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@MatthewXJoseph @Principal_EL @conniehamilton @mssackstein @tjvari @josephjonessr @basil_marin @Kbahri5 @LeadForward2 @markbarnes19 Thanks for the mention, @MatthewXJoseph! It was my honor to meet you F2F at #ASCDCEL. I agree with you--My #PLN members are so valuable and important to me. Your PLN can be your lifeline in a variety of ways... And Saturday mornings are great times for Twitter chats, right?

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@MatthewXJoseph @Kbahri5 @Tara_Desiderio @ChristineBemis2 @basil_marin @laurabeess @conniehamilton @RaeHughart @cpoole27 You make good points! Reflection is a personal, priceless, precious time of learning. In a rapidly-changing world, I don't think we invest enough time processing and thinking things through in reflection. It was great connecting with you at #ASCDCEL. Keep the good stuff coming...

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@drphyllpajardo allowing us to reflect on a piece of advise that the current us would give the beginner career us #ASCDL2L @ASCD @ASCDconf #ASCDCEL

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Do I have a leadership philosophy that has culminated into a leadership style? @PrincipalKafele @ASCDconf @ASCD #ASCDCEL

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Looking forward to this...especially after learning from the authors at #ASCDCEL!

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Our new book, Teaching for Deeper Learning: Tools to Engage Students in Meaning Making, provides a large collection of practical and proven tools and associated strategies (for both teachers and students) to support deep learning for understanding.

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The relationships we foster as leaders can save lives...for those of us in education we’re not just talking about the lives of fellow adults, but also our kids. Thanks, @simonsinek! Great follow-up to #ASCDCEL keynote by @ManuelScott! @ASCD @ASCDconf

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It arrived today!! Can't wait to read it! #ASCDCEL #ASCD

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We (@bookemshanno @codybnorton) are heading to @ASCD #Empower20 in LA and we hope you will join us! #ascdcel @EL_ASCD

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[LISTEN] How to Become a More Resilient Educator with @jonHarper70bd @froehlichm @brightmorningtm @bamradionetwork #ascdcel

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@tjvari @basil_marin @ASCDconf Heyyyyy @tjvari ... have been thinking about you, @josephjonessr & @Principal_EL all week. Sitting in your session at #ASCDCEL was a gift.

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RT ClassTechTips "So wonderful meeting you at the #ASCDCEL conference! "

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So wonderful meeting you at the #ASCDCEL conference!

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@PrincipalKafele @ASCD I can't wait! Loved hearing you at #ascdcel

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@Jonharper70bd Friends supporting friends. We make each other better!! Great seeing you at #ASCDCEL Jon!! #leaduchat

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@drneilgupta @ASCDconf Blessed to have been surrounded by my #EDU loves at #ASCDCEL ... miss you all already, but you are with me everyday! #leadupchat

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He is an incredible chef, she is a brilliant teacher and speech language pathologist. They are both my former students, and I am the luckiest lady tonight laughing and enjoying their adult stories. Don’t let graduation be an excuse to stop championing friends! #ASCDCEL

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@mssackstein So what should I do? Wish we could have talked about this at #ASCDCEL

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#ASCDCEL Takeaway #2: Universal elements of successful classrooms - organization with clear rules and procedures (more procedures than rules), positive relationships, a culture of thinking and learning, and engagement/excitement.

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A3. As @Krista_Leh shared in her presentation at #ascdcel we have teachers who aren’t interested in the “soft stuff.” But I know deep down they will realize they are contributing it with how much they care about their students. #PASCDchat

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@laurynmaria @ASCDconf Hi Lauryn! Serving with this as a lens is a gamechanger ✊🏾 Glad to serve on this journey with you. #ASCDCEL

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Made my first informational graphic using @AdobeSpark today today (using Spark Page). Thanks @ClassTechTips for the skills to get it done quickly and simply! #ASCDCEL

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@drncgarrett @josuefalaise @drneilgupta @MrsGilliano3030 @RefinEDChar @KyleHamstra @mr_hayes @Mrs__Hoffmann @MelissaPatschke @IU20PLDirector Thank you! Would appreciate your insights and expertise! So glad to have met F2F at #ASCDCEL! Hope you can connect again - and for longer - at #ASCDEmpower. 😁

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Top story via Kleinspiration @thelearningloop: 'Still feeling the energy from this past weekend's @ASCDconf #ASCDL2L Conference & #ASCDCEL. I was beyond honored to facilitate 3 sessions, host a book signing, & present a… , see more

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Still feeling the energy from this past weekend's @ASCDconf #ASCDL2L Conference & #ASCDCEL. I was beyond honored to facilitate 3 sessions, host a book signing, & present an #Ignite w/my fellow @EL_ASCD. Here are just a few snaps w/the people who inspire me & fuel this work. @ASCD

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So glad my admin team sent me to the ASCD Conf! I was inspired and reminded why I do this work! #ASCDCEL #ASCD

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One thing that sticks out to me from #ASCDCEL is that our students are not always giving us a hard time, instead, they’re HAVING a hard time [with something]. It’s just up to us to figure out how to support their needs.

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A4: I kept lecturing a student about his behavior. For weeks at a time. Finally asked him - ‘Is everything okay?’ His response was heartbreaking but it made me understand him and his actions. Listening is so important. #PIAchat

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Found out at #ASCDCEL this past weekend that “Amistad” author @AlexsPate and I grew up in North Philly around the same time! Also, we both have books out soon with @ASCD ! So proud of the roses that grow from concrete in the inner city! Brotherly Love! @ASCDconf #Blessed

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So thankful for the wonderful connections I made at @ASCDconf @ASCD #ASCDCEL Took the risk, told my story and it definitely turned out right! Thank you @ManuelScott @mssackstein @conniehamilton @basil_marin @LeadForward2 @tjvari @josephjonessr @PrincipalKafele @markbarnes19

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@jeri_teaches @ManuelScott @missdhanda @rhwarrenjr @RonnNozoe @LaylaJuneEDU It was bucket filling... as are all #ASCD events. I'm so grateful to have been there and to have met you! Counting down to #Empower20 already (fingers crossed that I am able to go) #ASCDCEL

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Got to meet Dra. Monica Burns @ASCDconf Keep on sharing new ideas! #ASCDcel #easyedtechpodcast @ClassTechTips #LIAHAWKS

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@chattygaede @BreneBrown @SarahSajohnson @Glennr1809 Even in this storm, we are grateful, and we will express gratitude. It's healthy for the brain. #ASCDCEL

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Tuesday Motivation: How do we capture the heart ❤️ of children? 🤗”8 hugs a day saves lives.”🤗~@RJMotivates #acceptance #significance #security #purpose #studentsmatter #betheeducatortheyneed #ASCDCEL @ASCD @pgcpsPAR

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"When you're in the grocery store checkout line, driving, or in a deeply committed relationship with another human, take time to express gratitude." It's healthy for the brain. #ASCDCEL

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