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@AOC Are you saddened to hear about children being shot and killed on NY city? A 1 year old? #metoo #dropoutbiden #chinapuppitbiden #tarareade #AllLivesMatter

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@AOC Are you saddened to heat about children being shot and killed on NY city? #metoo #dropoutbiden #chinapuppitbiden #tarareade #AllLivesMatter

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@JoeBiden We shouldn’t have to beg @JoeBiden to listen to the experts when they tell us Medicare for All would save money, lead to better health outcomes and save tens of thousands of lives each year...but here we are
#NeverBiden #ReplaceBiden #DropOutbiden

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Biden was very active with Segregationist against busing.
#biden2020 #settleforbiden #settleforbiden2020 #neverbiden #demexit #bernie2020 #DropOutbiden

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“It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re the victims of society,” Mr. Biden said in 1993, adding, “I don’t want to ask, ‘What made them do this?’ They must be taken off the street.” - Joe Biden as Right wing as they come #biden2020 #settleforbiden #dropoutbiden #demexit

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Biden supporters telling Progressives they should back Biden because he won the election. Yet they don't think they should back Trump because he won the election. So much hypocrisy. #biden2020 #settleforbiden #settleforbiden2020 #dropoutbiden #Nevertrump #neverbiden #demexit

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@mad_liberals What’s my name..... #dropoutbiden

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@RealJamesWoods Agree with Liz, Biden must go! #DropOutBiden @JoeBiden Thank you @ewarren @thehill @DNC

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b*den need to earn his vote from everyone! no one is voting for him, they’re just voting against tr*mp.

americans deserve a better option.


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Biden supporters have convince me they are a lost cause. They will ignore, deny, make excuses about Biden's horrible racist corporatist record just like Trump supporters. They are just Hypocrites. I'm done. #biden2020 #settleforbiden #settleforbiden2020 #dropoutbiden #NeverBiden

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Joe Biden needs to earn his vote from Chance. It's not a given, and it shouldn't be.

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Biden and Trump aren’t serious candidates like Howie Hawkins, they’re pawns controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties for the sole purpose of splitting Green Party vote. #DropOutbiden #DropOutTrump #NeverBidenNeverTrump

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@JoeBiden Access does nothing for millions of us.
You're willing to screw millions of citizens for your donors benefit.

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@JoeBiden You are a god damned liar!!!! You told people to go vote in MARCH, while Bernie told people to be safe.
You are the WORST candidate to go against trump. UGH #ReplaceBiden #DropOutbiden

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You sent people out to vote in-person during the primaries. Symone Sanders got on cnn and lied to people saying it was safe. People got sick and a poll worker died. That blood is on your hands, asswipe. Do you think we forget? You can go straight to fucking hell. #DropOutBiden

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@TIME It's not working. #DropOutbiden

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@BernieSanders We need Bernie to lead our country, not Biden and certainly not Trump. #DropOutbiden #Bernie2020

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Yo @JoeBiden! Hope things are well in your basement. Got a Q:

Why is your campaign attacking @JessforDelaware with lies and then deleting the tweets once they get caught?

Defending misogynist Chris Coons, and attacking female progressives is not great outreach.


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@MizCoretta @ProudSocialist @ShahidForChange Why do you think he’s not? His point is Biden would ALSO be a terrible POTUS.

Biden’s has been on the wrong side of nearly every issue for 40 yrs. From segregation to LGBT rights to abortion to the Iraq wars, even cuts to Social Sec! #DropOutBiden

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In January, I sounded the alarm regarding COVID-19.

Over five months later, President Trump still hasn't taken the action needed to respond to the virus. It's unacceptable.

This president has failed the American people every step of the way.

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Just your friendly reminder of whose really ridin with @JoeBiden -
#BringBackBernie #DropOutBiden

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@JoeBiden And if the experts tell you that it's not too late to drop out of the race and let someone else run? Will you listen?


The US deserves someone who is not a rapist running for office. And someone who can meet the climate and health challenges with courage.

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Any place. Any time. Howie is ready to debate Trump and Biden. But they aren't willing to debate him.

#OpenTheDebates #LetHowieDebate

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@JoeBiden Please... for the sake of the country...


It's not too late for you to drop out of the race. We need someone who can do a better job.

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Everything he can do, except #MedicareForAll obviously, that would raise taxes on the people paying for his campaign. What a joke #DropOutbiden

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@ProudSocialist They're not liberals or centrists: they're DINOcrats.
#BringBackBernie #DropOutBiden

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@morethanmySLE Really??? In that case, #DropOutBiden!!!

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Dear Democrats,

If this moron can figure it out, why can't you?


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@ScothSenpai @DoctorFoxey You would think someone that went through that would have empathy for others and would make it so no one else had to have that nightmare, but instead he's like, "we got fucked by the insurance companies, so you can get fucked too."


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@JoeBiden The only way you're getting my vote is if you agree to pass M4A. Until then, I just have to watch your brain deteriorate like a banana sitting on a counter turning brown. it's sad and pathetic. #DropOutbiden

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#PelosiMustGo & become President Pelosi immediately. There, I fixed it!

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Grotesque. Nothing will fundamentally change. Biden was sure right about that. I hope everyone who voted in the primaries for this man or for anyone other than Bernie Sanders realizes what they have done to our future. They have ensured it will be a report of our disastrous past.

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Joe Biden became a US Senator in 1973, when I was two years old. “New leaders.”

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Health care is personal to me. And as president, I'll do everything I can to make sure every American has access to the care they need.

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