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@PpollingNumbers @EricBoehlert We have work to do! I hope that #Biden does what needs to be done to amass the greatest number of new voters, pull in those younger voters, & really fire up everyone. His team needs to get better at all the digital comms, too. He can do it!

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Unprecedented times. Campaign suspended; NOT over. #Biden's
a train wreck that can careen off the rails any moment.

Everyone leaning #Bernie2020 in upcoming states needs their info on how to VBM. There may not be paid staff but nothing to stop #NotMeUs from doing the job.

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Le retrait de #Sanders fait ressortir cette photo AFP. J'y retiens plutôt l'instantané de #Biden. Il y a 1 souci récurrent avec ces clichés peu flatteurs pour son équipe de #compol à l'ère des détournements sur les réseaux où excelle #Trump. Et 1 sujet: l'âge du capitaine.

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@ReasonVsFear They don’t know that we know the decent ones will vote for #Biden anyway and no amount of bribery will work for the jerks. We won’t be taken hostage again. We didn’t have them in 2018 & we did fine. Honestly that faction doesn’t vote anyway. They just whine.

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@iamrealnuarenot @sweethunnysk334 ...if your “Revolution” would’ve actually shown up to the polls to vote for all the stuff y’all complaining y’all deserve then you’d be able to talk shit to us #KamalaHarris and #ElizabethWarren Supporters...but y’all on Twitter and Elder #BlackWomen and #BlackPeople chose #Biden

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There you go again: shilling for the Democratic Party. So while you're at it, let's also remind folks that #Biden has also already said Obama was 'bright, articulate, clean,' implying that these qualities distinguished him from other Blacks.

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@jimrsavage @katewillett @nsilverberg I have no duty or owe anything to Democratic Party.

My vote is earned ONLY by policy.

So it’s Biden’s choice.


#BernieSanders #Biden

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@thehill #Biden will win- #MichelleObama will be given some role in some political capacity in the administration. She will be groomed for the next 8 yrs n will run for Prez after Biden’s term. Mark my words.

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#Biden isn’t normal.

#Ohio #OhioPrimary #VoteForBernie #VoteByMail

#Bernie is still on the ballot. Vote for him and get him back into the race.

WTF is this? Biden forced this little girl’s hand into his crotch. via @YouTube

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It's a testament to utter corruption of American politics & total fraud of democratic voting that #Biden was shoehorned into a nomination to kill the traction #Bernie was getting. Save #CIA from killing another progressive movement w the Kennedy solution.

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@RachelAcenas @OANN @BernieSanders ... give you my 300 delegates.

#biden... what?... i thought that those were wild ducks from #Canada @JustinTrudeau ...

... give me a hug dude!

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@cenkuygur @Mediaite Pause. Think ahead. Consider strategery/goal: #VoteBlue to defeat trump with presumptive nominee, gather delegates (ongoing), forget magic crystal ball prognosticating/fear-mongering (ditch!) wasted energy, #Bernie #Biden. If Churchill, FDR sat down with Stalin to defeat Hitler..

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@NikGerassimow Der Weg ist offen für @JoeBiden . So weit wie nie. Mal sehen, wie lange sich der #Kreml raushält. Mal sehen, wie lange es geht, bis wir hier Tweets sehen werden, die #Biden, und nur ihm, ans Bein zu pinkeln versuchen. Es werden untaugliche Versuche sein.

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#Biden the planet knows you will cover the Chinese Communists party #coronavirus crime against the planet.For a change unite the whole country & go after China. #auspol

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Arm Amerika. Zit je nog 4 jaar opgescheept met een oude multimiljonair als president. 🤔 #trump #biden

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Jetzt müssen alle mit dem Nachtreten aufhören und #Biden unterstützen, damit #Trump doch noch besiegt werden kann.

PS: Ich glaube auch, #Sanders wäre der bessere Kandidat gewesen. Aber das ist bis zum 3. November vollständig egal. #Biden2020

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Seit gestern sind die Chancen Donald Trumps auf Wiederwahl dramatisch gestiegen. Das alte #Establishment sitzt mit Joe #Biden fest im Sattel. Wer darin etwas Vorteilhaftes sieht, hat die Ursachen für die Wahl Trumps bis heute nicht begriffen.

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I can’t decide if we need @RepKatiePorter to stay where she or on the ticket with #Biden.

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@OfMoira @ThiaBallerina We're getting a bitter taste of what "Bernie was the compromise" really meant. I'm disappointed that he endorsed #Biden, but not surprised. Time to move on to #VoteGreen AND #YellowVest.

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@MarkRuffalo Now please use your platform to get #Bernie2020 supporters to vote Biden, get Trump & McConnell out. Many of us supported someone who dropped & promised to stand up for any Dem nominee. #Biden #Election2020

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@realTuckFrumper Just leave it at he "never saw Intelligence".Not even in the mirror.
#Biden + #WhomEverHeChooses

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@Spitfire_2600 I think you misunderstand. He is NOT asking you to vote for #Biden! He was Jill Stein's VP candidate on the #GreenParty ticket in 2016.

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@sar_marantoinet @LiberalCEO @ProudResister Give me 1 good reason anyone should vote for #Trump over #Biden

Seriously, only 1

I’ll wait

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Joe #Biden. It was important #America select a candidate who stands the best chance of throwing Trump out. So far, so good. #USElections2020 #US

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The face behind this account is a 40 something, college educated, white, straight, blue collar, immigrant. Are people like me the “Bernie Bro’s”? Many in my demographic in 2016 voted for Trump. I will find it hard to tab my finger to the screen for #Biden

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Oh Jesus. D or R, no one should be subjecting #Biden to this.

It honestly makes me sad.

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@iconogasmic @FinalOverdrive @xicanarquista #Bernie put a lot of things on the public's map (not just the elites') that weren't there before. And he forced the PTB to unmask themselves and their repertoire of dirty tricks as never before. But his endorsement of #Biden ends his usefulness. Time to move on.

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Country which killed Osama Bin Laden had its Presidential candidates named #Obama and now #Biden ...ironically rhyming names, observation #justforfun

#1minutetalks #fastmedia #FASTTalks #USA #USElections2020

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@justinamash President Trump - supported by a long list of cowardly elected Republicans - is not the President America deserves or the one it needs right now. #Biden #VoteBlue

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Joe Biden makes no sense.

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#Berners: Are we feeling the love yet? 😳😒

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#BernieSanders had the most progressive policy ideas, pulled in the biggest rally crowds, raked in donations, and won the highest ballot totals in all three early-voting states. The race appeared to be his - but in a flash, it was all over

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It is a testament to Bernie’s lifelong commitment to progressive values that he built an historic grassroots movement that has changed the Democratic Party. His advocacy for Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and worker’s rights is inspiring to me and to millions of Americans.

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Joe Biden has already said he will pick a woman for his VP and put a black woman on the Supreme Court if elected. Biden also won the nomination by getting overwhelming support from black voters.

Now, the question is about turnout in the general election.

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The decision for @BernieSanders to drop his presidential bid now leaves two, @JoeBiden and @realDonaldTrump! If you were to vote today, who would you vote for and why?

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Glückwunsch an die US-Demokraten, die nach Hillary Clinton noch einen dämlicheren Gegner für Trump gefunden haben. Ein Geschenk für dessen Wiederwahl, was sie gerne in Kauf nehmen.

4 weitere Jahre Trump ist für das korrupte Dem-Establishment erträglicher als President Sanders

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