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@willkennedynews I can make a guess. When sacrificing our children to open his economy, he needs to ghost any death statistics. #DeSantisKillsFlorida

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DeSantis continues to paint a rosy picture of Covid in Florida despite reality. He shamelessly endangers the lives of Floridians for his own benefit. This guy is pure evil. #DeSantisKillsFlorida

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If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle then with bullshit. #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump #COVID19 #FloridaCovidEpicenter #msnbc

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Oh hurray- #MalibuPsychoDeSantis is trying to rationalize why it’s ok to put kids and staff at risk in a state where covid is out of control- testing, dipshit, DOESNT STOP the virus... U R an ASS🙄🙄🙄🤓 #WearADamnMask #DeSantisFailedFlorida #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisResign

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Somebody PLEASE cut off the mic on @GovRonDeSantis @RonDeSantisFL. He's babbling Trump double-speak & as usual making no sense.

#DeSantisFailedFlorida #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump #DeSantisResign


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@GovRonDeSantis talking now about testing 😡 yeah you can get a test but it takes 5 to 8 days for results by then many will infect others because the state isn’t locked down. #DeSantisKillsFlorida! Keep our schools closed

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Hey @GovRonDeSantis , looks like the #DeSantisKillsFlorida project is super successful! #COVID19 is running rampant and he could not care less.

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@GovRonDeSantis You’re lying pretty well! It’s easy to understand why Donald loves you! Liar liar, pants on fire 🔥! #DeSantisKillsFlorida

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DeSantis has no more credibility than Trump, he's a liar, a murderer & traitor to the American people! He sold his soul to the devil years ago! Floridians are dying by the hundred as a direct result of his incompetence & denial!

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DeSantis: Florida’s Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking Because of a ‘Flatter Curve’. Dear @Harvard and ⁦@Yale⁩, show us his transcripts. #Floriduh #duhsantis #DeSantisKillsFlorida

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@GovRonDeSantis won’t be happy until we have all sacrificed our lives on the alter of trump & the Florida economy. He doesn’t care for Floridians, even the children. #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantis

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@GovRonDeSantis⁩ you cannot open schools you ignorant, stupid, sorry excuse for a man. #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisKilledFloridians4Trump

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#ShutFloridaDown #DeSantis #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisKillsFlorida #WearYourMaskFL #DeSantisFailedFlorida FOR THE LIVES OF FLORIDIANS shut the state down... Get this COVID under control. We are heading into HELL!

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@JohnBerman @CNN If you think the #CoronavirusPandemic is immune to heat, density or sun look at Floriduhhh. Not immune to human stupidly & complete ignorance #DeSantisResign #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisFailedFlorida #DeSantisKillsFlorida #DeSantisResign #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida

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They’re bad people.


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Seriously?!?!?!??? #DeSantisKillsFlorida@GovRonDeSantis

Despite surge, DeSantis defends reopening: ’No justification not to move forward’

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#DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #Resist

Disney is opening. Are there really people who want to go? Explain that logic to me.

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#DeSantisLiesFloridiansDie #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisKillsFlorida DeSantis for the love of GOD shut Florida down...get your head out of the sand and TRUMPS BUTT!!!! We are dying

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One in 13 people tested in Florida are now testing positive. The average classroom has about 36 kids. You do the math...

#DeSantisKillsFlorida #KeepThemHome

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Florida is going to be a disaster. #DeSantisKillsFlorida with the help of his cult leader, @realDonaldTrump

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@DWUhlfelderLaw #DeSantisKillsFlorida
Sadly, this will get worse before it gets better.
Especially since DeSantis made the “brave” decision to open Disney World. He is going to affect other states with his non-existent regard for safety.
#WearADamnMask 😷😷😷

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@vicky_dollysmom It’s sad isn’t it, I do think that our fellow Floridians need personal experience. MAGAts, putting the DUH in Florida-i-duh with each breath. 😥 #Florida #floridacovid #DeSantisLiesFloridiansDie #DeSantisKillsFlorida

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@GovRonDeSantis @floridachannel Maybe he’s announcing he’s allowing all businesses to reopen at full capacity.... 🙄🦠worst governor ever. #DeSantisKillsFlorida

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10,360 new cases, almost **200** deaths in 24-hours
and disney thinks open now??? #BoycottDisney #DeSantisDisaster #DeSantisKillsFlorida

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@KrutikaKuppalli I thought that I misread this for the past 3 weeks, but realized that in addition to rapidly rising case counts, that sadly for Floridians, Florida also contains Gov. DeSantis, so, of course lives don’t matter.
😷😷😷 #WearADamnMask

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DESatan is making a fool out himself here in Fl . We are experiencing a 1400% spike in covid19 and I am locking down to stay alive

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Florida reported 188 new coronavirus deaths on Friday, a single-day record for the state.

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BREAKING: 188 new deaths reported in Florida. Highest single day toll yet.


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BREAKING: Florida records 10,383 new #COVID__19 cases overnight. 95 deaths overnight (2nd highest since early May) and a positive % statewide of 12.5% per state data

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