Before we started building the Page Builder, we were working on developing a lightweight theme for WordPress with flexible customization settings. Not a theme with a million settings and features, but a theme with just the right ones to make it extremely powerful. Eventually, we settled on a direction and are happy to bring you the Beaver Builder Theme. Here’s a quick list of some of the features that we think make it awesome…

Easy To Use Settings

One of our frustrations with some of the WordPress themes we used in the past was the overabundance of settings for tweaking the design. It makes my head spin thinking of changing 50+ color settings to tweak the look of a website! Instead, we added only the options we felt were necessary, plus some backend magic, to make creating unique looking websites with the Beaver Builder Theme a breeze.


Pre-Built Skins

Don’t have time for settings? No problem! We have included a handful of pre-built skins that you can choose from to set the appropriate settings for you. That powerful feature allows you to completely change the look of your site with the click of a button and then further customize it to your hearts content!


Optimized For Mobile

The Beaver Builder Theme is built with Bootstrap 3.0 and looks great on any screen size. We’ve added our own touch to a few responsive elements like the menu, so be sure to check out the demos on your phone to see it in action.

Support For WooCommerce

We felt that eCommerce support was important to include in the Beaver Builder Theme, adding to its power and flexibility. However, we didn’t want to bloat the theme with unnecessary code. We did our homework and tested out a handful of the available options and the result was unanimous. WooCommerce was by far the most feature rich solution that allowed for easy customization without bloating the code base of our theme.

Easy To Extend

Beaver Builder’s lean, object oriented codebase makes a great starting point for developers looking to build something custom. Easily add your own code on Beaver Builder’s settings page or extend it using hooks in a separate child theme. Those interested should head on over to the Theme Developer Documentation to learn more.

Optimized For Performance

We’re big on performance and that’s why we’ve brought it to the Beaver Builder Theme. Even though we offer dynamic settings, your site isn’t always dynamically generating the design. Instead, all of your settings are compiled into CSS from LESS each time you save and cached so your pages load as quickly as possible. In English: the Beaver Builder Theme is fast and won’t slow down your site.

Remote Updates

Everything we release will include our remote updates system so you can update to the latest version of our products just like you update your plugins. We’re happy with where the Beaver Builder Theme is now but are looking to your feedback to help shape our roadmap for future releases. Be sure to pop on over to the support forums and let us know what you would like to see in the next version of the Beaver Builder Theme.

More To Come!

We’re just getting started with the Beaver Builder Theme and Page Builder plugin and are excited at the potential they both hold. In the coming months, we will be regularly releasing updates for bug fixes, UI enhancements, and new features to make our products even stronger than they already are!

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