How to delete your Twitter account permanently

This article shows you how to permanently delete Twitter accounts on Android, iOS and the Web. If you do not want to delete your account, you will also know a few ways to "detox" Twitter successfully.

Twitter is a great social network for you to update on news, chat, and spend hours each day talking to strangers around the world, with a tweet limit of 280 characters.

If you don't know how to use it correctly and manage your time properly, this social network can take up all your free time that could have been used to do more useful things.

Whether for this reason or for any other reason, you decide to delete your Twitter account permanently.

Instructions to delete Twitter accounts permanently

First, you should consider because deleting your Twitter account also means that you will lose all your tweets and followers you have had over the years. That's why, for some people, they choose to restrict their use of the social network instead of deleting accounts.

In this article, we will shows you how to delete your Twitter account permanently and take steps to control your Twitter usage time.

The way to delete accounts is quite simple. You can delete Twitter accounts from apps and websites. This article guides you through both processes to disable Twitter account using any device.

Note: Twitter uses the word Deactivate instead of Delete but both have the same meaning in this case.

Delete the Twitter account permanently on the application

1. First, launch the Twitter app on iOS or Android, then touch your profile icon. Click on "Settings and privacy".

delete the twitter account permanently on the application

2. Click on the Account tab and scroll down to find the option "Deactivate your account". Touch it.

deactivate your account

3. On this page, Twitter will display some information about deleting the account and you can read it if you like. After reading, click on the red "Deactivate" button. Finally, just re-enter your password and touch the Deactivate button again to finish.

confirm deactivate your account

Delete your Twitter account from the web

1. Access Twitter on the web and log in with your account information. Click on the profile icon and then select "Settings and privacy".

delete the twitter account permanently on the web

2. In the Account tab, scroll down to find the option "Deactivate your account" and click it.

deactivate your account web

3. Similar to deletion in the application, Twitter also provides you with some information regarding account deletion. After reading, click the Deactivate button.

confirm deactivate your account web

4. Enter your password again and click the Deactivate button to delete it.

confirm password web

Whether you use the Twitter app for Android, iOS or on the web, the results are the same. Note that this social network will store your account 30 days before deleting it permanently. In case of change of mind and want to recover Twitter account, users can log back in the usual way and it will stop the deletion process.

This is the way that social networks Twitter or Facebook entice their users and if anyone still regrets then it is possible to continue to log in again for 30 days after performing the delete action.