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@LucianoGIS @CrappmanStorse @FillsYourNiche @donttrythis That's really gross to portray any potential victim as mentally ill #BelieveWomen

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@razcoon101 @richimedhurst She’s not random. She’s a former political candidate using her real name.

I #BelieveWomen until I have reason not to. If you’re not a creep, you would do the same.

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@ECroydon Hours have gone by and I see no response. NONE. I have withdrawn my support and unfollowed because his silence speaks volumes. #BelieveWomen

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And yes, we should believe most women and cancel/prosecute their offenders. Not all and not until after facts are in. #BelieveWomen

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It would be a lot easier to #BelieveWomen if those proven to have made false accusations (up to 10% per Wikipedia: ) get the same punishment as the crime they falsely accused. Right now, this isn't a crime

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@Alyssa_Milano Lol, no, no you don't. You ignore all truth and feed on your fantasy warped reality of made up truth. Also, Joe Biden is a creepy pedophile. Fact. Truth. #BelieveWomen

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Anna Chambers was raped by 2 police officers and then abandoned on the side of the road. She was 5”2 and only 18.

JUSTICE FOR ANNA #JusticeForAnnaChambers #MeToo #BelieveWomen


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@AllIDoIsCallBS @lauraklein113 #BelieveWomen except when you like the person who acted inappropriately. Then just blame woman and complain about cancel culture. You sound like a Biden voter.

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@jdonson @christapants Sounds like cake was gross to her. #believewomen

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@i_am_joli_anne @DavidAgStone I've seen some of them and that was enough to show that David's behavior was problematic. Why do you need to see them all? You need to see every DM from multiple woman to prove one person was in the wrong? Who's apology you're commenting on BTW. What happened to #believewomen ?

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@lightsonlennon @chancetherapper Unfortunately I #believewomen and choose not to help elect either of them

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Yikes😳 this guy out here telling us not to #believewomen when we’re still dealing with #metoo 🙄 how many women have accused him? 🤔

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@NeoxEhs @martunmed @Niyaatheg @chancetherapper @GreenPartyUS @HowieHawkins Dude biden is up by double digits, Tara reade has several people who have confirmed her story (and the entire point of #metoo was to #BelieveWomen, and lmfao we're still talking about Joseph Robinette Biden, the literal king of "gaffes" aka extremely dumb shit, right?

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@SCOTUSambitions @scotusreporter This is such BS! This guy belongs on the SCOTUS about as much as Clarence Thomas, both representative of the worst in society. Thank you, Republicans! You all can believe these two but I believe the women. #BelieveWomen

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Only 4575 hours until the end of President Trump's first term! #TreasonSummit #BelieveWomen #TrumpCountdown #Vote

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@JoeBiden How bad...I thought you said you would follow Fauci's advice...isn't that what Mean Orange Man did?
"Poor kids are just as smart as white kids."
"You ain't black!"
"Yes you can rub the hairs on my leg, can I get a sniff?"
#BelieveWomen #YouMadeMeNotCare

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@DrWeslyP1 @JordanAubey Men love to say it has nothing to do with gender while reinforcing the patriarchy 🙄 #BelieveWomen

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These women are so brave. I hope they are able to hold alpha ep accountable. #believewomen #standrewssurvivors

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Biden supporters latching onto the david Silverstone allegations is so fucking unsurprising. They only care about victims when it suits their agenda. #believewomen #unlessitsbiden

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Johnny Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman reveals 👇🏻

#justiceforjohnnydepp #metoo #timesup #believewomen

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Is there any truth at all that Amber Heard ever spoke of?

#metoo #timesup #believewomen #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

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@AliNeedsHelp @razcoon101 @NinjaEconomics @ECroydon They were credible by default. That’s the entire point of #BelieveWomen.

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@Godmodegames1 @duhtori @ajhcraft @autumnwitchxox @MorbidMaddi @MrEdwinCosta @KEEMSTAR @ProSyndicate I have found that no matter how many times a woman is caught in lie, there are other women who #believewomen with faith that makes the pope look bad.

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#believewomen only when the women speak the truth.

An airplane chair cannot be moved by the kick of a man and hit you.

#metoo #timesup #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

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And now for The mysterious case of the impossible moving airplane chair. Starring #AmberHeard her lies and #JohnnyDepp AH claims JD kicked a chair so hard it hit her!Thanks to a witness on the plane, we have the below drawing of the seating on the plane. I have added the red dot.

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'I wanted nothing.' - Amber Turd
Meanwhile Johnny's accountant: "She got many millions besides 7$..."

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‼‼ PLEASE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION PLEASE @ minnesota please look at this list. You may be surprised who you know. I sure was


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How do you tell someone that their friends sound like they actually dont care? 😒 oof

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When people lie about rape...

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