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U.S. House of Representatives: WE DEMAND WILLIAM P. BARR'S RESIGNATION AS ATTORNEY GENERAL! - Sign the Petition! #BarrMustResign #itsamiraclewhen #MondayMotivaton #mondaythoughts #MondayVibes

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AG can overrule prosecutors, but it’s highly unusual to change a sentencing recommendation to seek a lower sentence. Barr & Shea did it for Trump’s friend, and only after his tweet. DOJ needs stronger leaders to protect its independence. via @NYTimes

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Fmr. deputy AG Ayer says if enough people across the US call for AG Barr to resign, "It might become politically untenable for the president to have, as an attorney general, someone who is enabling ... a system in which the president can be a dictator."

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Reject Trump’s justice meddling – The Seattle Times #BarrMustResign

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@MSNBC @maddow #Obama warned us that #Trump would use the #JusticeDepartment as a weapon. And that is precisely what #AGBarr is now doing

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@JennsResistance @trumpanhator2 Exactly. Another criminal, just like Trump...and now he’s whining that—surprise, surprise—Trump refuses to follow his advice to stop tweeting. #BarrMustResign

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Clint Eastwood is just another ass kisser like Barr #BarrMustResign #ClintEastwood one billionaire as autocrat for another

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@TheJusticeDept hi when is Bill Barr going to resign? #BarrMustResign #Corruption

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@TheJusticeDept Okay, do you really think the American people want to see this in place of how you're going to stop Bill Barr from hurting America for Donald Trump? The dark days are here and the people want action! #BarrMustResign Now!

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“He approves of ‘certain things that Trump’s done’ but wishes the president would act ‘in a more genteel way, without tweeting and calling people names. .. The best thing we could do is just get Mike Bloomberg in there.’”

(via ⁦@WSJ⁩)

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He's Trump's guy after all.

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The front cover of this week’s issue of The Week. #BarrMustResign #ResignBarr #RuleOfLaw

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`William Barr's Old Classmate Says He Is Using @realDonaldTrump To Get The Power He Always Wanted To Have


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So Trump wants the Russians to help without no one knowing, He wants Bolton’s Book delayed until after the election, he wouldn’t let Bolton and others testify. Therefore he is stacking the Deck.

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Have we already lost our country? Perhaps the Congress, if we ever get it back, should redefine the crime of treason. #BarrResign #BarrMustResign #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #Democrats2020 #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 #Democrat

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Lots of detail here on why DOJ employees are concerned Barr cares more about the President & his own power than about the institution he took an oath to serve: “career employees...worry Barr is under undue political influence from the President.”

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“Current and former Justice officials describe an attorney general who doesn't readily take advice and is prone to right wing conspiracies that he reads in fringe conservative sites on the Internet.”

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Superbly captured, @PatChappatte! (*)

(*) On this occasion: support cartoonists and independent journalism by subscribing to quality newspapers. Democracy depends on well-informed citizens!

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Keep saying this louder. Barr must resign #Resist #BarrMustResign

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There needs to be a formal investigation into Bill Barr's conduct

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@BuckSexton @realDonaldTrump And, our US intelligence says so.
Keep screaming, “Deep state!”
The people know better.
#TrumpCrimeFamily #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #BarrMustResign

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The Justice Department's unease with Attorney General William Barr goes beyond the Roger Stone case

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@cunat_n @rayleengale @AndrewFeinberg #WilliamBarr has been corrupt for decades and has now perfected his corruption.

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@realDonaldTrump When will you stop running your 5-year #egomaniac advertisement and do something that HELPS underprivileged people?

#PutinsPuppet #ImpeachAgain #ImpeachedForLife #TrumpCrimeFamily #BarrMustResign

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`AG Bill Barr Is In A Big Mess And He Has No One To Blame But Himself


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Take a moment and sign this petition, please..... it's a small act of #Resistance, and you'll add your voice to more than 90,000 fellow Americans who say #BarrMustResign

And it'll feel good, too.

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If this week made one thing clear, it's that Attorney General Bill Barr needs to go. 90,000 people have already signed a petition calling on him to resign. We'll deliver it when we hit 100,000. Please click the link and help us get there.

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