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Coco has decided that she likes hibiscus flower again, I guess??? 🌺🐢 #ANTSAT

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coco!! what r u doing!! #ANTSAT

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Whoops I broke the hashtag, meant to say #ANTSAT! Forgive me Wolf.

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I ended up scrolling thr #antsat hashtag at 2 am and it was worth it because this:

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Today I learned about the #ANTSAT hashtag (Always Nice to See A Turtle)

Here is my contribution for the day! Coco eats a single weed.

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@scribblymoth @RJonesing Having said that, #ANTSAT

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@PFTompkins My friend Lane's birthday was on the 4th. She is quarantining on Lake Murray in South Carolina, where she DJ's in her basement and the cove fills up with turtles bobbing (we refer to them as turtie boys.) Would you give her a belated happy bday? #ANTSAT

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@PFTompkins what is #antsat ?
checked the hashtag and it’s mostly posts of you loving turtle posts.

how have I loved your work so long and never realized you were also such a turtle lover?
i’m obsessed. wanna convince the girl who owns the farm i’m living on to turn it into a sanctuary.

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A traversing turtle for your Tuesday morning! Just in time to assist this brilliant E Box Turtle across the HWY. Happy trails, lovely lady!

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Day 4 of self quarantine with a tortoise: After a yesterday’s exhausting day sleeping in the sun, Tildsy had a big leafy appetite this morning! #COVIDー19 #animals

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How do they know what DAY this turtle was born... I smell #fakenews #ANTSAT

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this is Jonathan. he’s 188 years old today. everyone say happy birthday Jonathan

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Happy birthday, Jonathan! Sending you a small pat on your lovely head. #ANTSAT

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This is Jonathan and he's 188 years old today.

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@CrimeADay Always Nice to Save a Turtle. #ANTSAT

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@mimismartypants You're now eligible to participate in the #ANTSAT group convo (Always Nice To See A Turtle)

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@PFTompkins Your work makes me feel better when I'm anxious... Wish I could return the favor. At the very least, here's a cute pic of a carved wooden turtle. #ANTSAT

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Today a coworker was nice enough to pull over so I could help a turtle across the road. As I approached I thought, “Man, that’s an oddly shaped Painted. Oh it has a blotch on the neck, it’s a Spotted.” Picked it up, “No spots... oh shit.”

Bog Turtle - Glyptemys muhlenbergii. 🤯

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Turtle time

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@tjdfotographist How have I lived my whole life without knowing about #antsat?! 😍

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As @PFTompkins would say, #ANTSAT 🐢

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First stop: @TBG_Canada! 🌱🌸 Just in time for breakfast, this place seems to have the type of food we like. Did you know 80-90% of our diet is grasses, fruit and succulent plants? - Hank, Violet and Duke 🐢 #TOTortoiseTour

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Krom said ACAB #ANTSAT

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It’s hard to beat the thrill of finding an ancient 100 pound turtle, but from a conservation perspective, this little guy was a more exciting find. The presence of young turtles means the stream isn’t just full of lonely and old adults, they are producing future generations too.

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Forget everything you’ve ever learned about turtles, and watch how quickly this one scampers away as soon as that fukn cop tries to grab him. #ANTSAT

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Turtles know. #ANTSAT

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@Noahh_GH #ANTSAT... run from the cops because #ACAB @PFTompkins

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I just saw a TURTLE run from 12 .. I’m crying

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A tortoise named Charles Darwin doing a science lab ribbon cutting at the University of Lincoln. #ANTSAT

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Sheriff: Hey there, need a hand?
Turtle: NOOOOOOOOO! 😂🐢

📷: @SheriffChody

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