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We kicked the evening off with guest emcee Dan Green from @ksbw, @HospiceGiving CEO Siobhan Greene, and the hilarious @_chrisgarcia, who shared his experiences with his dad and #Alzheimers

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Worldwide, nearly 50 million people have Alzheimer’s or related dementia. Learn more about the most recent #Alzheimers statistics:

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@NYMag @marilumerg Poor #Clint #Eastwood is in the beginning stages of #Alzheimers ! :lol

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Want the best science written in everyday English?

We cover #dementia #alzheimers, arrhythmia, strokes, vascular disease, & related medical conditions.

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"The best science in everyday language."

#dementia #alzheimers #heart #cardiovascular @JerryBeller1

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@alwaysresist2 @LMLohrey @republiculos No worries. #Karma is real and Karma kills Hubris same as Rock Breaks Scissors and p o s @realDonaldTrump deserves it same as Dead Dad Fred.. #alzheimers. Karma is solving the #Trumpshitshow for us faster than Politics

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#TrumpDementia ( #Presidementia) Notes: Dementia patients exhibit prevarication (lying), poor impulse control, faulty judgment, & distortion of reality. Confabulation (making shit up) & rambling speech are also common symptoms. #Alzheimers destroyed Fred Trump, runs in families.

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New Study links #Alzheimers Disease to #Aluminum exposure, Jan 21, 2020 "No aluminum, no Alzheimer's Disease" Dr. Christopher Exley

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Please re-Tweet if you agree: #Kindness matters. Always.

(image by @Valacox via @Florencehhogan2) #Alzheimers #dementia #mentalhealth #aging

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I designed after trying to be a #caregiver for my grandfather with #Alzheimers who no longer remembered who I was.

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Thank you to the 1.6 million #California family members and friends who care for loved ones with #Alzheimers. #ENDALZ

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is designed to help people with #dementia such as #Alzheimers remember who the people and places around them are.

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@WordswithSteph @megeconley FuckinA 🇨🇦 #Karma is real. Karma kills Hubris same as Rock Breaks Scissors and p o s @realDonaldTrump deserves it same as Dead Dad Fred.. #alzheimers. Karma is solving the problem of drumpf #Daddyboy faster than Politics TYG. Cheers 🇨🇦😎🍷eh!

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Clint Eastwood has #Alzheimers

It's the only explanation!


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My last shift with this wonderful little lady. Going to a memory care facility. Such a trooper. About to get 17 stitches removed. #ENDALZ #Alzheimers #TheLongestDay #ShineALightOn #AMillionLittleThings #Nursing #CNA #caregivers #grandMa

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#dementia #Alzheimers #cancer #CVD #NCDs #SDGs #publichealth #lymphoma

Plant polyphenols (biophenols) are HDAC inhibitors.

Plant biophenols bind with amyloid beta (Aβ) toxic oligomers and reduce fibril formation and toxicity.


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@Lovli1P @PMgeezer @realDonaldTrump Something is wrong. Is anyone a neighbor? I think he needs to be checked on. It's like when my father started acting nutty & everyone ignored it. I went to his lawyer & complained about a stupid legal move & the atty said he thought daddy was ok. He wasn't ok. #Alzheimers

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If you work in an assisted-living facility, be sure to tell your residents about . #Alzheimers #dementia #caregiving

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Dementia Books

We cover all 19 primary #dementia types. | #Alzheimers | Lewy body | Parkinson's | Vascular | Huntington's | ALS | Frontotemporal | Primary Progressive Aphasia | Hydrocephalus | Korsakoff | & more

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Make a part of the morning routine for anyone who lives with #memoryloss from #dementia such as #Alzheimers. #aging

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@TomJChicago @Turns1701e I think he's stage four #Alzheimers and moving quickly to 5.

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Just got off the phone with my mom. Shes 61 and has been in LV since 71. Today she caucused for the 1st time, and for Bernie! Main reason was the protection and expansion of #M4A and SS. It helped our family when my father was battling #Alzheimers and hasn't forgotten that. Cont.

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Dementia Types, Risk Factors, & Symptoms
"The best science for medical professionals, but written in everyday language for the average person."

#dementia #Alzheimers
@AuthorAlliance @JerryBeller1

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If a loved one of yours is living with #Alzheimers, sign them up for . Don't let #dementia turn you into a stranger.

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Learn how safe, effective #exercise for your loved one living with #alzheimers or other #dementia is easily available.

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"Few authors break medical ground, but Beller's accomplished the feat three times, including this book series covering all 15 primary dementia types."

The series covers #alzheimers & 14 other #dementia types.

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Do #artsandcrafts together. Something simple, even if you are the one doing everything. The process might be engaging and bring a smile

#Alzheimers #aging #MemoryCare

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ICYMI: Green tea contains common #nootropic and it's been found to have some brain-boosting effects.

So, click on the link for more nootropics that can help to boost your brain health and reduce your risk of #Alzheimers:

#InstagramRepost @rishitea

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His favorite New Hampshire conspiracy theory. A new imaginary method of paying for the wall. New nonsense about Vindman, Stone and Mueller. Much other lying.

Trump made 56 false claims from Feb. 10 through 16. Breakdown with @tarasubramaniam:

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This video is real. As Trump’s mental, physical and neurological decline accelerates, the malfunctions increase in frequency and duration. Here’s a full four seconds of brain function gone awry, on display for the world to see. He will get so much worse.

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BlueZones: “If people truly live a healthy lifestyle, 90% should be able to avoid Alzheimer’s within their normal lifespan.” TeamSherzai

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When Rosalynn Carter was 12, her father became terminally ill. She saw firsthand that caregivers can feel isolated & experience emotional distress.

On #NationalCaregiversDay, we salute all caregivers. Please #ThankACaregiver today. Kindness helps. @RCICaregiving

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