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#JimJordanKnew let's not forget?

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@Jim_Jordan Too bad you couldnโ€™t have proxy reported the sexual abuse of your wrestles at @ohiostate #GymJordan #jimjordanknew

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@Jim_Jordan Work? What's the last bill you sponsored that got passed? #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign #JimJordanIsAnIdiot

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I am the Democrat running against Republican Jim Jordan. Jim Jordan voted against the COVID-19 relief funding bill. He sides with Trump over the doctors on ending social distancing. Help me beat him. Please retweet and join our fight to defeat Jim Jordan.

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@Jim_Jordan Not if he kills more people, which is likely. #GymJordan #JimJordanKnew #JordanPedophileEnabler

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@Jim_Jordan Why can't you admit that you allowed sexual abuse to happen and never said a damn word about it #SickJimJordan #JimJordanKnew

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@Jim_Jordan @shivasdancefit Yeah, taking advice from someone who went silent when it came to sexual assault. #JimJordanKnew.


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@Jim_Jordan You fear Ohio State student-athletes who know what youโ€™re hiding. #jimjordanknew

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@Jim_Jordan likes to ignore the truth and facts; re athletes getting sexually assaulted by team doctor #JimJordanKnew

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So a totally on brand performance then.

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@Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump Do you ever remember the collge atheletes you turned your back on when they were being molested under your watch?

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@Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump Letโ€™s also remember the victims of sexual abuse, in particular those who advised their wrestling coach, who turned a blind eye to it and allowed it to continue for years.

#GymJordanKnew #OSU #PedoEnablerJimJordan

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@Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump Yeah it was tough for you on the front line in the locker room at THE OSU wasn't it, Gym?
#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #JimJordanKnew #bluenomatterwho

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I am the Democrat running against Republican Jim Jordan. Help me beat him. Please retweet, follow this account and help us build our campaign to defeat Jim Jordan.

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@Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump I would list all the crimes committed by this administration and the @SenateGOP but Twitter doesnโ€™t allow for enough characters to list them all. #JimJordanKnew #ResignChildAbuseEnablerJordan

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@Jim_Jordan Gym, Gym, Gym. Stop deflecting! Why didnโ€™t you protect those kids? #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign

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@Jim_Jordan Why do you tweet stupid stuff like this? It just means I have to weigh in with...

Resign, you vile, disgusting excuse for a human being.
#JimJordanKnew #jimjordanresign #JimJordanBetrayedWrestlers #JimJordanKnew #jimjordanresign #JimJordanBetrayedWrestlers
See below for why...๐Ÿ‘‡

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@Jim_Jordan Why werenโ€™t you targeting the abuse that was ongoing under your watch, Gym? #JimJordanKnew. #GymKnew

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@Jim_Jordan: A good read for you. #JimJordanKnew

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โ€ข Obama-Biden IRS targeted conservatives before 2012 election.

โ€ข Obama-Biden FBI targeted President Trump before 2016 election.

โ€ข Muellerโ€™s top prosecutor is now actively campaigning for Joe Biden.

But Republicans are at fault?

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@Jim_Jordan Okay Gym. You go show how brave you are & start flipping burgers at McDonald's or manning a register at a grocery store. Put yourself in ANY position of a front line worker at minimum wage for 2 weeks, then talk about the fake COVID19, you flunked out not lawyer. #JimJordanKnew

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@Jim_Jordan #jimjordanknew boys were sexually abused, he watched.
#jimjordanmustgo for backing trump killing americans,
#jimjordanresign because you do nothing for Ohio
#jimjordanisatool, yes a loud, obnoxious one for @GOP #TrumpLiesAmericansDie #TrumpVirus

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@Jim_Jordan You'll take coronavirus over losing your business? So lose both your life and your business? No!
#jimjordanknew can't face the truth, nevermind face the virus! #jimjordanisatool you get out in public show us all!
psst virus can get you in the shower stalls too jimmy

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@ShannonFreshour Learned to lie while a coach. #jimjordanknew

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Hi Dr. @meganranney, I just would like to inform you that @Jim_Jordan seems to be taking your testimony out of context. Would you like to know if you think itโ€™s accurate? Thank you!

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@Jim_Jordan Or investigate this, perhaps. ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Letโ€™s get back to work!

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