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@SwedishNewFish @ThePlanBPill @Lappos @ReadeAlexandra @TwitterSupport What's even more dangerous is ignoring victims with more corroboration than christine blasey Ford because the rapist is on the blue team. #rapeisrape #JoeBidenIsARapist #IStandWithTara

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#WomenforBiden is trending. Ugh
When as a society will we stop enabling powerful men that engage in sexual misconduct?
Thank you to the other survivors who have stood up and supported me.
And many others

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@JamesForVest The article that guy commented about Tara being a Russian Troll literally says that it’s the media’s job to decide who’s lying and telling the truth in rape allegations.

No it ain’t, honey. #IStandWithTara

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Tara Reade and her family have been viciously harassed, doxxed, and threatened by toxic, divisive Biden Bros.

She’s been forced to move by their nonstop death threats. Help her relocate!

#IStandWithTara #IBelieveTaraReade

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@Clayton43790046 @KirtonCharles @jennfranconews @OANN She didn’t. She dropped the charges.
Good for Tara Reade to continue to fight this. #IStandWithTara

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Speaking up about Joe Biden and what happened in 1993 has never been easy.
Like all of us we hope to transform pain to heal. I was young and hopeful. Now, I am just hopeful:)
Enjoy the light and Embrace the shadow...

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Leave her the fuck alone! The hypocrisy is so disheartening, @JoeBiden is the #Patriarchy -he is just as deceitful as #Trump perhaps worse because he pretends to be an #Ally #istandwithtara #istandforwomen #Feminism #MeToo

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I will continue to expose the Biden supporter accounts and surrogates that threaten me.
So this account continues harrass and threaten me. Any idea who it is actually?

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@Luce70836729 @56blackcat From what i understand and read she has been trying to come forward si ce the 90s but the media protectors of tge establishment work hard to prevent tgat and other women have come out since then. So....

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@atrium445 @werefairywool @BethLynch2020 @DNC I #BelieveWomen, #IbelieveTaraReade so #IStandWithTara. Also, I don't need Tara Reade to know @JOEBIDEN is a predator. I've seen the videos of him touching kids. It's creepy, sick and predatory. He has no business around other human beings, much less holding office. #DropOutJoe

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@KHiveQueenBee @MidSentryModern @DalyPolitics @KhiveBidenBro Oh look, it's the Karen who called me a "handmaiden of the patriarchy" because I stopped supporting Tara's lying ass!

I notice she doesn't have the #IStandWithTara in her name anymore 🧐

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@JoeBiden This from the guy who just said black people aren't black if they don't agree with you? We need justice for Tara too. #Istandwithtara #BidenIsARacist #bidenrapist

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Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar had the courage to say a couple of days ago that she still believes Tara Reade. I do, too.

A Therapist’s Perspective On Rape, Trauma, Tara Reade, and Credibility


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@Tank4131 @Jayd_1038 #IStandWithTara... 😂🤣😂🤣
Her case fell apart and her lawyer dropped her case

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@ReadeAlexandra Praying for safety, protection, and strength for you and your family and friends. 🙏 #iStandWithTara

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Its been said my life is "complicated" because I spoke up about Joe Biden & I am a domestic violence survivor that had a sealed name change. Survivors, you can achieve again, I graduated law school 04. Your life is not "messy" because something happened
Hold your head up

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Honesty and integrity over deceit and lies! #WWG1GWA #IStandWithTara

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Science over fiction.

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Today, the character assassination of Tara Reade began in earnest.

Shockingly, these same people had different thoughts when the accused wasn’t on their team.

Examples are threaded below. It wouldn’t seem right to kick off a list of hypocrisy with anyone but @JRubinBlogger.

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That's like 100 men coming out to say they didn't date me ... to disprove my claim that 4 men did, in fact, date me.

WTF @DailyCaller


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@DailyCaller That's like saying 100 men came out saying they didn't date me ... to disprove my claim that 4 men did, in fact, date me.



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74 Former Biden Staffers Say They Never Experienced Sexual Harassment From Biden

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Misogynist to the core. 👇 #IStandWithTara. #MeToo #IBelieveTaraReade

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#TimesUpBiden. #IStandWithTara. Tara Reade, Lucy Flores and all victims of sexual violence need justice.

#MeToo means believing victims no matter who is accused.

A predator can’t unite our nation. Don’t retraumatize survivors by asking for our vote.


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