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A very big congratulations to @Lodge49 for winning our #1 TV Show That Premiered This Decade! Delivering hope for the future of human friendships in a post-capitalism world has earned our gratitude to @jimatdeltaco and all the artists who made this gem!

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6. Lodge 49 (AMC)

I did not appreciate Lodge 49 nearly enough during its first season, then came to love with all my heart after many people in my life kept bugging me to check it out.... #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49 #ContinueTheQuest

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#JoinLodge49, watch #Lodge49 on these services:
Season 1: @hulu
Season 2: @AMC On Demand
Season 3: #SaveLodge49 -- #AMC dumped the show.
Season 4: #ContinueTheQuest -- Contact #Hulu @Netflix @AmazonStudios to have them pick the show up.

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top ten tv shows of the year, from me, @chaneyj, @angelicabastien and @mattzollerseitz

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Want there to be more #Lodge49 in the future? Share your support in the #CarterMattAwards - Bring It Back category

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So questing, much continue, as above, so below! #Lodge49Forever #SaveLodge49 #ContinueTheQuest #w00f

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@EricAllanKramer Eric, you are the best, and your acting was aces in that scene!!! #Lodge49Forever #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49IsFam #ContinueTheQuest

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When a spirit guide like this shows up. You follow. #Lodge49Forever

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Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Quintessence. The story isn't over, the Philosopher's Stone hasn't been made, we must #ContinueTheQuest. We will follow #Lodge49 to whatever new home it will find. IF a new home is found. #SaveLodge49.

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@GroupieParabola It's not like we're trying to save something complex to produce like #Firefly. This is a simple show that has simple production values. And it means so much to so many. Including me. #ContinueTheQuest #SaveLodge49

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This cat aspires to being a #lynx . #DrynxWithLynx #SaveLodge49 #ContinueTheQuest

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Great article, quick read, all the info about why we MUST #SaveLodge49 #ContinueTheQuest

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We spoke with the #Lodge49 team about what a streaming home would mean for the show's future success, and why they have to work quickly before time runs out:

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#Lodge49 is LOVE. Please, someone pick up what #AMC dropped! #SaveLodge49 #ContinueTheQuest

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@TheQuestABC @ABCNetwork Hey @ABC_Publicity @ABCNetwork - Congrats on another live show! Since this twitter account is still live, we hope you’ll #ContinueTheQuest

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More Darth Jeff goodness...this guy is an art wizard!
#SaveLodge49 #Lodge49 #DrynxWithLynx #ContinueTheQuest

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Yes we will.

Repost with the hashtag we all know and love...

#Lodge49 #drynxwithlynx

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Now is the time for all good Fraters et Sorores to come to the aid of their Lynx Lodge! #Lodge49Season3Please #ContinueTheQuest #LaReveImpossible #AMC #Lodge49 #PoliteEmailsAndPhoneCalls #POLITE

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@ShondoBlades You’ll always be the best guy in our hearts! #ContinueTheQuest

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@BonnieBellG thanks so much for the great conversation tonight post-[redacted], @arielleG is shouting #ForeverRealm all the way home.

Also, #ContinuetheQuest

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A few weeks stalled in our rewatch, but Youngest Sis and I are finally continuing #TheQuest!

This time, the remaining paladins trap a dragon!

@TheQuestABC #ContinueTheQuest

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For the record, every banishment still hurts as much as it did the first time 'round.

#TheQuest #ContinueTheQuest

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So I only ended up watching 2 episodes because Youngest Sis decided to join, and I enjoy her reactions and commentary to all these wonderful #TheQuest moments, so I'm gonna wait to watch the remaining eps with her.


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@JudithDahmen @iamjanhutter @JimTheLibrarian @BonnieBellG @ColourOfLeaves @ohlauren @TheLinaCarollo @MarkOrdesky @harveyfleming @roberic1 @PeterWindhofer @RonFloyd06 @FleurDeGaite @susannschka @FlorenceKasumba @TheQuestABC And I hope to #ContinueTheQuest by meeting you and everyone else who wants to come in LA at the Medieval Times Restaurant! We need to make this happen (in Nov? I think that's when you said you would be down there?). Also, here in the SF Bay Area, too! 1/2

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As much as I'd like to, livetweeting this rewatch may not work because it's been waaay too long since I last watched, and my eyes are just glued to the screen. But we'll see!

#TheQuest #ContinueTheQuest

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I JUST started my rewatch of #TheQuest to celebrate its 5th anniversary, and I'm already emotional. Everything about this show is amazing.


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5 years ago, #TheQuest premiered on ABC.

3 years ago, we got to talk to a bunch of them, and to this day, it is the most ambitious episode we've ever done. The fact so many of them came together to talk to us is still humbling to me.


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5 years ago today a little show called @TheQuestABC brought together an army of amazing people and created a family of friends. Thank you @TheQuestArmy, the creators, and the Paladins! We will #ContinueTheQuest ! #TheQuest

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Happy 5th Anniversary, #TheQuest!

Here's an old sketch I did of @susannschka as #QueenRalia (orig ref pic by @roberic1).


@TheQuestABC is truly one of the greatest shows to ever air. Here's to season 2 so we, #TheQuestArmy can #ContinueTheQuest!

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One of the many great things that happened thanks to #TheQuest is that it sparked creativity in so many fans. Follow @SuzysArt, her watercolour paintings are magical! 😍
I think the first one I ever saw was a beautiful portrait she did of @BonnieBellG!

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@JudithDahmen @TheQuestABC @BonnieBellG @JimTheLibrarian @pqhiggins @MarkOrdesky @harveyfleming @susannschka @iamjanhutter @PeterWindhofer @DenardoMarcello I made so much art inspired by @TheQuestABC @TheQuestArmy . Here is an original featuring Burg Kreuzenstein a.k.a. 'Castle Saenctum' I LOVE castles with red rooftops. <3

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Haha, I just woke up to the sweetest surprise! My #TheQuestArmy friend Jack asked @BonnieBellG to make a video greeting for me. 🥰
Can't wait to meet you either, Bonnie! And @davidmpatterson, and hopefully some more Questies. :)

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A special video shoutout from @BonnieBellG for @JudithDahmen !!!
#cameofameo via @bookcameo

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@JimTheLibrarian @TheQuestABC The Quest was (and still is) unique in tv: contestants who *work together* to solve problems and were *positively motivated* to achieve the solution. Of course, That. Finale. ❤️ The community that has built up after is THE BEST! AND THE PALADINS! #ContinueTheQuest #StillFanboy

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