Osbot Tiny Webcam

Well, I was going to start this by showing you the unpacking of this new, exciting webcam – but I got over-enthusiastic about opening the packaging and ripped it to shreds. Suffice it to say the camera was well-packed. I’ll start off by saying (a) I’m not on commission and (b) this is not a cheap camera. That’s that out of the way…

My internal studio lighting is all flat batteries so that’s an excuse to take pics in the sun.

Tiny but not remotely flimsy – this looks really well put together. The lens and top structure move exceedingly smoothly when disconnected.

I’m not that sure why I’m showing you the peripherals lower-left – pretty standard USB-C lead and magnetic base to sit on top of your monitor and connect hold the camera firmly in place – complete with a well put-together and the box is top notch – not a mark on it. So hopefully straight-forward to at least get started.

But first some explanation – why is this AI tracking and zooming webcam different to your average Logitech camera? Well, I have two Logitechs in here so I can compare – the Logitech C920 and C930e cameras have been my main webcams for a long time now – they work a treat – no AI, no tracking etc but I’ve used them for years.

Time to move on. ALREADY I LOVE IT. I read one page of the leaflet – no drivers needed on my Windows 10 PC. I just turned on DISCORD, selected the new camera and with open hand near my face, it started tracking my face. NEXT – finger and thumb – it zoomed in. Same again it moved out. This is definitely the simplest setup I’ve ever done on a decent webcam.

Obsbot Tiny

The OSBOT Tiny is USA price $199 and here are a couple of links – the Amazon link is likely useless outside of the USA due to tax/duty but it’s a start.

And here’s the OBSBOT link. That second link is without tax etc. Companies really should remember that individuals would prefer the total cost as they can’t claim any of that stuff back. I’ve taken it on myself to include the Amazon.co.uk link £198 all in. I did say it wasn’t cheap – but would I go back to the Logitechs after this? No way. Now if like me you’ve been used to straight-forward Amazon-discounted Logitechs like the C920 and C930e, you might wonder how they justify the £200 price tag – well, tracking Logitechs cost a fair bit more than this – try an unbelievable £500 for the Logitech PTZ Pro.

Ok, to some MEAT: 2-axis gimbal – AI tracking with auto-framing. Gesture control. Supposedly excellent low-light performance. Works a treat in my office with smooth but not that bright lighting (deliberate so I can concentrate on the screen). Looking at some videos out there, one guy said the unit came with a power supply. Mine didn’t – I connected it to USB3 on my PC for data and power – I guess USB2 would work just as well.

Obsbot TinyObsbot Tiny

Simply tilt down to gain privacy. OH and there’s an APP for windows and MAC and an online version of the (slim) manual. Now we’re cooking.. The PC APP is a bit simple but does have a dialog for the usual colour control… erm, firmware – updating to – red light on while upgrading. Upgraded so I now have the latest firmware – always a good start.

And now, the feature I didn’t quite follow at first – SOUND – the sound is WAY better than my Logitechs and Solo mic – apparently there’s a bit of echo in my voice but using the mic in this camera, the sound is very clear with the camera on top of the monitor – talking of which I have to put this on my side monitor as the headroom required is much more than my Logitech cameras and I have a shelf above the big main monitor – but no matter.

Obsbot Tiny

And here it is below with nothing more than the light from my monitors – bearing in mind the camera is mounted on the left monitor for the shelving consideration I mentioned earlier.

Clearly no light from behind as it is pitch black behind me. And that’s how I like it when I’m working at night.

If I were to be critical – that zoom gesture control is a bit finicky and I wish it would automatically position my head a little lower – perhaps another firmware upgrade? I’ll ask.

And despite my comments about the zoom – the Osbot Tiny is now my main webcam – I sold one of my Logitechs without thinking sbout it, such is the difference.