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let the race begin... shaq'shouse bedroom now available for play. @SHAQ @revellioth @Jakyson36 #beastmode #apspanish

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im still traumatized about the fact that i burst out laughing in the middle of one of my responses during the AP spanish exam because i was messing up so much #APSpanish #apspanishlang

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me after hearing my audio and noticing that they record even after the beeps and they hear me cussing in the background: #APSpanish #apspanishlang

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Ortografía | Ejemplos con «a ver» y «haber»

Vete a ver tu nota.
—Mira lo que tengo. —¿A ver?
A ver cuándo llega.
A ver si viene ya.
A ver si te atreves.
A ver, trae el cuaderno.

Haber venido antes.
Tiene que haber aprobado.
Parece haber un chico fuera.

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i’m pretty sure i made up words while doing it and jorge just wouldn’t let me talk ! #APSpanish

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It's confidential? Just like my test? The one that had HALF the alphabet on it? I think the lawsuit that HALF of America is part of is enough feedback for you. #APLang #aptest #APSpanish #apstats

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and y’all couldn’t tell me that while Jorge was talking that shit KEPT FUCKING RECORDING....DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I INSULTED WHOREge bruh.
#apspanishlang #APLang #apspanish #collegeboard

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So who needs help with #APSpanish ? jajaja

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Yesterday's comments about the #APSpanish exam were mostly amusing. There's nothing funny about the anxiety caused by the glitches in submitting exams or the dismissive attitude of @CollegeBoard.

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...foreign language credit (not course credit, but rather the ability to move into a higher level) at my college, which would then place me in a lower level and occupy an unnecessary class in my already limited course repertoire. #collegeboardisoverparty #APSpanish #apexams

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never trust a man named Jorge smh 🗿 #APSpanish

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All I learned from that AP exam is that I have absolutely no concept of time #APSpanish #apspanishlang

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Class-action lawsuit filed against College Board about botched AP tests #college #collegetalk #collegeboard #lawsuit #highschool #APExam #APexams #APtest #parents #HigherEd

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When the college board listens to me saying “shit” after each beep and me saying “ I ain’t get to finish.” In conclusion I am a ... #APSpanish #apspanishlang

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How I felt when Jorge cut me off and I didn’t even finish explaining #apspanish #apspanishlang

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ME While taking the AP exam, and realizing that all u hear is my dad in the background talking super loud

#APSpanish #apspanishlang

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ME While taking the AP exam, and realizing that all u hear is my dad in the background talking

#APSpanish #apspanishlang

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Y’all I KNEW that it kept recording so I was just sitting there screaming internally 😭😭 #APSpanish

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cant wait to find out my scores and tell my mom I got a 1 🙈 #ap #ap2020 #spanishap #apspanish #collegeboard

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me after studying the entire year to read and speak in Spanish and then using the same 4 words the entire exam #apspanish #apspanishlang

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I’m lovin all these #APSpanish memes, always the best part after AP exams hehe

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#RIPHanaKimura Dear Christian women of the world let us be Problem solvers and not problem creators. Because we are smart and creative and capable. #Adrenochrome. #APSpanish.

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me when jorge would cut me off #APSpanish

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College board really had the AUDACITY to send me a survey saying "How would you rate your overall testing experience today?" Like uhmm I couldn't even start the exam because the app froze on the audio directions page. Now I have to retake🥺 #collegeboard #Apspanish @CollegeBoard

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college board hired John quinones for the #APSpanish Lang Exam Review because they couldn’t afford Raini Rodriguez

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the person grading me waiting for my response like: 👁👄👁 #apspanish

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College Board when grading the recordings 💀 #APSpanish

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jorge was not my amigo today... #APSpanish

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I keep seeing memes about the #APSpanish test on how a bunch of you kept saying curse words after the beep sound & I can already picture Ms.Zamora listening to these audios thinking to herself “Jesus! Que bárbaros estudiantes”💀💀

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damn ok jorge didn't even let me say goodbye, probably wanted to gtfo as quick as he could after having a conversation with me or whatever that stuttering was😔 #APExams #APSpanish

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