If you’re planning to make a Crunchbase account, or you already have one, you have done the right thing. Crunchbase is probably the most straightforward platform to find potential investors, whether they are private/public companies or investors. Also, Crunchbase can follow the trends between companies by analyzing a large amount of data.Many people successfully make a profile on Crunchbase, but they fail at finding the right investors. It’s why we decided to share with you our top 10 tips to create a Crunchbase profile like a pro.Tip number one: Attract the investor’s attention in the first line of the descriptionIf you want to attract the investor’s attention, you must do so in the first sentence. It’s scientifically confirmed that most people don’t read the entire text. Instead, they scan it by reading the first sentence of the first paragraph. If the reader doesn’t like that sentence, they will move to the second paragraph, and so on.The first two sentences can have this format:The company _____ (name of the company) deals______ (state what you do) in the area of______ (name of the area). With _____ (number of employees) in _____  (number of countries) countries, the company _____ (name of the company) generates profit of _____ (state the figure) annually. Tip number two: Complete your description with other important informationDescribe yourself and what you do professionally and in the third person. Then, describe the history of your company and how you came up with the business idea. Finally, write your current position in the company and how do you plan to expand your business. If you have a diploma or some prestigious rewards, mention them too. Don’t forget to fill in all the fields! If you have your website and profiles on multiple social networks, add them too.If you didn’t already, don’t forget to mention in which countries you operate, how many clients you have had so far, how much money you have raised in total for funding, how much income you have, and how many workers you have.Investors often choose companies that do charity work because they affect their popularity positively. If your company is involved in charity work, describe the whole procedure, from funding to helping the people who need it most.Tip number three: Focus on editing your social media profilesYour social media profiles tell a lot about you.With them, your investors can know some vital information like: ·  Your entire business history·  How popular you are and whether people like you·  What is your mentality·  What are your most significant accomplishmentsTip number four: Add links to newspaper articlesAdd links to newspaper articles that mention you or your company to present yourself positively. It is these articles that will influence the decision of investors to choose your company over the others.Tip number five: Follow the Crunchbase guidelines Crunchbase has posted guidelines on its customer support page.The main guidelines are:The company’s description must be in the third person, where the company’s summary is written first, and only later, the other sentences.- It’s recommended to put your company in three to five industries because of the limitations.- You must state the HQ name. If you’re unable to set the name of your street, Crunchbase will show City and state.- It’s recommended to use a business email.- It’s recommended to state every previous funding round, together with amount, date, investments, and press references.- It’s recommended to add other important company members, like consultants, board members, and employees.- You should add an acquisition on the profile of the bought company
Tip number six: Show only necessary dataA potential investor must found only the most important data about you and your company. Don’t put unimportant information that doesn’t contribute to your business.Tip number seven: Add visual elementsVisual elements like video, images, and infographics can significantly increase the user experience. They can also be useful for displaying additional information, like the company description using video and statistics using infographics. Visual elements also increase your SEO score. Tip number eight: Update your profile regularlyIf you changed your board members, such as other important team members, remember to update your Crunchbase profile. In that way, you can prevent the occurrence of a mistake.Tip number nine: Leave as much contact information as possibleIt’s very important to leave as much contact information to the investors. There are many reasons for that:·       Every investor may not use social networks as a primary source of communication because of security.·       If an investor uses social networks, they are usually full of spam messages, and an investor may not find your message.·       Most of the investors like classic types of communication like Email.·       If you trust the investor, you can give him your contact phone number. It’s a basic thing to do if you want to create successful communication.Tip number ten: Don’t copy other peopleDon’t copy other people. Instead, stay unique during the presentation of your company. Your unique description will give you additional confidence, and it may help you to find new investors.