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I’m glad we attended #dice2020 to hang with partners and friends in the industry, and then follow-ups in Madrid, because our GDC agenda is dwelling like Arya Stark’s List. #Nottoday

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Today I spent time here🚶‍♀️☕️🧘‍♀️🤔

Last wk my #DICE2020 tkt refunded as conf "for med prof only" so contacted @IPHA -as referred to by conf hosts who referred me back to hosts & @roinnslainte -corr in progress with DoH as DI will not engage

Note: I'm not a quitter☺️

FYI #IreDoc

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New Blog Post - @Diabetes_ie 's Health Professional Conference #DICE2020

Last Fri, I attended Diabetes Ireland’s professional conference as a guest speaker. It was a very interesting day and a very different conference to the ones I’m used to.

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We are also very lucky to have past @LYITDesign graduates @KimSharkeyart and @NiamhTheHuman join us on stage for #DICE2020 next week. Looking forward to a catch-up and hearing all about what they have been up to! #Design #Innovation #Creativity #Enterprise

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There will also be a launch of the new DICE-LABS Website, a hybrid network of researchers and pioneers who create opportunities for innovation and change.

RSVP at:

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... the speakers are from the top drawer!
to name a few.

RSVP at:

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#DICE2020 afternoon session is open to everyone with an interest in #Design #Innovation #Creativity #Enterprise. See you next Thursday, March 5th @LYITDesign @LYIT

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The next wonderful addition to the #DICE2020 stage here @LYITDesign is @therustedpixel aka Paul McMahon, a 3D designer and director. Paul has worked with clients such as Expedia, Google, Snapchat and Hasbro! #LYITDesign #Design #Innovation #Creativity #Enterprise

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#DICE2020 was great fun, the roundtable I hosted went great, some fantastic discussions had, many a laugh shared. #PAXEast2020 up next, then (hopefully) we'll be off to #GDC2020

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#DICE2020 will also be welcoming @EddieShanahan to our stage here @LYITDesign. Eddie is a specialist in business and product development for the fashion, craft and retail industries #LYITDesign #Design #Innovation #Creativity #Enterprise

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Two new episodes on the feed this week!!

SOM More Thoughts #3: Reflections around #DICE2020 and the death of #KobeByrant (TW: discussions around sexual assault)

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Why we are so excited to be presenting March 5 in Atlanta at #DICE2020 - LEDG's @toddmboucher is moderating a panel with a few of these #datacenter experts!

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We are pleased to announce that @reddog3411 will be joining us for #DICE2020 here @LYITDesign. Mary Doherty founded Red Dog in 1993, and it is now one of Ireland's leading, and award winning, creative agencies! #LYITDesign #Design #Innovation #Creativity #Enterprise

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#DICE2020 line-up @LYITDesign includes the amazing Irish film director @MrJohnnyKelly. Working with Nexus Studios, Johnny has directed commercials for Apple, Facebook, Google, BMW and Coca-Cola #LYITDesign #Design #Innovation #Creativity #Enterprise

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#DICE2020 kicks off next week here in @LYITDesign. Fantastic line-up of speakers yet again, details to follow! #LYITDesign #Innovation #Creativity #Enterprise

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Some photos from #DICE2020 ^__^

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We're excited to announce that it's (almost) time for our annual DICE (Design•Innovation•Creativity•Enterprise) Conference @LYIT on March 4-5th. Stay tuned for updates and details on speakers for DICE 2020 #DICE2020 #LYITDesign #Innovation #Creativity #Enterprise

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I caught up with the world famous Nate from @NintendoAmerica at #DICE2020

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Nate from Nintendo talks Luigi's Mansion 3, DICE 2020 & Switch

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Who else has a #dice addiction? Show us your favorite pair! Retweet this so we can see some cool dice!

#dnd #ttrpg #dice2020

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Episode #3 of #SOMMoreThoughts shares some reflections about my time at #DICE2020 & the life and death of #kobebraynt

You can get these episodes early by joining us at

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Episode #3 of #SOMMoreThoughts shares some reflections about my time at #DICE2020 & the life and death of #kobebraynt

You can get these episodes early by joining us at

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Catch up on our latest Podcast Episode of #FinalCheckpoint where we discuss the #dice2020 awards and how I love to punish myself by playing #Anthem

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It’s good to talk #DICE2020. Sorry I couldn’t make it. @cathybreen24 @colindunlevy @Diabetes_ie

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Thanks so much to @Diabetes_ie for a great day in Dublin. I was delighted to present on @GroHealth @DDMHealth and to meet some fantastic Irish colleagues @RuthGarahy @ConorKerley @OReillySharleen #DICE2020

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Drilling down the detail on fat versus sugar in chronic disease prevention and treatment. Excellent talk by Dr Mary Flynn at #DICE2020 @Diabetes_ie

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Congratulations to everyone at REMEDY!
DICE 2020 winners of Outstanding Achievements in 'Game Direction', 'Art Direction', 'Original Music Composition' and 'Action Game of the Year'!
#controlremedy #remedygames #dice2020

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A big thank you to all the attendees, speakers, staff and exhibitors who made this conference a fantastic day. #thankyou #DICE2020

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"As a diabetes community we need work together to ensure that life changing closed loop systems can be safely made available to those who wish to use them whether this be a commercial option or DIY." @drpratikc
@parthaskar @DTN_UK @DrAliLumb

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Prof Sean Dinneen on why Ireland needs a diabetes register (I know!!?) #DICE2020

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To find out more about diabetes and oral health, check out the @Diabetes_ie website here:
#DICE2020 #dice

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Dr Mary Flynn, FSAI Chief Specialist in Public Health Nutrition discussing sugar and fat in the context of #Diabetes at the @DiabetesIE Conference & Exhibition at @CrokePark this morning. #DICE2020

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👀Look at these outcomes 👀
🏆🏆1 in 4 people with type 2 diabetes placed it into remission 🏆🏆
@TaraKellyRD giving us all the details
@GroHealth #dice2020 #diabetes #t2d

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1200 Irish users @GroHealth show 6.4kg and 18mmol/mmol ⬇️ HbA1c #DICE2020

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Attending @Diabetes_ie’s professional conference #DICE2020 today presenting DIY diabetes Technology: What & Why with Tomas Mahony. Very appreciative to have opportunity to discuss #diyaps openly.

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