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@isletsoflngrhns @_Masey_Ann @BobSimms1978 @HardlyTimes @rosemcgowan @PepperOceanna @llerer That's NOT deflecting, it's character & can only b established by previous actions There are hundreds of videos CSPAN showing Biden touching women & children inappropriately, can you imagine what that perv did when there were no cameras? #IBelieveTara

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@mgotoo16 @Baligubadle1 @JoeBiden @DrBiden That's your opinion and it's wrong. Like you anti trumpers usually are. Trump is no more a racist than Biden is smart. #NeverBiden
#IBelieveTara #Trump2020

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@JoeBiden You won't even show up for a debate. Your handlers know the dementia gets worse daily.

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Barack Obama tried to ruin Trump's life, destroy his family, bankrupt his friends, and cancel the votes of 63 million freedom-loving Americans.

Trump isn't letting this go.

It's payback time.

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“Graduated at the bottom of his class.” As Trump previously said this week, Biden was never known as a smart man. #LyingBiden #BidenIsAPredator #CrazyBiden #joebidensaidIaintblack #JoeBidenIsARapist #IBelieveTara

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@KhiveBidenBro @ReadeAlexandra @TwitterSupport 🚨Attention: Sally Albright is notorious for having an army of bot accounts

What Tara is experiencing is targeted harassment&possible defamation against Tara Reade by bots for #Biden2020

#MeToo #MeTooNoMatterWho #BelieveWomen #TimesUp #IBelieveTara

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The centrists’ hate for Ilhan Omar in these comments is off the charts. Some are repeating hateful right-wing conspiracy theories against her. They’re organizing to support her primary challenger.
We have to defend Ilhan Omar at all costs.

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@roper_93 You're joking! Unlike Kavanah's accuser had no exact year, no house, no city, her alibi's both said no & left went nuts! #IBelieveTara has her dead mom, court papers, 4 people she told & reported him &got fired! All #JoeBidenIsARapist has to do is say "I didn't do it" & your good

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Rep. Ilhan Omar said she believes Tara Reade and that “justice can be delayed, but should never be denied.”

And if it was up to her, Joe Biden would not be the nominee.

Thank you @Ilhan.

#TaraReade #IBelieveTara

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@JoeBiden Holy dear God now it's climate change 😅🤪🤪🤪 every 30 minutes 24/7 it's I NEED TO STAY IMPORTANT LETS FIND A TOPIC 😬 #BlackVotesAintFree #IBelieveTara #BidenKnew #Bidentheunmasker #obamagate #QuidProJoe

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Ilhan Omar tells @joshglancy “I do believe [Tara] Reade. Justice can be delayed, but should never be denied.” She adds that if it was up to her, Biden wouldn’t be the candidate.

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Things that would make me vote for @JoeBiden




Nothing, I’ll never knowingly vote for a sex offender. #DropOutJoe #IBelieveTara

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@zillaG @real_defender Biden said, "Hey man, look at my record!" with the same tone he used to tell Tara Reade, "Hey man, I thought you LIKED me!" as she resisted his sexual assault.


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@soledadobrien @nytimes what about YOUR CRAZY UNCLE @JoeBiden .. gonna just gloss over #JoeBiden shenanigans? DO YOUR FUCKING JOB, or GO BE AN ESSENTIAL WORKER and make yourself useful! #SoledadObrien #LamestreamMedia #HunterBiden #YoureNotBlackJoe #RapistJoe #iBelieveTara #iBelieveWomen #MeToo #TimesUp

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@ZacAKAMadu Why would this discredit Tara's allegations? Biden has lied about his own and more? #IBelieveTara
#BernieSanders #bringbernieback

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@rosemcgowan @llerer When I see things like this,have2wonder-when are people going2start asking how long Biden had affair w/Jill,before they married(she was still married when they started dating-regardless of what Wikipedia claims).Her exhusband wrote book w/date of divorce in it. #IBelieveTara

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Man how did this dude be the representative of the black community. His inner racism on full display! #IBelieveTara #bringbackbernie #aoc

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But somehow someway Joe Biden is being truthful about his 'encounter' with Tara Reade? His track record indicates that Tara is the one being truthful, 100%.

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Why does Joe Biden lie to voters so often?

His lies seem targeted. He lies about marching for civil rights. He lied about being arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela. Joe Biden lied about having the endorsement of the NAACP every time he ran for office. These are LIES.

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WOW! Look at these questions that a NY Times reporter sent Tara Reade.
From what I can discern, they are working to portray her as a russian asset that doesn’t pay her rent.

Women that are sexually assaulted by Democrats have their lives destroyed by the left wing media machine

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Joe Biden remains proud of the crime bill he wrote, which disproportionately affected black America. #YouAintBlackBiden

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BREAKING NEWS: New York Times ‘journalist’ sent these questions to Joe Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade. The public needs to see how @llerer and the #NYT plan on twisting their minds. Now you can all see their tactics & how far they will go.

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A trauma therapist breaks down the hypocritical response of Biden supporters to the Tara Reade allegations in the era of #MeToo. Understanding trauma means seeing someone's story with a broader lens.

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State wins among Independent voters:

South Carolina

New Hampshire
North Carolina

Source: CNN exit polls

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