Hinduism is a very spiritual religion where the tales of gods and goddesses govern people’s beliefs in things like good, evil, love and strength. Even out of Hinduism, there are people who follow some values and traditions of this religion, such as the Gayatri Mantra. It is also called Savitri Mantra as it is dedicated to Savitri who is the goddess of five elements.Significance of Gayatri Mantra According to the Gayatri mantra, meditation is the way of purifying yourself and increasing your Divine insight. It is the way for inspiring intellect. Your aim is life is to choose the right path for yourself and to see the sun that is inside you. There are different words in the mantra that mean different things such as Bhoor, which means existence. Your existence is what keeps you here but you need to figure out the meaning of this existence and what you need to spend your life doing. Secondly, the mantra talks about Prana, which means life.Other than that, there is tat, which means praising Him, the great Lord. What this mantra says is that you should strive for everything without expecting anything in return. You should strive for finding divinity and praise God, without expecting personal benefits. Savitur shows that God exists as a fountain, from which everyone gets nourishment. All life springs from this fountain. Bhargo means purifying your intellect and keeping it pure so that it can be used for good only. We need to purify our thoughts and words, while destroying the sins that we commit.Gaytri Mantra in YogaMost yoga teachers love doing yoga, in class, to Gayatri mantra as this mantra lets you connect with the inner spirit and your God in the best way. In this mantra, you ask God to enlighten you to see things that you can otherwise not see. This mantra lets you get in touch with His light and use that light to look inside you. Bhur is the physical plane while Savithur is the Sun. With the Gayatri mantra, you get in touch with all these planes. Even when you are doing yoga at home, you can play the Gayatri manta and do your yoga exercise. The beauty of this mantra is that even if you do not understand the language, you still feel it in your bones.The Gayatri Mantra is one of my favourite mantras EVER.Chanting with my class or in my own practice, I feel the benefits instantly…….In joy. Gayatri MantraOm Bhur Bhuvah Suvah,
Tat Savithur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya  Deemahi
Dhiya Yo Nah Prochodayat. Om: primordial sound. Bhur: earth or physical plane. Bhuvah: water or mental/astral plane. Suvah: fire or celestial plane. Tat: that.  Savithur: the Sun. Varenyam:adorable.  Bhargo: luster. Devasya:lord. Deemahi: meditate upon.  Dhiyo: intellect. Yo: this light.  Nah: our.  Prochodayat: enlighten.Meaning of Gayatri Mantra: O Lord, we meditate upon you, please enlighten us with your light that is omnipresent in earth plane, astral plane and celestial plane. source: http://www.gurutalks.com/2010/04/gayatri-mantra/ PS.Practice yoga online with me or catch me at my next yoga event  Here's the reading I shared in yesterday's class:⁠
"No matter what we are doing or where we find ourselves, we can, and indeed we must, create an experience of alignment. The outside world may be raging, but there is always an opportunity to listen to the inner conversation. The first step is to accept the invitation to this interior conversation...We must recognize Dharma, the real nature of the Self inside, in order to live Dharma outside."⁠
-Douglas Brooks, Poised for Grace⁠
May we continue to accept the invitation,⁠
May we continue to listen to our greatest teacher, ⁠
our Selves,⁠
May we recognize our purpose,⁠
May we share it with the world. ⁠
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