Do you want to add an emoji rating scale to a form or survey?
Adding an emoji rating scale lets customers provide feedback in a fun and user-friendly way.
We’ll show you how to create an emoji rating scale on any WordPress form.
What Is an Emoji Rating Scale?
An emoji rating scale is a ranking system that’s comprised of clickable emojis or icons.
By clicking on these icons, customers can show how they feel, from negative, to neutral, to positive.

The emoji rating scale is handy when emotions or feelings are involved, becoming a gauge by which you can determine the levels of customer satisfaction. Emoji ratings are quick and fun for customers, resulting in more feedback submissions and less form abandonment.
How to Create an Emoji Rating Scale in WordPress
This post will show you how to create and add your emoji rating system. We’ll be using WPForms’ Rating field to build your emoji rating scale and eliminate the need for a dedicated plugin.

Let’s dive in!
Step 1: Install WPForms
The first thing we’ll need to do is install WPForms. You’ll need a WPForms Pro license or above for the scale to work, and you can purchase it here.
If you need some expert guidance for the installation, read our easy-to-follow tutorial to take you through the entire process.
Step 2: Install the Surveys and Polls Addon
Once WPForms has been installed and your license is verified, you can navigate to the WPForms section of your WordPress dashboard.
From WPForms, click on Addons.

Scroll down to the Surveys and Polls Addon.

Click Install Addon. The Addon should now show as Active.

Step 3: Create a New Survey Form
Now that WPForms is ready and you’ve activated the Surveys and Polls addon, it’s time to create the form with your emoji rating scale.
From your WordPress dashboard, go to WPForms ≫ Forms and click Add New at the top of the page.

Next, give your form its desired name.
Then, type Survey Form into the search box on the left.

Hover over the Survey Form until the orange Use Template button appears and click it.
Your new Survey Form template will look something like this:

Step 4: Add a Rating Field to Your Form
Now you have the survey form template; it’s time to edit it!
After opening the form builder, look under the Fancy Fields section to find the Rating field. Click the field or drag and drop it into the preview area to add it to your form.

Once you’ve added the field to your form, click on the Field Options panel in the preview area. By doing this, we can edit the form field preferences.

Step 5: Change From Star Icons to Other Emojis
To customize the Rating field’s icon symbol, click on the Advanced tab in the Field Options panel.

By default, the Rating field will display star icons. However, using the Icon dropdown, you can choose from any of the options listed below:

Chane the icon to Smiley Face, and the form will automatically reflect the change.

Pro tip: Do you want to use your own custom icon? You can do that if you’re willing to add a code snippet to your site. To learn more, check out this developer doc on how to customize the look of the rating icons in WPForms.
Step 6: Additional Customization Options
If you don’t want to edit code, you can still control the way your emoji rating scale looks.
First, you can add a label and description to the Rating field in the Field Options panel.

To adjust the maximum rating value, click the Scale dropdown. Here, you can choose to display anywhere from 2 to 10 icons within the Rating field.

You may also choose to toggle on the Required setting to make sure users select a rating before submitting your form.

Customizing Emoji Rating Scale Field Options
To customize the Rating field’s icon size and color, return to the Advanced tab in the Field Options panel.
By default, WPForms will set the Icon Size to Medium. You can instead change this to Small or Large if you’d prefer.

Here’s how the size options compare on the frontend:

By default, WPForms will set the Icon Color to orange. You can easily customize this by clicking the color box and using the color picker tool.

And that’s it! Your rating scale is ready.
Step 7: Embed Your Form on a Page
Once you’ve saved your work, it’s time to embed it on your intended page.

Click the Embed button on the top right of your form. The popup will allow you to choose how you wish to embed the form: Select Existing Page, Create New Page, Embed Your Form Manually, or Use a Shortcode.
Take a look at our guide for full form embedding instructions.
Step 8: The End Result
That’s all there is to it! You’ve now got an emoji rating scale system that you can use on any form, anywhere on your site.

Consider using the scale in a survey, poll, or even a multi-page form as an alternative to star ratings to receive your customer feedback.
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