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@nytpolitics O black man of America 1000 #Federal #prosecutors and some federal #JUDGES have come out saying #WilliamBarr and #DonaldTrumpIsRuiningOurCountry but it's 2 little 2 late for them to come out against the devil now after they have played footsie with them and like-minded ones

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We are rapidly approaching fascism, so anyone who doesn’t #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare is the reason for this #DonaldTrumpIsRuiningOurCountry

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@olgaNYC1211 @ProudResister That's why we're here. Instead of voting for Hillary, progressives voted for Stein, Trump or stayed home giving Trump the win so your attitude is a gift to Trump, If he wins again, expect 2020 to be your & America's last election as progressives hatered will sink America.

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Trump Breaks The Law With Campaign Stunt At Daytona 500 #SmartNews Donald doesn’t care about laws! One day he will! #CrookedDonald #CrookedPOTUS #MobsterForPresident #TrumpNotFitForOffice #TrumpCrimeFamily #DonaldTrumpIsRuiningOurCountry

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If you had every democrat vote in the primary as republican and voted Bloomberg..... Whose head would explode fastest? #Bloomberg2020 #stopandfrisk #BloombergIsARacist #DonaldTrumpIsRuiningOurCountry

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“The Russians are fighting a hybrid war against Ukraine…Europe and the United States.”

Trump’s attempt to extort Ukraine didn’t just try to sabotage the 2020 election—it served Putin’s agenda perfectly.

All roads with Trump lead to Vladimir Putin.

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#Diary of President Buhari's Selfishness

Shoot Ballot Box Snatchers At Sight -
(February 2019)

Don’t Kill Terrorists In The Name Of Revenge, It’s Not Acceptable - (February 2020)


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