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Our award for Immersive Reality Game of the Year arrived from the @Official_AIAS! So proud of this achievement, @PistolWhipVR's first "academy award"! #VR #DICEAwards

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D.I.C.E. Award for Outstanding Achiement In Original Music Composition, congrats @Peppepappa @martinstigand @PoetsOfTheFall 🏆✨ @ControlRemedy #diceawards #dice2020 #controlremedy #gamemusic #gameaudio #gamedev

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Delayed in shipment due to a virus, but today it finally found its way to our studio... The #DICEAwards 2020 Finalist plaque for the 'Immersive Reality Game of the Year' category! Crazy enough the SEVENTH (!) award nomination for @CuriousTaleGame. GG @JamesJohanHunt & team!🙌

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Thank you @Official_AIAS for sharing my story and your incredible mission of creating an inclusive interactive creative industry! I am forever thankful and honored to have been part of the scholarship program 🎮✨ #gamedev #diceAwards #womenInTech #DICE2020 #WomensHistoryMonth

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To all #gamedev students and video game early professionals interested in opportunities supporting their future careers--learn what it's like to be a part of our AIAS Foundation scholarship program from one of our past scholars, Sahar Kausar:

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Remember that game released in September '19? The one that won "Best Racing Game" in the #DICEAwards despite literally every other nominee being objectively better?

Well, it's getting an Online Multiplayer mode next week.
Yeah, no, that wasn't online, those were bots.

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Online multiplayer mode is coming to Mario Kart Tour on March 8!

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The #diceawards @Official_AIAS have lost credibility. They need to look at who casts votes.

Go and look at previous GOTY winners. This year #untitledgoosegame won.. A good, fun game but GOTY? No chance.
A slap in the face to those who worked hard on games like Star wars & SSDT

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. #epicgames CEO Doesn’t Like Loot Boxes or Politics @EpicGames CEO Tim Sweeney said at this year's #diceawards Summit that loot boxes and politics should be removed from #gaming. What's your stance on politics and loot boxes in games? @EA_DICE

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Numerous Unreal Engine-powered games honored at 23rd Annual D.I.C.E. Awards

[ #diceawards #gamedev #indiedev #gamedesign #ue4 #gameengine] @UnrealEngine

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Our game @ControlRemedy won four #DICEAwards last week - in case you missed it, read about it on our website!


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A week ago @BlondeNerd and I had the incredible honor of presenting at @Official_AIAS #DICEAwards...just was thinking that was a super rad career moment 🤓❤️🎮

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On the new PlayersToo #podcast: Geoff Keighley won't be at #E32020, #Epicgames CEO Tim Sweeney's confusing comments on politics and gaming at #dice2020, #PS5 price rumours, #xcloud is coming to #Samsung, the #diceawards winners and more! Listen:

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"It feels really good to be back!"
- @RiotRMD

#ControlRemedy #DICEAwards #DICE2020

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There are so many people who think EA DICE is in charge of the #DICEAwards lmaoo

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Estos fueron los ganadores del los DICE Awards 2020. ¿Quieres ver? Ve al sitio web aquí 👇

#Folou #Videojuegos #DICEAwards #Colombia

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Но они дали 4 победы «Control» за арт, гейм-дизайн, экшн и музыкальный скор. Если с последним можно поспорить, да и с третьим отчасти, то вот победы в первых двух номинациях просто заслужена.

#DICEAwards #ControlRemedy

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У «Remedy Entertainment» вышла просто фантастически стильная и крепкая с точки зрения визуала творение.

#DICEAwards #ControlRemedy

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Просто твою мать, ебучая «Untitled Goose Game» стала игрой года, а ещё инди года от Академии Интерактивных Искусств и Наук в рамках 23-ьей «D.I.C.E. Awards». А сам гусь – персонаж года. Какого хера? Какая-то мега-унылая и нелепая шутка, Я надеюсь.

#DICEAwards #UntitledGooseGame

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Какая-то мега-унылая и нелепая шутка, Я надеюсь. И блин, игра обогнала «Control» и «Death Stranding». Какой же криндж.



#DICEAwards #UntitledGooseGame #ControlRemedy

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¡ #JediFallenOrder ganó el juego de aventuras del año en los #DICEAwards! ¡Muchas gracias a la Academia de Artes y Ciencias Interactivas, a los equipos de Respawn, EA, y a la comunidad que hizo que esto posible!

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#JediFallenOrder foi premiado como o Jogo de Aventura do Ano no #DICEAwards! Um enorme obrigado à Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, às equipes da Respawn e da EA e à comunidade que fez isso acontecer!

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(Awards) The Untitled Goose Game wins Game of the Year at DICE Awards 2020!

The 23rd D.I.C.E. Awards honors the most outstanding achievements of the honors video game industry.

@Official_AIAS @house_house_ #DICEAwards #dice2020 #news #UntitledGooseGame

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D.I.C.E. Awards 2020 winners announced! See the full list of winners here:

#Eneba #DICEAwards #Gaming

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Come è il videogioco che ha spopolato agli Oscar del videogame

#UntitledGooseGame e sei un’oca

#DICEAwards #gameoftheyear #videogame #videogiochi

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I CAN'T BELIEVE my favorite actor @TroyBakerVA first of all presented the D.I.C.E. Award for Original Music Composition for Control AND called me classy!
#ControlRemedy #DICEAwards #DICESummit #Awards

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Como que #UntitledGooseGame ganó game of the year en los #DICEAwards????
Y también es coreano?

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Por si te lo perdiste:

La Academia de Artes y Ciencias Interactivas galardonó como lo mejor del año a este molesto animal. #DICEAwards

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Big news out of the #DICEAwards, with #UntitledGooseGame taking out Outstanding Achievement in Character, Outstanding Achievement for an Independent Game AND Game of the Year!! Congrats @house_house_ on a huge achievement! #FVsupported 👏🏆

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"Sorry, you're mistaken, I'm absolutely not bragging about those #DICEAwards results"
(Image on left cropped from Wikipedia)

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@IGN i just cant believe the quality of video you put for the #DICEAwards its just SHIT... im not even trying to watch it... i will wait for some other site to upload a decent quality one... didnt u check it before uploading ??!!!!

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I know this is late but-
#DICEAwards was poppin!

Great show, great hosts, great guests, it was a time!

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#MammothGamescast | Episode 130
This week @Nightswarm & @JonesAustinM are talking #Spaceland, #Anthem, & #DICEAwards We also have your weekly news, games releasing, & more! #JoinUs
#Anthem @EA @EA_DICE #Disney #podcast #talkshow #gamingnews #MGI

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As a long time gamer, I feel like it's my duty to speak out about @house_house_ winning GOTY at #DICEAwards. Games don't have to be good to win meaningless awards, they just have to be funny, get over it snowflakes

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Greatly enjoyed hanging out with friends at @Official_AIAS you know who you are! Also, great to make some new friends too! #DICEAwards

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Couple of photos from the #DICEAwards with @yuuhaw repping @ControlRemedy @remedygames @Official_AIAS 📷 Racheal / @505_Games

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#JediFallenOrder won Adventure Game of the Year at the #DICEAwards! A huge thank you to the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, the teams at Respawn and EA, and to the community that made this happen!

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