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@GovRonDeSantis oh but only.if you had the brains and balls to stand up to the orange turd who wants to kill Americans. #DeSantisResign #DeSantisSchoolMassacre #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

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Florida is burning, thanks to The #TrumpVirus and #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

Vote for steady leadership and a return to American values. #VoteJoe

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Florida’s daily hospitalization data for #COVID19 is being withheld via a “statewide directive.” @GovRonDeSantis doesn’t want the citizens to know just how bad it is here. #DeSantisFailedFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

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Florida emerges as world's new epicenter for COVID-19

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#DeSantisKillsFlorida/ #DeSantisKilledFloridians/ #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump which is proof along with the surge of cases in Florida that @GovRonDeSantis has fucked up and left his own state for dead.

#GOPComplicitTraitors #GOPCowards #VoteOutDeSantis #DeSantisIsACoward

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Translation: You might die, but there is a good chance you might see a nurse before you go.

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@GovRonDeSantis should be impeached for this and the lies, the falsification of data...hell, all of it. #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump #ImpeachDeSantis

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@thehill Trump runs a circus. I’m honestly surprised @GovRonDeSantis isn’t take advice from the My Pillow guy at this point. #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

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Florida emerges as world's new epicenter for COVID-19

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Florida's governor took a victory lap on coronavirus – but it was only halftime | Analysis by CNN's Chris Cillizza

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@GovRonDeSantis why have you not issued another statewide stay at home order? Your failure will the death of 1000's of Floridians. #DeSantisLiesFloridiansDie #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

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It is so ridiculously obvious that Florida and Texas are lying about coronavirus deaths.

Today, compared to New Jersey:

Texas: 40x more new cases; only 2x more new deaths

Florida: 40x more new cases; fewer deaths

Complete, obvious coverup.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was quick to take the credit when it looked like his hands-off approach was working, but he's been resistant to either take the blame for the current situation or put in place measures to curb Covid-19. | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN

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@GovRonDeSantis @seanhannity You’re a disaster. If you end up a one term governor Florida will be the better for it. #TrumpIsLosing #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump #COVIDIOT

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.@GovRonDeSantis I feel like this is the ultimate milestone for you! What you going to do next? Go to Disney World? #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

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Welcome to Florida. 🌴😷🌞

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WPLG Local 10 has nine employees — including three on-air personalities — test positive for COVID-19 #DeSantisLiesFloridiansDie #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump #Desantis

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If you are committed to being honest then kindly release the statistics and stop gagging local officials. @SheriffChitwood

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@GovRonDeSantis #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisResign #DeSantisFailedFlorida #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump U must be one of the stupidest politicians ever - killing your state with covid and not inspiring them to wear masks. Blood on your hands.

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The local hospital system in FL (Lee) has less than 8% of ICU beds available. #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump #DeSantisLiesFloridiansDie #DeSantisResign #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida

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"Grappling with COVID patients that have more than tripled in number since Memorial Day weekend, Miami-Dade County’s public hospital network, Jackson Health System, has asked the state for help with its most pressing issue: hiring more nurses."

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@CuomoPrimeTime Thank Florida teachers for being honest. We have a @GovRonDeSantis that has just dismissed our children’s health and well being. #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

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@DWUhlfelderLaw @NYGovCuomo Cuomo is a class act. He knows #DeSantis screwed up & will still help. Thank you.
#DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

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Florida emerges as world's new epicenter for COVID-19

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Unfortunately, our predictions have come true. If you want to help our continued efforts to fight misinformation in the face of powerful forces, stand up to DesAntis & Trump please retweet and consider chipping in here:

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When there were 15 cases, the President said it wouldn't spread any farther.

We just hit our 3 millionth case.

We're paying for his failure.

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The federal government does not decide if NYS schools reopen — the state does.

We will make that decision based on the science and the data.

A decision will be announced in the first week of August.

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.@GovRonDeSantis repeated this false narrative at his press conference yesterday.

He has been in lock step with the president’s dangerous “live with it” approach to this crisis.

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DeSantis says schools must be open 5 days a week yet he's not reporting how many hospitalized till now

DeSantis is in first class car of the MAGA-train & doesn't wanna get off to acknowledge reality or feel like he's to care for his constituents

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Florida has run out of the critical drug Remdesivir needed to treat #COVID19 patients. Florida Democratic Delegation calling on HHS Secretary to expedite supplies needed to save lives and protect Floridians. @RepHastingsFL @RepDWStweets

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Florida politician Ron DeSantis makes his toddler ‘build the wall’ in this unsettling, Trump-obsessed campaign ad

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