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The good people on @DesertBus keep mentioning the weird ways it influences the perception of time while it's happening, but how about after?
Because I'm pretty sure #DB2019 ended 8 years ago.

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Being lulled to sleep by rain outside. A perfect way to end my last night. Thank you everyone at @DesertBus. If I didn't get to hug you before we all parted ways I am sending you all a virtual hug now. Safe travels and until next year. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ #db2019

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Our post #DB2019 party involves pool. Only some members of the team are good at pool. Some are very very bad (cough...me.. cough). It is very interesting

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We're still working on things, but in the mean time have a SuperCut of #DB2019 lego time:

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My #DB2019 tshirt arrived yesterday!! It's so nice in person!

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$864k for #DB2019, that's amazing! I'm truly honoured I was able to contribute my work (and be placed alongside the calibre of other crafts on displayβ€” holy BUS!).

Also, one of these years DBFH is going to raise a literal million dollars, and I'm worried Alex might actually die

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Welcome to the collection friend. @DesertBus #db2019

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What do #DB2019 volunteers do to recover from post run drop? Play boardgames and attempt to betray each other!

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Randomly gushing to a friend about @warandpeace being vehemently pro sex-worker and queer-inclusive during #DB2019.

I adore that human just about as much as someone can reasonably adore a person they don't actually know.

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Huge #Congratulations to @DesertBus for an awesome #DB2019 edition ! Really inspirational ! We'll do our best to do as good as you guys did !

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@DesertBus shirt already here! Congrats to @loadingreadyrun on another incredible act of charity and stamina. Gonna go listen to some synthwave. #DB2019

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I just want to point out this amazing #DB2019 poster, done up as is tradition by @MLeeLunsford. Blazing fast turnaround time by a talented artist, and excellently captures the spirit of the event :D


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I saw the post-bus donation total was $864863.02 (by the way that's an astonishing amount of money!) and I couldn't resist one more tiny donation to bring another moral victory for #teamorder #DB2019 @sergeyager.

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@JacobBurgessVO Hi Jacob! Hearing your stories of playing Vampire during #DB2019 has reawakened my interest in the World of Darkness games. Do you know of any live play podcasts or youtube shows of the various WoD games you could recommend?

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After such an epic run by the Desert Bus Team, and unparalleled performance by Chat (You did this, you monsters!), "The Final Countdown" doesn't feel triumphant and uplifting enough on its own.

Let's try it in a Major Key! #DB2019

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That’s right! The pre-order for a second run of #DB2019 shirts IS OPEN!

There was a little gap between selling out and pre-orders, but the great folks at @Fangamer got it all sorted πŸ˜„

So grab it now!

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#DB2019 Photos by the numbers: RAW Photo Size: 1,072.93GB
Photos Shot: 21,823
Hours Covered: 97
Lenses Used: 4
Cameras Used: 2
Tired Bois: 1

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Do you want to look this handsome? I'm sorry, you can't.

But you CAN pre-order the #DB2019 shirt from @Fangamer if you missed it.

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I have baby shark stuck in my head πŸ˜’ #DB2019

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The post #DB2019 low is real. After 24 hours a day, for a week, of laughs and generosity, my day today has felt so empty...

So I'm gonna spend tonight catching up on @BTS_twt videos.

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The true lesson to learn from @desertbus is it's not about the journey to Las Vegas, then back to Tuscon, back to Vegas, back to Tuscon, back to Vegas...

It's the money you raise for the kids and the friends you travel with along the way. Goodnight #DB2019, see you next year!

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@DesertBus US$864,000 this year.
US$6 MILLION lifetime.
A week of non-stop joy and positivity.
Someone donated mother-bussing US$11,111 for the bag I made!?

I have no words.
Thank you @DesertBus
Thank you chat.
I'll see you next year.


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If you are still looking to pick up the #DB2019 Poster,
2018 Photobook, or the Pinny Arcade Pin, will remain open until EOD Monday!

Playmats are sadly sold out.

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Oh, also, good #DB2019 everyone. Thanks for making it what it was, which was A Lot.

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Wordless Scribbles: Internet - Desert Bus 2019 Some thoughts 12 hours after the run.

@desertbus #DB2019

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I just put two and two together.

Is Desert Bus what it feels like to have a good amount of serotonin for consecutive periods? Fascinating! #DB2019

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Caught The Final Busdown+ this afternoon. Thank you all -- on screen and off, active participants and audience -- for another awesome run, and refilling my positivity reserves for another year. #DB2019

(Spoilers: I'm gonna make another chocobo.)

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My shirt came! #DB2019

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I know I keep retweeting #DB2019 stuff, but this number seriously blows my bussing mind every time I see it. FOR THE CHILDREN 😍😍😍

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@RayFK Glad you are doing what is best for you! And I know that I personally hope that at the very least you will be able to guest future years as I really enjoyed watching you on Night Watch! #DB2019

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Can't believe I missed the v end of #DB2019 so here's my own thanks too:
Time is fake and watching this past week has been a wild ride. Thank you to every1 that put their time&effort into this amazing fundraiser
Congrats on 6mil lifetime and almost 865k this year, ur amazing ppl

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Now that the bus has reached the station, it's time for a week of... Pokemon and Twitch replays! Finally gonna find out what Dawn Guard has been up to all this time! :p #DB2019 #AussiesAreNativeToZeta

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It sounds strange to say after streaming for a week straight on #DB2019, but I am so excited to get back to streaming when I get home.

I've been itching to play Hollow Knight

Back on Monday at 7 PM

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When did my glasses get so dirty?

Ah, right, lots of water. #DB2019

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Slowly returning to the real world after #DB2019. It's never easy; I'm both happy for some quiet and missing it desperately. No matter what, thanks to everyone for an unbelievable run.


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Missed the last few hours of @DesertBus (stupid work getting in the way πŸ™„) so am watching it now. So #DB2019 isn't over quite yet 😜😁🏜🚍🏜

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And that's a wrap! $864k for #DB2019 Thank you all so much!

Good night and sweet dreams

πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—See you in 2020πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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@DesertBus Poster update! The final one? Who knows! We'll find out together! #DB2019

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