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I would be in PRISON if that was MY CHILD.

New Footage Shows Orlando Officer Zip-Tying 6-Year-Old And Arresting Her At School

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A president must be president for all, not president for some

Their job is get sh*t done

No matter what they do, half the country will be happy, half the country will be pissed

We need a president who can be the adult in the room

Compromise to resolve issues for ALL Americans

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This Is Not A Warning
The Dark Days Aren't
Coming They're Here.

This Is Not A Warning.

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@TheDemocrats could do themselves a bigger favor by enforcing subpeonas and impeaching Barr, and 70% of the cabinet. @AP @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @MSNBC @congressdotgov @HouseDemocrats #GOPComplicitTraitors #ImpeachBillBarr #DisbarBarr @nytimes @washingtonpost @60Minutes

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@congressdotgov needs to wake up, and realize that we aren't promised tomorrow, much less the election, or next year! @AP @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @MSNBC @HouseDemocrats @TheDemocrats #GOPComplicitTraitors #ImpeachBillBarr #DisbarBarr @nytimes @washingtonpost @60Minutes

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Seems like old times...VERY old times.


#ClimateCatastrophe #HippysResist πŸ†˜

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@HomelandKen If you fire all the firefighters & the firehouse chief, how do you put out the fire when it comes? #WTH #greedycorruptwhitehouse #GOPBetrayedAmerica #BarrMustResign #ImpeachBillBarr #VoteThemAllOut2020 #Guilty #corruption

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Every Democratic Candidate wants ALL Americans to have access to Healthcare

They just have differences in how to get that done

The entire @GOP and @realDonaldTrump are actively working to TAKE WHAT WE HAVE AWAY

Please focus on the enemy!


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The Coronavirus is obviously spreading, but the fact the Trump administration is ill prepared and totally ignorant to its threat is a recipe for disaster. All their corruption and fuckery is well documented. Let’s not forget their outrageous incompetence.πŸ€”

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BARR is holding on to COURT ORDERED INFO that we NEED to be privy to, regarding JARED KUSHNER

How do we GET HIM OUT?!!
Every day he's there, he's causing more harm to our Democracy!

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A former top Ukrainian official said he is concerned that Trump's efforts to force out admin officials deemed to be disloyal would in the short term leave a hollowed out U.S. office in Kyiv and space for Russia to ratchet up its influence operations.

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Remember when the ⁦@GOP claimed that #ImpeachTrump would hurt The Democrats?!! 🀣🀣🀣

⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ favorite poll is bad news for him since it shows the impeachment helped Democrats.


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Neil Gorsuch occupies a stolen Supreme Court seat.

Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist and a perjurer.

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A group of pro-Trump activists led by Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has compiled lists of β€œdisloyal” government officials it wants removed from their posts that it has passed on to Trump.

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I am okay with this as long as Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kanavaugh recuse themselves from cases involving women, voting rights, or the law.

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This preposterous demand reads like a warning that Trump might defy a 5-4 or 6-3 SCOTUS ruling against his administration going forward. Watch this space!

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Is anyone in the Republican party or law enforcement ever going to call out Trump and his cronies for their anti-American, anti-Constitution bullshit and hold them accountable? I'm not talking about the little dogs in the pack, I'm talking about the big dogs with the big names.

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@realDonaldTrump That's why Kavanaugh has been the sole vote in your favour on many cases brought to the supreme court. He does vote purely in your favour often. Then there's other cases with only Kavanaugh and Gorsuch ruling in your favour. They are biased.

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Using the FAILED COMMUNIST Castro regime as an EXCUSE to intervene in Latin America, the US has illogically sought the downfall, through military force and other violent means in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, etc.

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Utter nonsense to dwell on how much Sanders's (or Warren's) proposals would cost WITHOUT talking about far larger cost of doing nothing about climate change, soaring healthcare costs, and deficit of public investment. The status quo is unsustainable.

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Ken Cucinelli is on the Coronavirus task force and can’t even use the app. He had to ask his twitter followers for help. We are fried

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This is one of those rare moments in history where we must put our policy differences aside, and unite. We have a criminal in the White House. An utterly lawless individual. We all have to come together to make sure he’s not in the White House this time next year.

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What Socialist program bothers you the most? RT if you can’t decide?

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I don't care what documentation you have, I'll never believe Trump's IQ is that high.

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"I served under six presidents from Reagan to Trump. I served under ten U.S. Attorneys...no U.S. Attorney has ever come in on the first day and started to insert himself or herself into our cases that we've been working for years... that stinks to high heaven." - @glennkirschner2

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"His work for the Hungarian-funded nonprofit is the type of activity that, in other cases, has drawn attention from DOJ investigators tasked with enforcing the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

There is no indication that DOJ is looking into Grenell."

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Harvey Weinstein was just found guilty for the same behavior as President Trump.

But Harvey is handcuffed and going to prison.

Trump has been credibly accused of rape and sexual misconduct at least 22 times.

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NEW: Mike Bloomberg's campaign is preparing a media onslaught against Bernie Sanders. Opposition research, more digital ads, op-eds and surrogate TV appearances are all in the works to attack the Democratic front runner.

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I wrote a final goodbye. I sign out today after 5 years in Beirut with an impossibly heavy heart as Syria faces its greatest tragedy yet. It's hard thing for journalist to acknowledge, looking back on a body of work, to realise it has had so little impact

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No shit, this is happening in Michigan....

β€œmake it a misdemeanor to organize vehicles to transport voters to their polling places unless the voters are β€œphysically unable to walk.”

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Why is this not a bigger story?

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"You can see why behind closed doors his own top officials deride him as an 'idiot' and a 'moron' with the understanding of a 'fifth or sixth grader'" @realDonaldTrump

Trump regularly "can't remember what he's said or been told," White House insider says

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Kremlin controlled hacker-soldiers from GRU unit 26165
Infiltrated the DNC, and gave the data to the Trump campaign, via Roger Stone.

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