On the surface, Live Preview might seem like a small change to Beaver Builder. Under the hood, though, this feature required a ton of new code.

In fact, we spent over three months bringing this feature to you! Since we’re dedicated to helping your freelance web design business run as smoothly as possible, we think live previews were well worth the time and effort we invested.

Here’s the best part for you: This upgrade is 100% free to all current Standard or Dev license holders.

You can start using live preview today by downloading the latest version of Beaver Builder through the built-in WordPress update system. You can also visit your account here at Beaver Builder to see all your downloads in one location.

How Live Preview Works

Before, you needed to click “Save & Finish” or weirdly, “Save & Preview” before seeing your Beaver Builder module changes on your screen.

Now, when you update your module settings or content, you’ll either see the changes immediately (like with the text editor or module margins), or sometimes the changes will need a moment to process.

New Beaver Builder Feature: Live Preview. Yes, it is magic.

New Beaver Builder Feature: Live Preview

In case the preview needs some time, you’ll see a spinning animation that’ll let you know Beaver Builder is working. These updates (like when changing a heading tag) only take a second or two and when they’re done, they’ll magically appear changed on your page, too.

A spinning Live Preview example

A spinning Live Preview example

One Less Button

The three buttons at the bottom of the module editors have been pared down, as well.

Again, before there were “Save & Finish”, “Save & Preview” along with “Cancel”. Since preview is now automatic, we’ve removed the middle option. You’re left with “Save” and “Cancel”.

I’m sure it’s intuitive, but if you’ve made changes and you don’t like what you seen anymore, you can click “Cancel” and everything you edited since you saved the module will be reset. Likewise, you’ll need to click “Save” before your edits take effect in your draft.

Beaver Builder - Simplified Save and Cancel Buttons

The simplified Save and Cancel buttons

(And as before, if you’ve really screwed up your whole web page, you can also discard your page draft using the “Done” button in the top right of the Beaver Builder admin bar. I do this all the time to start my page building over 🙂 )

We hope you find the new Live Preview feature helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, leave a comment, or post to the forum. We’d love to hear what you think.

Here’s to you, our customers—and to building your client sites quicker and easier than ever before!

About Jason Pelker

Jason Pelker found FastLine Page Builder nestled in comment #34 of a blog post on drag & drop plugins. Since that day, he’s been obsessed with this tool becoming a household name in the WordPress community.