CRO– The second chakra is Svadhisthana, and the element is water. Generally, it deals with our emotions and our sexuality, and our creativity because this is literally where our sexual fluids are. This is the space where we connect to our fluidity, going with the flow. When we work with the second chakra, we’re working with how we relate to others. We would examine the second chakra when we want to work with our relationship, not only with our bodies but with the people in our lives.The second chakra deals with desire and pleasure. Questions for the second chakra include:What is your relationship to pleasure? Do you seek it? Do you shy away from it? Do you indulge in it? Is there a balance between duty, what needs to get done, versus pleasure? Discovering the right balance is important because you need to feed your spirit. If your heart’s not in it, then what’s the point? SDT–Another theme of this chakra is the idea of the empath in discovering our emotions and how we relate to others and adapting to fluidity. CRO– Yes, and that’s where the whole idea of boundaries is. The second chakra is also how we create boundaries in relationships and come together with those around us. SDT–How does Prana Flow by Shiva Rea help one embrace this idea of fluidity? CRO–This is a style of Vinyasa Yoga that my teacher Shiva Rea created, and I’ve studied off and on with her since 2003. Prana Flow was born out of her creativity of playing with styles of dance, as well as yoga, and being in her own body. Shiva realized that there was so much power in fluidity. Prana Flow deals with what she calls moving meditation. So you start every single class in the moving meditation, similar to the moving meditations for the rituals for the chakras in the coming weeks.The idea is to remind ourselves of this flow naturally moving through us since we’re made up of at least 70% water. We walk around thinking that we’re mostly solid, even though we’re mostly liquid. And so connecting to that liquidity reminds us of our natural state.When I met Shiva in 2003, I felt like I had come home. Because here was a woman that was creating movements that I’d been naturally doing on the dance floor and the nightclubs of New York City.In Prana Flow, we’re connecting to the natural contraction and release of the breath, but also the fluidity of your body with the breath itself.