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It's here! Once it's relaxed a bit it can join the 2018 poster

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Ya hemos cogido posiciones para disfrutar de los cortometrajes definitivos del @desafiobunuel 🎬 #RallyDB #TeruelDeCine #DB2019

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DEFINITIVOS #DB2019 | ¿Os imagináis quién ejercerá de anfitrión al frente de la gala de mañana 31/01 a las 20:00?

¿Qué🤔? ¿Si😉? Sííííí😂😂

El gran @solofabiolo , nuestro presentador titular, nos volverá a hacer disfrutar de lo lindo

▶️ ¿Te lo vas a perder? #TeruelDeCine

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SOCIOS #RallyDB🤝 | @CanonEspana nos acompañará también en Definitivos #DB2019 con un proyector de última generación. ¡Gracias!😍

Ya lo sabes: 🗓31/01 🕗20:00 📌Teatro MarínI
Invitaciones en la puerta hasta final de existencias. ¿Te perderås las versiones mejoradas #MadeInDB?

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El equipo de "Los olvidables" retocando el color para la gala Definitivos #DB2019

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🎶 Toss a coin to your chat mod, o DB community...🎶 #DB2019

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@JacobBurgessVO Didn't even realize she's wearing her #DB2019 shirt in this pic!

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Would you like to watch all of #DB2019 again? Well, now you can with the torrent that is available over on:

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Hooray! My #db2019 DBLoon showed up rather unexpectedly. Thank you again #DesertBus team, especially the shipping crew! @loadingreadyrun @DesertBus

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Bus yeah, there it is! #db2019

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Meant to show this last week, but I got my #db2019 shirt!

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Just the t-shirt has to arrive here in Austria and I'm set #db2019

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New blog post: Another Desert Bus Success. With shoutouts to @desertbus @samsskunkworks and @mleelunsford #DB2019

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How can I possibly lose with the these guys on my mat?

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Got a surprise today! @loadingreadyrun sent all the crafters for #Db2019 a DBloon. I didn't know they were doing this again until I got it. I hope to be a crafter next year too! #desertbusforhope

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Oh hey, look at what showed up in the mail! One DBloon. I really want to thank you folks for allowing me to participate in this year’s event via the craft-along. #DB2019

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Got my #DB2019 DBloon for being a member of the VST! It was a wonderful week to help out with.

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Hey #DB2019! Remember me? Well, the FINAL Photo Drop of 2019 just happened. Go take a look-see at the last photos (and all the others) from @DesertBus 2019 at Now, if you excuse me, I'll be having a dance party. 💗

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@alexsteacy The continuing adventures of #db2019 DeliveryMan.

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So many #db2019 shirts at #mfcolumbus I can’t high five all of them!

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I had such a blast watching qwrpline live at #db2019 but I feel like seeing @Stabbytabbycat react to it live made me laugh and enjoy it more. Thank you to to the @loadingreadyrun and @DesertBus crew and volunteers

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#db2019 Desert Bus T-shirt get!

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Day brightened by #DB2019 loot arriving

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Suspiciously fast shipping #db2019

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Very pleased. It's a great shirt #DB2019

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Chievo unlocked! All of #DB2019 watched. For the first time ever I just finished the VODs of @DesertBus and can say I’ve seen all of it. What an incredible ride! See you all next year

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Yay! My #db2019 tshirt has arrived

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My #DB2019 shirt has been delivered 👀
Except I'm at work.
...it's so far away T__T

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2019 desertbusforhope shirt get!! #db2019 #desertbusforhope

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@EscherichiaCole I’ve been going through #db2019 VODs after the run and I just wanted to echo what everyone were saying during the run. Everything you do is appreciated and on point. Also I just wanted to say I think you’re awesome and I hope to see you next year.

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Still recovering from Desert Bus #db2019 so no steam this morning. Weirdly, it's less sleep schedule and more rebuilding the emotional machinery that allows me to cope on a day to day basis. Almost there...

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These aprons are amazing. @DesertBus #db2019 @BlaineBrainStew

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Today I am back to work for the first time post #DB2019

I got this I swear...

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#DB2019 has been over for *four days* and I'm already working on #DB2020 what is WRONG with me??

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DBLoon get! Thanks @DesertBus!

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