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It seems #bernieorbust is officially #BUSTED
A political revolution dies when you instantly support the candidate you just spent your entire campaign showing doesn't give a shit about the policies we've been fighting for & is the status quo #DemExit2020 #GreenParty2020 #3rdparty

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@DailyMail @MailOnline Eight years of racial division orchestrated from @BarackObama WH brought @realDonaldTrump and now this! OWN IT! #WalkAway #3rdparty @CNN @guardian @SkyNews @BBCWorld @NBCBLK @NBCLatino @MSNBC @CBSNews

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Swing State County Of The Day: Hays County, #Texas

2012: #Romney +6,124 votes +10.38%
2016: #Trump +602 votes +0.83% (+5,522 votes +9.55%)

The suburb between Austin & San Antonio is moving to @TheDemocrats. #3rdparty candidates did exceptionally well here in 2016. Be on guard!

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@Michelle_Mc_G #2020Libertarians @Jorgensen4POTUS will end the #drugwar and release non-violent offenders and expunge ALL their records. @LPNational #3rdParty #leverage

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@J_D_2019 @CNNPolitics You mean while #Biden ignores uninsured & underinsured taxpayers w more UnAffordable for profit sick care system.Biden would rather let people die during a #pandemic than upset UnDemocratic Corporate Party billionaire cronies.
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #3rdParty #Independent

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SPEAK SISTER!! They want the looting to stop? Then THEY got to stop looting our black brown and native brothers and sisters.. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ✊🏾@tamikadmallory #georgefloyd

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@CBSNews @antjuansea We need a national bingo card for new excuses made for Biden by Dems & made for Trump by GOP. duopoly brainwashing that this is our only choice. No Vote Shaming. #3rdparty #moreparties Canada, Ireland, many have several viable parties. End Corporate Duopoly! Ranked Choice Voting

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If you are voting against a candidate, wouldn't you rather be voting for something?

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ICYMI #AnalyticsNeat #podcast this week includes: the #NYTimes eliminating a reliance on #3rdparty #data, #Facebook launches Shops for small business, and we chat about the citizen #datascie

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ICYMI #AnalyticsNeat #podcast this week includes: the #NYTimes eliminating a reliance on #3rdparty #data, #Facebook launches Shops for small business, and we chat about the citizen #datascientist role. #martech #analytics #media #advertising

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#Democrats AND #Republicans you do have an alternative!!! Voting for a #3rdParty candidate is NOT wasting your vote! It’s sending a message to BOTH parties that we’re tired of their actions and inactions!!! Take our Republic back!

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#DemExit & help build a #3rdParty that supports #MedicareForAll 🌹 before it’s too late! 😎

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The United States of America demonstrates it is a #PoliceState
*live* on #CNN.

I know a lot of people are going to say this is all on President Trump, if they elect Mr Biden all will be fine. Yet President Obama's administration set the stage for this. #VoteDifferent #3rdParty

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@donwinslow I find it unnerving that words used by #TraitorTrump are quotes from Democrats. Once a political party finds its humanity racists simply switch sides & hide their horrific agenda. @GOP & @TheDemocrats need an enema. #3rdParty #CommonSense

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@realDonaldTrump You want my vote? Stop the wars, arrest the cops, and stop killing Americans with cops, job loss, low wages, homelessness, no health care, no future, and crushing debt. #neverBiden #3rdParty

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#transformers #3rdparty

Perfect Effect DX-11 Honor Warrior & DX-11B Dark Warrior special re-release

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@BitontiJamie @people4jesse @GovJVentura Beyond that, I think he's candidate we desperately need right now. Jessie is the only seasoned politician who speaks #MSM well enough to wake people up about the duopoly & certainly the only #3rdparty candidate w/ a ❄️'s chance in hell of winning outright.

I hope he runs. 🙏🏾

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Unique Toys Vortex broke! WTH?! ALSO: #BradFiedel event is live and you can put a notification on there.

#5min1stlooks #timkaysnerdcrate #transformers #3rdparty #g1 #combaticons #g1vortex #broken #terminator #cratehangouts #terminatorfans

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Minnesota police arrest CNN reporter and camera crew as they report from protests in Minneapolis

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@CNNPolitics The sellout UnDemocratic Corporate Party has ZERO intentions to help working class people. In fact this is their great unmasking and master plan to ELIMINATE not create a middle class. 1 diabolic political party disguised as 2.
#DemExit #3rdParty only way out.

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Centrist #Democrats have much more in common with #NeverTrumpers than they do with #progressives.

Time to #DemExit and form a #ThirdParty and fight for #MedicareForAll and #GreenNewDeal.


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@johncusack @RoseAnnDeMoro @beingblackss Has killed innocent people before - protected by, not Trump, but Democratic Party Klobuchar. #Vote #BernieOnTheBallot, then #3rdParty #NotBidenOrTrump

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Democrats are actively supporting Republicans joining the Democratic Party, instead of adopting progressive policies. I’m sure they all agree with Roe v. Wade, Taxation, Universal Healthcare, and Climate Change, and they won’t have any effect on what the Party’s platform is.

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@ChrisLynnHedges Very sorry to hear this. News of your high calibur candidacy (just yesterday) gave us such renewed hope - and after the the Democrats' corrupt sham of a primary and their disgraceful and disgusting treatment of Bernie Sanders & his supporters.

#3rdParty #ChrisHedges #NJ12 #NJ

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This is the guy who killed #GeorgeFloyd


Tag your governors, mayors and local elected officials, telling them to #DefundThePolice NOW!

(I’ll be reminding @BilldeBlasio that his budget — giving more $ to the NYPD and cutting school funding — is SHAMEFUL.)

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my dad is turning 50 this year and i just got him to register to vote. it’s never too late. #3rdparty

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@jjz1600 #3rdParty is the clear choice for us.

Voting #BernieOnTheBallot, but then, for an indy left candidate who truly represents our values. Right now, you're plugging for a corrupt candidate & party that cheated us & represents the equivalent of organized crime. NOT VOTING FOR:

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@HowieHawkins Why are Rhode Island Greens unsupportive? Not a good look. #GreenParty #3rdParty #WorkersParty #PeoplesParty

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Threads with some thoughts on GP R.I.'s position.
#BernieOnTheBallot, then #3rdParty #NotBidenOrTrump

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Thread w/some thoughts on GP R.I.'s position. #3rdParty

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@Tamaramonkey @NoFascistLies The movement is not dead. We have almost won and we will lose only if we give up, which is exactly what the establishment wants us to do. We have to regroup and carry on. Bernie did what he said he would do and now it is our turn to pick up the baton. #DemExit #3rdParty

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@ashmadalyn @TomiLahren #GeorgeFloydWasMurdered
Any thinking, feeling person who watched the videos, calls this murder. One murderer, 3 accessories and 1 victim.
Who's been running Minnesota?

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@NormanGBlake @FlyThaiMMA @RIGreens Another way of putting it: the only ones the Dems are taken over by are the Repubs. You might as well be endorsing or choosing the GOP.

And it's going to get even worse.

There's only one way up this mountain. Get up and start walking. It's going to take time and work. #3rdParty

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@NormanGBlake @FlyThaiMMA @RIGreens Not to mention that 1/2 million yrly (even w/out a pandemic) who go into bankruptcy bc of medical bills - a leading cause of homelessness.

But I'm not sitting on the sidelines either, GP RI. I'm voting. #BernieOnTheBallot (already did), then #3rdParty.

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@NormanGBlake @FlyThaiMMA @RIGreens Between Biden/Trump, this election is like a game of Russian roulette. Or that Nazi officer in Sophie's Choice telling the mother to choose which child gets killed. Which catastrophe will ensue as a result of either candidate? 1/

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@RIGreens You're basically endorsing Biden then? Not the nominee of your own party? Respectfully, you're taking a progressive Dem wing position, then. Their position and history is part of the problem that got to us to Trump, in the first place.

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“Jo Jorgensen has arrived within the liberty movement. She has impeccable credentials as a libertarian and carries with her an impressive resume. This is a breath of fresh air when contrasted against two big-spending, misogynist, war criminals”

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Los Angeles, California, USA.

The "richest" empire in the world, the country that harasses and sanctions other nations because their leaders don't care about their people. 😏

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