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Did I see #CROOKEDBARR has killed the whistleblower? Who's safe in America?

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Bill Barr asked Trump to stop tweeting about DOJ cases. Trump has made a mockery of him in the eight days since.

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@IslandGirlPRV @pocolilli And that going to do what? #CROOKEDBARR will make that shit go away too. If the #CROOKEDTRUMPFAMILYKIDS are involved we here more about Hunter Biden. The #CROOKEDTRUMPFAMILYKIDS alone gave ruin America with racism, bigotry, fear and misinformation. The #TRUMPKIDS are the enemy.

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#DemDebate #LasVegas
#Meanwhile in Washington DC
#CrookedtRUMP #Crookedbarr #MobBoss #FatConsigliere

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@VFW_Vet @MSNBC Trump Flunky Barr is as crooked as his client. #crookedbarr @BreitbartNews

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Brown-nose Barr Considering Resigning. Nah, That's Not Going To Happen. #CrookedBarr via @Yahoo @BreitbartNews

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#CrookedTrump hush money case seen in new light after new reports on #CrookedBarr via @msnbc

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AG Barr tells those close to @realDonaldTrump he is considering resigning over Trump's tweets: Sources confirming @washingtonpost report w/ @PierreTABC

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The whole world can see that #CrookedBarr is
#PutinsPuppet's lackey, #UsefulIdiot

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Rachel ⁦@maddow⁩ Warns That #FascistTrump And #CrookedBarr Will Use The #DOJ To Take Away The Supreme Court's Power

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Shocking how little focus on incredible harshness of initial proposed #RogerStone sentence.

7-9 years? WTF? For a Victimless Crime?

Same w @GenFlynn

#AGBarr totally right to intervene.

#DOJ filled w progressive crusaders.

Should be renamed:
Dept of Spite @realDonaldTrump

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‘Morale is at a low point’ under Bill #CrookedBarr as career attorneys flee #JusticeDept: ex-federal prosecutor –

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More than 1,100 former prosecutors and other DOJ officials call on Barr to resign. #CrookedTrump #CrookedBarr

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It certainly looks like Fake Cover for #CrookedBarr

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@RepAdamSchiff⁩ Destroys #FascistTrump & #CrookedBarr During Weekend Investigation Rebuke

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Barr wants Impeached Trump to stop Tweeting about the Shady things Barr’s doing for Impeached Trump Covertly! Barr’s as crooked as Impeached Trump! #FailingGOP #ImpeachedTrump #ImpeachedAndNotExonerated #impeached4life #LowIQTrump #CrookedBarr

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Some inside DOJ were skeptical of Barr's ABC interview — wondering if Barr and Trump had orchestrated it as a means to provide Barr with political cover to continue executing influence over the cases Trump has fixated on most. That cynicism only grew deeper after the Flynn news.

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@TomJChicago But, who will prosecute him?
#CrookedBarr #BananaRepublic

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Right-wing media know what the #CrookedBarr "rebuke" of #FascistTrump is really about

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@TheJusticeDept who "just takes orders"! Just like the Nazi's did!
I edited out all of the #BarrLies

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@tribelaw How does this play into the fact that Barr, intentionally, misrepresented the conclusions of the #MuellerReport to the entire nation and held back releasing it? He only does Trump’s bidding half the time? #CrookedBarr

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Does William Barr really think we are falling for his and Trumps bull. He is trying to do exactly what Trump wants and undo the Mueller Report. Crooked as Hell! He is continuing Trump vengeance.

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@JacyFranklyn @armyheromom @RepJerryNadler @SpeakerPelosi These MF #Traitors need to pay the ultimate sacrifice for being #Traitors to America. Sad that penalty is not available. I only want to here #CROOKEDBARR is on cellblock so and do. So I can send a kite fir a favor.

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@RepKClark Well, we are paying for oppo research by #CrookedBarr’s DOJ for Trump’s hideous campaign of lies. Why haven’t the prosecutors who quit been subpoenaed sooner rather than later???

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@RepKClark @SenateGOP We’re also angrier daily about a lackadaisical House response to the #ImpeachableOffenseOfTheDay we’re witnessing from POTUS & #CrookedBarr. Seriously, March before his obstructing butt is hauled before a committee 🤯 The House managers rocked. We need ACTION NOW! A constituent

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Interesting how expedited the #Avenatti conviction was. Is #CrookedBarr going to overturn that as well? #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison #ImpeachBarr #Bloomberg2020

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#CrookedBarr Brings In Outside Prosecutor To Whitewash #MikeFlynn Crimes. #DisbarrBarr

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@kylegriffin1 More politically biased investigations


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Barr continues his unrelenting campaign of politicizing cases in which the president is personally invested.

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