Even though you might enjoy a different music genre when it comes to jamming with your friends, the kind of music that you play in the background during yoga should be different. There are different music genres for exercising or doing yoga and Reggae is one of the most popular genres for yoga. Reggae originated in the late 1960s. Coming from Jamaica, this music spread all around the world. The genre was named Reggae because this word was used in the song ‘Do the Reggay’ sung by Toots and the Maytals. Most of the time, people refer to Reggae as the music that is played in Jamaican dance. However, it is a genre that has been influenced by blues, jazz and New Orleans R&B. The thing about Reggae is that it relates news and political view.The subgenres of this genre are roots reggae, lovers rock and reggae en Espanol. It also has various derivative forms such as drum and bass, jungle, dub and hip hop. There are many musical characteristics used in this musical genre, such as bass, guitars, horns, drums, keyboards and vocals.Reggae and Yoga MusicYoga is a beneficial practice that you can do every single day to stay healthy and live longer. It is not only yoga teachers that talk about the effectiveness of this practice. Science also proves the wonder of different yoga techniques through research and multiple studies. Yoga has been in practice for centuries. There was a time when people were just doing it without giving it a proper name. It has been a part of different cultures and traditions since the start of time. Nowadays, people go to yoga classes or do yoga at home to reap its benefits.If you are doing yoga at home, you can play my reggae playlist in the background and let it captivate you while you try different techniques and yoga poses. These songs have been specifically hand-picked to sync with every movement of yours. Even as a yoga instructor or teacher, you can use this playlist while teaching your students or giving a yoga class. This playlist has Reggae songs from some of the best artists such as Dreadzone, Erykah Badu and Patrice. You might have never heard of these bands and artists before as they are not so mainstream but they are quite popular among people who are fond of Reggae. Play this playlist on Spotify when you are going to hold a yoga class or do yoga alone, the next time.Reggae  Yoga Playlist 1. Rebel Rouser-Bedouin Soundclash2. Me-Erykah Badu3. Ernie-Fat Freddie’s Drop4. It’s Great When We’re Together-Finley Quaye5. Sunshine-Patrice6. What More Can I Really Do-Half Pint7. Hot Fun in the Summertime-Sly & the Family Stone8. Linda Cancao-Barrio Jazz Gang9. Until the Morning (rewound by Thievery Corp.)-Thievery Corporation10. Family Affair-Sly & the Family Stone11. Out of Heaven-Dreadzone12. Even After All-Finley Quaye13. Hope-Fat Freddy Drop