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@ShadowMayorBTV but wont answer my fucking question during the #askmiro stunt

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@MiroBTV ...practices. Is the plan for rigorous social distancing over the next 18+ months, or will we be able to achieve some level of normalcy by this summer? Ppl can’t live on UI benefits for ever. Concerning most officials only speaking til June 1. #AskMiro #btvpoli

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@MiroBTV Any chance of reinstalling the protected bike lanes on North Ave to take some pressure off the waterfront bike path & provide a safer alternative route? It would also help slow down speeding drivers. With fewer cars on the road, speeding is definitely up. #askmiro

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What the hell @MiroBTV there's no way I'm more toxic than some TERF shithead with "Gender Critical" right in his profile! #vtpoli #btv #btvcc #askmiro

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Christopher - @RideGMT runs the buses. At board meeting this week (which the City attends) GMT reported: disinfecting happens every night, rear door boarding + fare free policy minimizes contacts, and ridership is down 70% minimizing crowding. We will keep monitoring. #AskMiro

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Hi everyone #btv #btvcc I will be doing an AMA as shadow mayor of Burlington so please feel free to ask me any question, about covid, housing, or more #askmiro #askmayors

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I am a citizen of Burlington. I politely asked an important question. Literally every other question got a response. Why not me? #vtpoli #btvcc #askmiro @MiroBTV

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@MiroBTV #askmiro all the other questions in the thread got a response, can you comment on mine please?

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In light of recent reports from NYC regrading overcrowding on public transit.

Are you & the city considering maximum passengers limitations on all public transit in the city?

#btv #AskMiro

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This is a big challenge that the @BTVSchools + the City are working with @BT_VT + @comcast to address. A lot of problems have been fixed with hot spots, newly deployed laptops, and more, but there are still gaps we are working to fill #BTV #AskMiro

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I support everyone covering their faces when they have to be out of the house (masks are not a substitute for staying home - there is still transmission risk with one on) and I will have more to say on this topic next week #AskMiro

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At today's briefing we announced that the first prototypes are a success so we have created a partnership with Vermont Teddy Bear company to fabricate 3000 by the end of next week for #BTV essential workers #AskMiro

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But remember -- let's make sure n-95 masks are going to the health care workers who need them #AskMiro

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Chris - we are on it. For a couple weeks we have been working on an effort to procure bull denim and fabricate surgical quality masks here in #BTV with partners. Here is a story on effort #AskMiro

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@jaycatvt can help - contact them for a 1-1 consultation. Also this link on the Resource + Recovery web page has more renter resources Keep us posted - no one can lose their home in this public health emergency in #BTV #AskMiro

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@EmilieKrasnow Hello Emilie - @btvparks is working hard to keep the Skatepark open during this crisis. We have worked with leaders in the skateboarding community to get the word out to keep 6' apart. We have staff + volunteer ambassadors on site often repeating the education #AskMiro

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@MiroBTV #askmiro What are you going to do to prevent mass evictions once the eviction ban is lifted (since rent continues to accrue)? Does the city support a rent freeze and mortgage freeze? Do you personally support them?

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Good afternoon #BTV. Welcome to #AskMiro -- part of a nationwide #AsktheMayor Twitter Q+A. My belief since the beginning of this crisis has been that in a global pandemic, local actions matter a lot. So there is something to aggregating what mayors are saying now. Here we go

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@MiroBTV Are all primary school kids able to gain Internet access for continued, remote learning? If not, how is the city/school district fixing this challenge? #AskMiro

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#askmiro will you be publicly advocating for automatic lease renewal so hundreds/thousands of tenants aren't all moving June 1st?

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Our #AsktheMayor Twitter Q&A starts at 3:30 pm - ask a question by replying or using #AskMiro

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@MiroBTV Will Burlington be instituting a mask directive? I've been wearing a mask while out since the 13th. Whether healthy or not, wouldn't masks help everybody, like how it helped in Japan?

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If you have #COVID19 related questions, I’ll be participating in a nationwide #AsktheMayor Twitter Q&A today starting at 3:30 pm. I'll answer as many questions as I can. Reply below or tweet your question with #AskMiro

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@g_swanny26 @DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro @drpepper Huge fan miro, what did you have for breakfast this morning #AskMiro

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@DallasStars Again, 100% agree. Can you #AskMiro to do an AncestryDNA test to see if we are related? lol. I do have ancestry from Finland 🇫🇮 😄😂

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Things got.... interesting during #AskMiro to say the least 😳😂

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@DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro @drpepper Do you feel like you will be on the first pairing soon for the stars? #AskMiro

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@DallasStars @drpepper How much better than Rasmus Dahlin are you?

A.A little
B.A lot
D.B and C


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@DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro @drpepper #askmiro how many retweets for a signed jersey? Definitely my favorite player and I need to get a New Jersey because mine doesn’t fit anymore :(

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Replying to @DallasStars: Yes it does. I like pineapple on pizza for sure. 🍕 - #AskMiro

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Is it really Miro answering the #AskMiro Qs? If so, guy needs to talk more because he’s pretty funny. #isitsundayyet

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@DallasStars when will I be able to order a Miro winter classic sweater? #askmiro

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@DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro #askmiro

Moi Miro!
Ehditkö seuraamaan yhtään #HIFK'n pelejä Dallasissa, tai pelireissuilla? Mikä on parasta ajankulua vapaapäivänä?

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@DallasStars @drpepper #askmiro whats the pressure like being a young guy on a big stage

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I’ll speak for myself on this one, but I wouldn’t mind if @tseguinofficial cooked for me too. #AskMiro #TellSeggy

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Not a good cook. Pretty bad. Still waiting for an invite from someone on the team to cook for me. @tseguinofficial looking at you. - #AskMiro

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@DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro @drpepper does pineapple belong on pizza ??? #AskMiro

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