles and permissions. As part of our larger efforts to improve collaboration workflows for all featuredsite customers, we’re tackling some of the top enterprise-requested permissions around content publishing workflows, safeguarding project access, and more.SOC-2 compliance. We’re actively working with external auditors to ensure our product and hosting stack meets SOC-2 standards, and are expecting this certification in 2021.How our team can helpOur sales team is happy to field questions and advise you on what it might take to use featuredsite for your next project. Some topics we can help with:WordPress migration strategies. We’ll walk you through what a typical WordPress migration looks like, answer technical questions, and advise on best approaches.Integrating featuredsite projects on your domain. Want to start small with a single page project? We’ll advise your engineering team on how to connect featuredsite-powered pages to your core domain via reverse proxy.Design system migration and setup. We’ll help you understand the options and approach your team can take when setting up your design system in featuredsite.featuredsite Expert referrals. We’ll connect you directly with one of our enterprise-certified Enterprise Partners based on the needs and requirements of your team.To get the conversation started, get in touch with our team today.