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In this world of pure madness, there has to be a person at the top for persons seeking reality.

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Looking like #Biden2020 is going to be r next POTUS

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@zaharako America deserves better! #VoteBlue2020 #Biden2020

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#MeetThePress great job #JoeBiden - #hughhewitt & #ChuckTodd sucked! #TrumpTakesNoResponility as 1,000’s of Americans die! We need a leader! We must come together to fight #Covid_19 & then #DefeatTrump & #Republicans America deserves better! #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare #Biden2020

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CBS News Caught Using Footage
Sadly pathetic attempt at diverting attention from their REAL worry.

trumps inability to lead this country in prosperous times let alone with the #PandemicCovid19

This type of word vomit only trends at night...or 9am Russian time
PS. #Biden2020 😉

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@JoeBiden excellent job on #MeetThePress it’s unfortunate that trump we have to put up his lack of leadership! #ChuckTodd did you invite #HughHewitt to make trump look better? That ship sunk! #Trumptakesnoresponibility as 1,000’s of Americans die! #VoteBlue2020 #Biden2020

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Why are all my tweets to @realDonaldTrump getting deleted. President cunt! Explain how a 19 year old died with no underlying issues! Biden would handle this so much better! #Biden2020

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Everyone is talking about unity. But do you know who hasn't spoken to each other yet? @BernieSanders and @JoeBiden. They should sit down together with the @DNC and prepare a cooperative plan forward. Where no one is privileged over the other. #Bernie2020 #Biden2020 #Democrats

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Ok, you travel to Italy during the pandemic and go into the hospital and lay down next to the dying...send CBS the clip....that no-one is tripping off, but y'all...why not the fat orange fuck, worrying his base jumping ship for #Biden2020 #BidenHarris2020 #BidenWins

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@realDonaldTrump Too late,too bad,you’ve already FAILED Donald #TrumpVirusCoverup #Biden2020

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I've never been more anxious to cast a vote in my entire life. #Biden2020

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@DisabledResist @Vnillaman @MacCallahan123 It can't be anyone anymore, the person in charge eeds to be ready from day one. It will inherit a mess. The only one running capable of that is @JoeBiden, he knows, he'll fix, he'll heal and he bring this train back to the tracks for the next generations!

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Trump cares not for you and me. Trump cares only for his own power, money and popularity. #TrumpVirusFail #DumpTrump
#ListenToFauci #Biden2020

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Should #Biden2020 drop out of the race for President?

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Porton Down Secrets Revealed, United Kingdom Government Science Laboratory - Biological Weapons including Human Clones! @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking @BBCNews @ITV @itvnews @itvnewsinsider @SkyNews @SkyNewsBreak @news24extra @ABC #coronavirus #Covid_19 #COVID19 #coronavirus #coronavirus

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@KFILE @nycsouthpaw The GOP and Trump wasted $1.2 trillion in tax cuts for mostly the wealthy and corporations in 2017. That money could have been spent on replenishing the stockpile. #TrumpLiesAmericansDie
#Biden2020 #biden

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Daily Roundtable - March 30, 2020 via /r/JoeBiden #Biden2020 #JoeBiden

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Let me ask a simple question. Do you love your country? #Bernie2020 #Biden2020 #Trump

If other please specify* thanks

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@yaleonline @JoeBiden I'm lucky we have Vp Biden running! That man.. I mean man child in the White House right now is unfit to keep running our GREAT country!. 16,000 + lies cheated on all 3 wives with a porn star (I don't mean his 3rd wife) and a playboy model. #Biden2020

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#Biden2020 @JoeBiden Heartbreaking. If this was sent to Trump, he’d lash out & accuse the sender of trying to embarass HIM. Pathetic.

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@LeeBRACKEN6 @PhoenixPolice @SupporterHappy Look at the profile guys! It's what we liberals believe about Trump Supporting Trash!

Bashing blue families smh...no empathy or sympathy for anyone but themselves! #Biden2020 and I cant wait u til this country gets its dignity back!!

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Disgusting! If this is SO bad in NY why couldn't they use their own footage?🤔

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@justinamash I call BS. He disrespects people all the time. You have to show respect to be respected. It’s a quid pro quo. #Biden2020

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How could we so obtuse as a people! So absolutely gut wrenchingly spineless! #biden2020 it is time TO RESIGN

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Go Joe! #Biden2020 🇺🇸✊🇺🇸

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Biden took his virtual presidential campaign to the next level Monday when he launched a podcast as the coronavirus forces him to get creative in reaching voters.

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Grading on the Trump curve... This man doesn’t care about you. He only cares about managing your expectations ahead of the election in November. That we’re talking about people dying is irrelevant to him. Best way to fix this - listen to @JoeBiden #Biden2020 #covid19 #coronavirus

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#November2020 there are two choices on the ballot: People who want this glorious nation to survive vs. those voting for Donald #Trump.


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#Biden is the middle asshole #Biden2020

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@joncoopertweets Has he won high marks with this? Let’s talk about Biden’s approval ratings after @MSNBC and @CNN stop ignoring this. . #IBelieveTara #BlueNoMatterWho #Biden #Biden2020

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@JoeBiden ... Alzheimer’s over Non Alzheimer’s.


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90-year-old Belgian woman Suzanne Hoylaerts died from COVID-19 after refusing a respirator.

She told her daughter: "You must not cry. You did everything you could.

She told doctors: "Keep this for the youngest. I've already had a good life.”

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I am issuing this challenge to the President: in the next 48 hours, direct the production and distribution of respirator masks, gloves, protective face shields and gowns to fill every supply request made by a governor to the federal government.

Lives are at stake.

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They ask who is excited to vote for Joe Biden? I think there are tens of millions of Americans who can’t wait to vote to end this 4 year national nightmare.

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Trump cites a 2.2 million death estimate from coronavirus, then says: "So if we can hold that down, as we're saying, to 100,000, it's a horrible number, maybe even less, but to 100,000, so we have between 100 and 200,000, we all together have done a very good job."

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More than 2,000 Americans have now died, and the President hasn’t even tweeted about it.

Instead, this is what we get:

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@kim @Voicechyk Receipts. We has them.

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