Cash converters is a great online shopping website if you need cash urgently. It has over 700 stores outside the online world where you can sell your second-hand goods or apply for a Cash converter loan. Cash converters loan only requires your identification document, along with details from the bank, to continue your application. A business loan can be obtained within just one to two days, considering the good reputation and credit history. What is the average time for your Cash converters loan to be reviewed? To successfully request a loan, you must provide certain verification documents, which can sometimes take a long. However, if you have successfully submitted your documents, your application will be sent to a specific department for review, which can take up to 24 hours. After 24 hours, you will be notified of the results of your request. Do Cash converters give cash straight away?No, no lender gives a loan right away. For lenders to avoid problems that can occur to both them and you, it’s necessary to complete full user verification.Verification process which keeps the Cash converters loan in processing The verification process is often done in-depth to help banks check if you are the best candidate for a loan.  The most important thing for checking is income history. Income history includes: · Employment· Personal Account Statement The above data are being studied so those future problems would not arise.  The Employment of a person trying to obtain a loan is checked through his paychecks or bank statements. If the income is sufficient, the procedure continues with expenditure details. After this, cash converters usually ask for a statement of account, usually no shorter than 90 days.If the whole process goes well, you will become a priority candidate to use the loan. If cash converters need additional information, you will be notified by a cash converters representative.How much time is taken by Cash converters to process different loans?Depending on the type of loan (the amount of borrowed money), the duration of the entire verification procedure also depends. The three key types of loans that cash converters grant is:● Small Loans (starting from $400)● Medium Loans (up to $2000)● Big Loans (Up to $5000) How long does a Cash converters take to process a small loan? If you wish to apply for the $400 loan, the whole procedure usually takes one or two days. You will have to submit the relevant application documents with a good credit history, which is usually unnecessary. You may still get the loan in some cases. Within 24 hours, you will get the full amount to your bank account. How long does a Cash converters take to process a medium loan? As we previously mentioned, medium loans start from $401 and are up to $2000, and there’s no significant difference in the verification time. The whole procedure also takes only 24 hours, after which you can get money the very next day. How long does a Cash converters take to process a big loan? Large loans usually range from $5,000, and the entire procedure may take longer than two days.There are fairly strict rules if you want to take large loans.You’ll have to submit:· Your ID· Banking details with good credit history· Job or employment history with a letter of good standing· Account statement of a minimum of three months to clear any doubts   Can I get a Cash converters loan with bad credit?If the person who wants to take a loan has bad credit, this can make the process much difficult, so try to maintain your good credit, and you’ll get through the verification process in one or two days.