Being a yoga instructor, I have discovered many benefits of yoga over the years. I have learned that yoga is not merely some movements but it is the route through which I can connect with myself and with the world around me. The beautiful part of yoga is that it does not belong to one place or one nation. It is universal and everyone can understand the process even if they do not understand the language or the history behind this ancient practice.What makes yoga so interesting is the fact that it is so beneficial that it actually has an impact on your physical wellness. It is understandable that exercise would make you flexible but the beauty of yoga lies in the fact that it helps in improving heart health and the working of other organs too.Basically, when we are doing yoga, we are focusing on our bodies. For example, when we meditate, we focus on one point and let go of everything else. Yoga helps you let go of all the negative and focus on one thing, whether it is a song or hymn. Sometimes, it might even be just one word or a phrase and we call in mantra. Nowadays, music is a necessity in everyone’s lives. You keep your earphones plugged in even if you go out for grocery shopping. Why not use music in yoga too?November Playlist for YogaI have made this playlist for yogis who will be doing yoga in November. This is the most of contemplation. We are coming to the end of the year and now, we look back at everything we have done during this year. Have we gotten better? Do we need to make any improvements for next year? What have we lost and what have we found? What are our plans and resolutions for the next year? All of these thoughts come into our minds as we come to the close of a year and beginning of another.I have tried to make this playlist very inclusive. It has songs like Tarana from Ustad Sultan Khan that will soothe you on the inside and others like The Night by 14KT that will have you mesmerized by the lyrics. You might not understand every word of every song but I assure you that you will be able to sync your movements to every beat. If you are a beginner, I invite you to do yoga online with me. Together, we can sway and move to all these songs.Yoga Playlist 123Makes Me Wanna Die-Tricky
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih (Mangala Mantra)
Tarana -Ustad Sultan Khan
Chez Roger Boite Funk-Troublemakers
The Thing- Urbs & Cutex
After Hours- Various Artists from Bedouin Cafe
Grid Lok’d-Various Artists  from  Tandava
Roostman Dub -U-Roy & François K.
The Night-14KT
Track 02-Vlad    Tonglen
Shiva Invocation-Various Artists from Nataraja: Compiled By Shiva ReaPS.Practice yoga online with me or catch me at my next yoga event.  Learn more about our vinyasa flow yoga, online yoga classes, or try out the 30 day yoga challenge and try something new.To see my latest playlists follow me on spotify   Here's the reading I shared in yesterday's class:⁠
"No matter what we are doing or where we find ourselves, we can, and indeed we must, create an experience of alignment. The outside world may be raging, but there is always an opportunity to listen to the inner conversation. The first step is to accept the invitation to this interior conversation...We must recognize Dharma, the real nature of the Self inside, in order to live Dharma outside."⁠
-Douglas Brooks, Poised for Grace⁠
May we continue to accept the invitation,⁠
May we continue to listen to our greatest teacher, ⁠
our Selves,⁠
May we recognize our purpose,⁠
May we share it with the world. ⁠
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