It’s the 21st century, and 1% of people hold 99% of the world’s money. Have you ever wondered why? Are they some sort of wizards, so they can create money from the air, or they’re simply all criminals?The first variant is hardly possible, the second one is, but it doesn’t count for all. So, where is laying the solution to this problem?The answer is – their mindset. The rich’s mindset is so different from the poor, and it’s like you’re comparing man and woman – complete opposites.So we can conclude that the poverty mindset is the biggest thing that prevents our whole world from prosperity.If we want to go deeper into this topic, we must know what is the poverty mindset exactly.What is a poverty mindset?If you thought that the poverty mindset is just a lack of financial education, you’re not far from the truth. Poverty mindset doesn’t include only finance, but you’re the whole perception of the world. While one group of people is watching the world like everybody else, others see business opportunities and the ability to help others. The main principle you need to develop your business is bringing value to the clients and serving others.Many people, unfortunately, have a poverty mindset, which leads them to serve only themselves and be in their comfort zone. These people spend days working the jobs they don’t like, listening to the boring bosses who have fake relationships with them, and receiving the often-late salary. Even more, working for the wage is death for every man who wants to succeed in his life because it kills any type of creativity, and when the person stops working because he’s sick, he doesn’t have any kind of passive income.Fortunately, there is hope for these people, and it’s hidden in few simple steps.How to obliterate your poverty mindset in a few simple steps? Step number one: Read books regularlyAs we mentioned in this article, self-help books aren’t there to make you rich directly but to provide you with the success mindset that you’ll apply in your business. An average business owner reads minimally one book per week on a topic which he can use (self-help, economy, psychology, marketing, and sales…). Therefore, it’s essential only to read books that provide you will real-time knowledge, and not those made to steal your time, like a large variety of fiction books. The list of the self-help books I’m currently reading you can find here.Step number two: Wake up early, and do the workoutNow, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with the mindset, and you’re somewhat correct. A workout early in the morning doesn’t affect the mindset directly. Instead, it helps you to create necessary hormones like somatotropin, sertraline, and endorphins. But why it’s like that? The answer lies in evolution. Let us remember a little history. Twenty thousand years ago, a caveman woke up early to provide himself with necessary food and water. To be more concise, he woke up right after the dawn, after which he went hunting.During the whole procedure, his body, after a couple of thousand years of evolution, adapted to create all necessary hormones right after the dawn. You can apply the same thing to modern humans.You can do many exercises in the morning, but running and bodyweight are recommended the most.Step number three: Try to make friendships with business-oriented peopleIf you make new friendships with people that precisely know what they want from their life, you have done 30% of the job. If not, find them as soon as possible. The best way to find similarly-minded people is to find a mentor who can introduce you to such people. If you aren’t in this position, you can always collaborate with other businesses, and in that way to make new friends.Step number four: Destroying your old spending habitsWhen I was younger, I loved to spend a large amount of money on shoes, clothes, and jewelry. Every year I have bought a new laptop and smartphone until I went bankrupt because of my habits. I have also spent a lot on other things, going out with friends, fuel, and cigarettes. Now, when I turn back, in the last two years, I spent over 3000$ on clothes, shoes, and technology, and around 2000$ on alcohol, cigarettes, and going out on dinners, which doesn’t seem a lot to some people, but it’s better to redirect that money to business or charity.The thing is, most people don’t know that money is a drug. Yes, you heard it right, a drug, because both earning and spending money makes addiction to the people. For some people (especially women), it’s very hard not to buy unnecessary things just because they are on a sale. They often have a sense of guilt for days, like the cigarette addicts when they stop smoking.A straightforward system says 30% of your money you should spend on the needs, 30% to save, and 30% to invest in your business. You can spend only 10% on luxuries, like a new car, going out, jewelry, etc. There are many variations of this system, like the 50-30-20 system, but 30-30-30 had helped me the most.Step number five: A good financial education!There is a reason why I put financial education in the last place. If people want to succeed, they must read many books, have a lot of energy for everyday tasks, and destroy the bad old habits such as hanging out with wrong people and bad spending habits. All of this is a prerequisite for financial education. If you want to be financially educated, you don’t need to be an economist. Even more, you don’t need to have a university diploma, because only good workers are created at a university, not good businessmen. So instead, you can simply read the books from people who succeeded in lifelike Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Sharon Lechter, Donald Trump, Napoleon Hill, etc.To make me believe that their books are worth reading, I will mention a few lessons I have learned from them:- Poor people work for money, while with rich people, money works for them- The difference between rich and the poor is in mindset- The rich people do 1% of things that the poor not- The main goal of your business is to provide value to the customers- The difference between rich and poor is in persistence. Rich people can work many years 12-16h a day for free. For poor people, it’s a problem when they don’t have a new Iphone.- Your success directly depends on the number of words you know (for example, asset management, social enterprise, recession, marginal, etc.)We really hope that this article has helped you to destroy your poverty mindset finally. 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