Different religions have different beliefs and teachings. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world and its basis is laid on different Gods and their stories. One of the strongest Hindu Gods is Shiva. Shiva is the God of Divine Energy, Time, Destruction, Devas, Destroyer of Evil and God of Dance. he is the Lord of all Gods or Devas. Other names of Shiva are Bholenath, Shankara and Mahesha. There are many mentions of Shiva in the Holy Scriptures. It is said that Shiva has three eyes. He used the third eye to burn Desire to ashes. Shiva also has a crescent moon on his head.In most iconography, Shiva is shown covered in ashes. This shows that every material existence in the world will come to an end and turn to ashes. It is important that, during your life, your search for spiritual liberation as life is going to end one day for everyone. Shiva is often seen in a yoga pose. Since most of his iconography shows him meditating, Shiva is also called the God of Yoga. This is why yoga is often associated with Lord Shiva.Shiva and YogaThere is definitely a strong association between Lord Shiva and yoga. God is often seen in a meditating pose which is why many people say that the Lord is closely linked to yoga. In many yoga classes, Hindu songs are played as they help in keeping the yoga-doers in sync. If you want to relax and have attained mental wellness, you can do so by doing yoga. Not only does it help in keeping you mentally healthy but it also plays a role in ensuring that your mind is at peace.This playlist is called Shiva Playlist because it has songs that are associated with the God. There are songs like Third Eye and Jaia Ganesha that will help you do your yoga poses much better. There is an aim song in the list too i.e. Cold Water Music. I have curated this playlist by keeping the Hindu God in mind. It is not only good for people from the Hindu faith but will also be amazing background music, during yoga, for everyone. You might not be able to understand the language in some songs such as Hawa Dolo by Ali Farka but the music is so captivating that it will keep you in your tracks. All the tracks in this playlist are great for group or individual yoga practice. So, the next time you pull out your yoga mat to relax your mind, you can play this playlist on Spotify.Shiva1. Prana (Sahana Vavatu)-Craig Kohland2. Transform-TJ Remi3. Sangit Dub-PFL4. Anthem-Gus Gus5. The Dub and the Restless-Ticklah6. Third Eye-Glen Velez7. Jaia Ganesha-Dum Dum Project8. Sundance-Shiva Nova9. Cold Water Music-Aim10. Chandini Chowk-Midival Punditz11. Sabali-Rokia Traore12. Hawa Dolo-Ali Farka Toure13. Rudrashtakam-Krishna Das14. Svefn-g-englar-Sigur Ros