We’ve rebranded our plugin—really, we’ve just finally branded it. For the first five months on the market, we were calling our page builder “Fastline Page Builder”.

Introducing Beaver Builder

Since folks in the WordPress community didn’t know our company from Adam, and there were 15 other WordPress page builders in the market, we thought it might be practical to invent a product name that you could actually remember.

Beaver Builder - WordPress Page BuilderThat way, when someone asks you who built your website, you can now tell them, with a huge grin splashed across your face, “I did. I built it. And I used Beaver Builder!”


So now that the branding discussion has begun, you’re probably wondering “what else is different?”. The truth is, not a whole lot—yet.

Besides the new coat of paint (and cute little beaver mascot), we’re still trucking along as usual.

The name might be different across the board (the site actually has it’s own domain now, rather than just a subdomain), but the plugin still works exactly the same. We’re also using the same update number scheme, and you’ll continue to receive those updates in your WordPress panel without doing anything new.

Most importantly, we’re still offering the same kick-ass customer service and forum support for which we’re famous.

We just ask that when leaving a comment or question, you refer to the Beaver personally, since he’ll be answering all requests going forward. His name is Dan (that last part isn’t true, but we won’t begrudge you if you do want to communicate directly with the Beaver. Gosh, he’s cute 🙂

In closing, we’re still the same, but we’re not. We’re Beaver Builder, dang it! Yesterday, today and henceforth. Long live the Beaver! Long live Beaver Builder!

About Jason Pelker

Jason Pelker found FastLine Page Builder nestled in comment #34 of a blog post on drag & drop plugins. Since that day, he’s been obsessed with this tool becoming a household name in the WordPress community.