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#DisbarBarrNow he has to go

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@JoyAnnReid is filling in for @allinwithchris and it’s awesome!! #WeThePeople are on to #DisbarBarrNow and his unitary interpretation!

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I hope they can help make #DisbarBarrNow a reality.

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Why is the @ABAesq not moving to disbar William Barr? They either support the rule of law and the oath taken or they don't. No wonder there are so many corrupt attorneys in this country. If the Attorney General can be corrupt, the #ABA might as well disband. #DisbarBarrNow

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@JoyceWhiteVance @MalcolmNance This fabulous article and not a mention about Wm Barr’s complicity in NEPOTISM too! His daughter in the Treasury and his son in law legal counsel in the WH! #DisbarBarrNow #TrumpsGangOfSociopaths #ResignBarr

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@SenMcSallyAZ @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump @GOP @attorneygeneral when you carry the Presidents water rather than work for the American people you pay a price. #BarrCoverUp #DisbarBarrNow #BarrResign

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DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THAT? #Resistance2020 #DisbarBarrNow

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#DisbarBarrNow Ex-federal prosecutor: Everything Barr touches dies

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Barr is a pig-face. 🐖


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@TeaPainUSA At least someone is doing something. #ImpeachBarrNow #DisbarBarrNow

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WATCH: More than 2,000 DOJ alumni call for Attorney General Bill Barr to resign

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#MaryBarr 👇🏽👇🏽

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Hey Donnie let's hope mother nature does not blow ur wall down again #Mexico did not have a maintenance agreement, but fixed 4 free! #DisbarBarrNow #GOPBetrayedAmerica #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #TrumpNotFitForOffice #TrumpFearsBernie #M4A #Resist

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Black Republican buries GOP senators for pocketing ‘brazen political payoffs’ while acquitting Trump

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This gives me hope.

" U.S. District Judge Cynthia Rufe said the group “could not wait” until its spring conference to weigh in on a deepening crisis that has enveloped the Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr."

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Donald Ayer, deputy attorney general under President George H.W. Bush, says Attorney General William Barr is "un-American" and should resign.

"Bill Barr's vision is that there is one man, one person who needs to be above the law and that is the President."

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@tribelaw Let's decide now that neither Trump nor Barr will murder our legal system. Time for the Barr Impeachment.

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This is rolling thunder. One stuffed goose named Barr is cooked. 2000 DOJ alumni he can ignore. 1000 federal judges? That’s an altogether different kettle of fish.

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The number just doubled. Barr must resign!

Over 2,000 Former DOJ Officials Call On William Barr To Resign via @politicususa

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@maddow U.S. Department of Just Us
#DisbarBarrNow #DisbarBarr

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Donald Ayer: “Barr doesn’t believe in the central tenet of our gov’t—that no one is above the law. [He wants] a virtually autocratic executive. Given our national trust in a rule of law no one can subvert, it’s not too strong to say Barr is un-American.”

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it's now more than 2,000. More than 2,000 former DOJ officials are calling on A.G. Barr to resign.

"Political interference ... is anathema to the Department's core mission and to its sacred obligation to ensure equal justice under the law."

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William Barr should resign as Attorney General.

Retweet if you agree.

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If you didn’t read any other story this weekend, you should definitely read about over 1,100 former prosecutors and DOJ officials calling for Barr to step down.

That’s a big deal.

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🔥 Calling On All Attorneys In The Resistance🔥File a complaint with the Virginia Bar against Attorney General Barr - Need to Impeach

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