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@Alyssa_Milano #BidensCognitiveDecline #BidenLosesToTrump #BidensSocialSecurityCuts smeared #AnitaHill lobbied to help W Bush launch the endless #Iraq war, helped deport more immigrants than Reagan, Bush, and Trump combined, supported #Libya regime change where slavery is occurring now.

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#whereisjoe has been trending so long that #RIPJoeBiden has taken its place. Reminds me of this picture.

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@paulkrugman Biden is the same as Trump. It’s his supporters like me fighting this shame of a election. #BernieOrBust #NeverBiden Indid my homework. #BidensCognitiveDecline #BidensSocialSecurityCuts

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Too true ... until everyone forgets and then he'll implement #BidensSocialSecurityCuts

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If Biden is the nominee Trump will pivot left & adopt some of Bernie's platform & Biden will lose handily.

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#BidensSocialSecurityCuts -he'd veto #M4A - Joe's against our #GreenNewDeal Bernie has specifics-Biden has platitudes #SaferWithSanders

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#BidensSocialSecurityCuts he's lying about that. He'd veto #M4A We are way #SaferWithSanders

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I love this 1-1 debate because it's allowing @BernieSanders to more clearly lay out the significant differences in track record, in proposed policies & most importantly, that one side takes money from special interests and owes them (Biden) and other side does not. #DemDebate

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Joe Biden is standing on the debate stage lying to the American people. I will never vote for a habitual liar. That means I won’t vote for Trump OR Biden. #DemocraticDebate

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Yes @BernieSanders call out Joe on his lies. Joe has talked about the need to cut Social Security. Go to YouTube and check it out for yourself #JoeLies

#Receipts #SaferWithSanders #BidenSocialSecurityCuts

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Bernie is getting more aggressive. Biden is getting angry. Pretty soon Biden will tell Bernie to vote for Bernie!

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It's so damn gross.

Joe Biden is the modern architect of mass incarceration.

🚨I need you to see this. 🚨

1. Listen as he literally calls it "The Biden Crime Bill."

2. Then listen as he brags about giving the death penalty to (Black) people for everything but jaywalking.

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This is the kind of absurd, fact-free distortions made to prop up @JoeBiden on @cnn & elsewhere.

"Michigan voters, they know Joe Biden, they feel comfortable with Joe Biden" a journalist says.

REALITY: majority of MI voters have NO IDEA Biden pushed NAFTA and is STILL pro-TPP

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@MeetThePress @JoeBiden Americans work too hard for their benefits for you to take them away. #WeThePeople DO NOT TRUST YOU! It's a #NeverBiden #NoToJoe #BidensSocialSecurityCuts ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️

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@MaQualeSantone @StevenSlivka @MeetThePress @JoeBiden #FEARMONGERING doesn't get you anywhere. #Bernie2020 has not said who his VP nominee will be but I'm glad that you think Bernie Sanders will win by your post. #Biden has NO CHANCE to win. #BernieBEATSTrump! #BidensSocialSecurityCuts ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️

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@BluRocka @MauraLeeLang @brownone585 That's who we're talking about. Joe Biden is Grandpa Grifter. #BidensSocialSecurityCuts

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@goneonbeyond @Wilson__Valdez He cares so much he wanted to expand the program at a time that Biden wanted to cut it. #BidensSocialSecurityCuts

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@regwag2003 @AOC Why? It doesn't say anything about cuts unlike the numerous videos of Biden. #BidensSocialSecurityCuts

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@ContentedIndie @BernieSanders @AOC You must not have read the article. Bernie never said anything about making cuts, unlike Biden. #BidensSocialSecurityCuts

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"Manning out of the 'gun...

"Takes the direct snap...looks right...throws....


Joe Biden just got the political equivalent of Pick-6'd.


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Let’s be honest, Joe. One of us fought for decades to cut Social Security, and one of us didn’t. But don’t take it from me. Take it from you.

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@paulkrugman If bringing up Biden's record on Social Security is considered an "attack" the problem is the record not the messenger


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@OrganizingPower Elizabeth Warren can't even call out Joe Biden's record of pushing to cut Social Security.

She is not equipped to take on Trump.


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From the author of the oral history of the Obama administration....

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The answer is in the thread. #BidensSocialSecurityCuts✂️

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Joe Biden accuses Bernie Sanders' campaign of misrepresenting his Social Security record by sharing 'doctored video' via @DMRegister: #BidensSocialSecurityCuts #BernieLies

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Peeps, what is the significance of the ✂️?

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Colorado isn't gonna like when they hear about @JoeBiden's history trying to cut Social Security #BidenSocialSecurityCuts

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Joe Biden loves cutting social security pass it on #BidensSocialSecurityCuts #BidenCuts

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@CaraKorte @BernieSanders @fshakir I just want to say explicitly: raising the age of eligibility is a cut to Social Security. #BidensSocialSecurityCuts #BidenCuts

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We need to talk about the Grand Bargain. Or about the 4 times #BidenSocialSecurityCuts were forwarded.

Trump is currently proposing cutting $1.5 trillion from Medicaid, Medicare & Social Security.

Only Bernie will #ScrapTheCap & #ExpandSS

That's why #BerniesGonnaWin

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@davidsirota Joe Biden loves cutting social security pass it on

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A Bernie Sanders campaign newsletter said Joe Biden lauded Paul Ryan for proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare. False.

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