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How does this happen in 6 days? This is the work of criminals and pedophiles at the helm. Skimming and #TaxEvasion is what they do. #25thThe45th #ArrestMnuchin #23Trillion #NationalDebt #FakeNationalEmergency #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #AmericansForTrumpRemoval

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Focus on the tax free sanctuaries where all this $ is hidden and evading the IRS. The whole administration is criminally involved. #Compromised #HumanTrafficking #TaxEvasion #DeutscheBankLoans #ArrestMnuchin #EpsteinDisappearance #TrumpDoesCoverups #AmericansForTrumpRemoval

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There's another Russian crime from this corrupt potus and his henchman Barr.

The Russians own the #BillionDollarLoser.

#BarrLies to protect #TrumpLies.

#ArrestMnuchin #ArrestBarr

Impeach bone spurs again.

Fight back! #Resist

Vote #BlueWave2020 together back to #Honor.

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Watch "Stephanie Ruhle Fact-Checks Trump's Economy Claims After Obama Tweet | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC" on YouTube #TrumpLies #TrumpEconomyLies #ArrestTrump #BarrCorruption #ArrestMnuchin

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The Daily Beast reports: The U.S. readied sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's associates—then mysteriously backed off.

"Somebody overruled [Treasury], essentially," one sanctions expert said. "That's the most likely scenario."

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#ArrestBarr #ArrestMnuchin

#ImpeachTheMF again.


Vote #BlueWave2020 together to eject bone spurs from office in the world's greatest loss in the history of American politics!

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No wonder Trump loves to golf at his own courses. Even charging more that what is allowed under federal limits. U.S. taxpayers again being duped. Again the Constitutions emolument clause being trampled on while Barr looks away. #BarrResign #powertrip

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$23,274,098,951,494.08 (-) #NationalDebt

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More attention (Media/Congressional) needs to be on Steven Mnuchin:

1. Mnuchin Is stopping the Deutsche Bank money laundering investigation w/Mary Daly
2. Mnuchin is keeping Trump's tax returns secret for 3 years now!
3. Mnuchin personally approved Biden financial disclosures

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Agreed. #ArrestBarr #ArrestMnuchin #ArrestMcGahn #ArrestRudy

#Impeached forever is not enough.

Sdny gets his taxes. Jail for fraud, embezzlement, and for being ugly.

Vote #BlueWave2020 together to make this reality.

We have laws. Enforce them.

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If democrats gain control in November to do as we wish, should these people be prosecuted?
I think so. Ignore MSM, they'll perform a bothsiderism lament in 5 part harmony but I don't care. If we don't prosecute the criminals, our system will remain forever broken. #DisbarBarrNow

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White House #budgetplan has snuck in provision to put the Secret Service back under Treasury Dept. Steve Mnuchin #ArrestMnuchin #TrumpCorruption #TrumpDictator

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@dpakman where are Biden's medical records? Where are Bloomberg's? Where are Bloomberg's taxes even?

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via @HuffPostPol WASHINGTON ― The Treasury Department has given congressional Republicans sensitive financial information related to Hunter Biden after having refused to give Democrats Trump’s tax returns. #ArrestMnuchin #LeningradLindsey #ArrestTrump

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Trump doesn't do anything right. He used cheap materials and pocketed the difference. #VoteBlue for America. #RemoveTrumpNOW #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscwMitch

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If you're as Republican with power in the @GOP you can say anything you want about Ted Cruz's wife and family. Ted has a big mouth but that Canadian has no GUTS. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrynmpToAnAsylum #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch

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More #FakeNewsTedCruz. We knew before we arrived in Washington DC that Lev would not be admitted to the Gallery. As a citizen, Lev proudly came, stood vigil asking to be called as a witness, and you falsely impugned him. For a POTUS who insulted your wife? Remember who you love.

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"I own buildings. I'm a builder; I know how to build. Nobody can build like I can build. Nobody. And the builders in New York will tell you that. I build the best product." -@realDonaldTrump

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BREAKING: The CBO predicts that the federal budget deficit will hit $1 trillion this year.

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Pompeo has no right to impede freedom of the press. What is his excuse for disallowing the reporter? You have to start taking these wise guys who work for Trump instead of America to court. #RemoveNationalistTrump #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch #VoteBlue for America.

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How Petty! Grow Up🤬

⚡️ Breaking News

🇺🇸 State Department retaliated against NPR by kicking reporter off Mike Pompeo’s plane🇺🇸

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Trump was obsessed with corrupting Ukraine. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrumpToAnAsylum #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch

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Isn’t it interesting how Trump’s lawyers are desperately trying to convince us that Trump was obsessed with corruption in Ukraine? Yet, Trump has never ONCE expressed even a passing interest in corruption in Russia.

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Adam Schiff owns Donald Trump. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrumpNow #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch

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They should be outraged by the children who are locked up in Trump's concentration camps. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrump #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch

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Spare me your phony “outrage” @lisamurkowski @SenSusanCollins. If you are more “offended” by @RepAdamSchiff repeating a @CBSNews report than illegitimate criminal occupant @realDonaldTrump SAYING ON TAPE “Take Her Out”; threatening a US Diplomat, you lack integrity or ethics.

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Trump’s New Tax Plan Is Imminent, Steven Mnuchin Confirms | Economy | US News #TrumpCorruption #ArrestMnuchin

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#GretaThunberg hits back at Mnuchin criticism over climate crisis #ArrestMnuchin #ClimateCrisis Munuchin said "The president absolutely believes in clean air and clean water. He supports a clean environment." What a joke

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Your daily reminder that the #DrugDealingGop are looting the #American treasury every day they are in office. #CocaineMitch #ArrestMnuchin #ConvictAndRemoveTheMF

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$23,205,218,318,274.01 (-) #NationalDebt

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Roberts is a Republican, so you can't expect him to rule favorably on what's good for Americans. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrump #ArrestMnuchin and #MidnightMoscowMitch

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When your team mocks a teenager trying to save the planet for future generations to score points with your science-challenged base, you've already lost.

Trump's team take turns mocking 17-year-old Greta Thunberg: Treasury Secretary the latest one

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Chief Injustice Roberts lets Senate Republicans show blatant disdain for impeachment proceedings

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This is criminal. #ArrestMnuchin

They are hiding this inflationary work from the American people.

At some point, this multi-trillion dollar bill will come due & devastate the world economy.

This will be exposed after the next election and Democrats will have to clean it up

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FED TO RESCUE AGAIN. The Fed indirectly bought another $50 BILLION in stocks today as stocks started foundering. (Fed buys treasuries from banks who use the money to buy stocks). Yesterday the Fed pumped $90 Billion into the market. Fed keeps market high so trump can brag

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Vote these 6 people out of office and our country will appreciate your help in taking out the trash. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrumpToAnAsylum #ArrestMnuchin and #MidnightMoscowMitch

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Americans want witnesses and documents. Even Rs want witnesses because this is still America not Russia. Americans can't be treated like communists, WE have rights TRUMP you crooked no-good lying POS. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrumpToAnAsylum #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch

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These six candidates just put Trump above America. And told their GOP constituents to go F themselves.
Did vulnerable Republican senators just agree to take the fall for Trump in 2020? -

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Your daily reminder that the #BillionDollarLoser and the #DrugDealingGop are looting the #American treasury every day they are in office. #ArrestMnuchin #CocaineMitch #Cult45 #TRE45ON #ConvictAndRemoveTheMF

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$23,211,224,948,370.91 (+) #NationalDebt

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The New York Times is another reason why we have Dipsh*t Donnie for President. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrumpToAnAsylum #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch

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NYT is scared of Biden just like Trump, Putin, NRA and the entire @GOP. #VoteBlue for America #RemoveTrumpToAnAsylum #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch

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This is fantastic news! I hope other major media, not to mention the voters, follow suit.

New York Times editorial board breaks with convention and endorses two candidates


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What kind of monsters would take a child from their parents? Then they lock those kids up and molest them. This is Trump's America. #VoteBlue for America #LockTrumpUp #ArrestMnuchin and #MoscowMitch

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US officials say they are highly confident to have reached tally on separated children: 4,368

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#MnuchinsCriminal. #ArrestMnuchin. Tired of fucking around with this asswipe while he defies congress and the people. Lock his ass up.

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Bastards. #ArrestMnuchin

#Impeached forever.

Stop paying the #BillionDollarLoser's properties so he can play golf.

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Taxpayers paid for this. The Treasury Department can disclose how much now or send the bill to ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩.

Steven Mnuchin Refuses to Admit How Much the Secret Service Spends on Trump’s Golf Trips

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