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I will never misspell “lodge” again. #SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49 #Logde49

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Reverse hunger strike to #SaveLodge49: I will eat only doughnuts until @hulu, @PrimeVideo, or @netflix picks up this acclaimed show for Season 3. #JoinLodge49

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We need Lodge 49 more than ever! #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever

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@abatois @Lodge49 This is what alchemy is all about. Change. #JoinLodge49

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Nice to see all the LynxLove on my feed! There is so much i’m sure I’ve missed, but i wanna say how fun and inspiring it is to see all you guys have done (special nod to @carol_cutshall for the Most Fabulous pics of the night❤️) Thanks to you all! #LynxForLife #JoinLodge49

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#SaveLodge49 if only to hear more of the best soundtrack on TV. @thomasdynamic #JoinLodge49

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@FXNetworks Thank you @FXNetworks for the amazing Fargo series! Can I interest you in a slightly used Lodge 49? #SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49

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I don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t listen to Tom Hanks. #JoinLodge49

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I will be more than happy to subscribe to any cable channel or streaming service that commits to airing a third season of Lodge 49.


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@brainstem474 @BrawnBurgundy @darth_jeffR Right back at you IO - thanks for keeping us all in line! #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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@IrishinSocal There are guys, and then there are guys. Maybe you’ve been around the wrong guys? 😘🤣☕️🍩🍻 #JoinLodge49 #EveryonesAGuy

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@Hulu is streaming Season 1 already, how about Season 3? @craigerwich #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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@PrimeVideo Can I please get overnight shipping of a Season 3? @albert_cheng @JSalke #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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To those who have loved a show enough to never want to love again. Don’t give up. #JoinLodge49

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@megative_ Sounds like a good night! #JoinLodge49

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TV should stop chasing movies. It's not movies, it has a chance to define itself by fearlessly championing original material that could never be a movie. Lodge 49's approach could shape TV shows of the future. If you let it. #joinlodge49 #SaveLodge49

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This is the best shoe on TV. #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49 #lodge49

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Urgh. I'm awake again. And, Lodge 49 has not been saved yet. It's like Groundhog Day, only it ain't funny. #joinlodge49 #SaveLodge49

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@Julesalana2 Live near Long Beach CA😉 #joinlodge49

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@Julesalana2 London. England. It's not a state. Yet. #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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@GoatGirl6000 Once again, I think you underestimate the deafening unawesomeness of said gathering! (special thanks go to @GoatGirl6000 for setting me up to use 'deafening unawesomeness' one more time again) #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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@brainstem474 Oh, I thought you meant to store a timepiece on my letter receptacle. #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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Alright @hulu
I just signed up for your service. What sold me even more than the Black Friday deal?
#Lodge49 ! If you give us new seasons I'm staying.
#SaveLodge49 if you want new subscribers
@netflix @PrimeVideo @HBO @FXNetworks @Showtime @disneyplus @AppleTV

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I need a new industrial toilet, I hope I can #JoinLodge49 #twothousanddollars

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I received my stein today!
Thanks for your guidance!

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@carol_cutshall Yes, it is. Yes, he is. *sigh* #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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@SingularNexus Viva your quest to get the entire world’s population to #JoinLodge49. You are on a major roll here with these slogans and sayings. Hats off.

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@SingularNexus You’re right! Just look at the Masonic symbols woven into US currency design. #JoinLodge49

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@IrishinSocal well i wasn't thinking of putting them all in the same room or anything, but that would make for a helluva gathering 🤣🍻🍋 #JoinLodge49

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@Lodge49Gifs @GroupieParabola It's a huge help and makes this so much fun! You verily rock. #JoinLodge49

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@IrishinSocal Yessir uce

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#JoinLodge49 and you'll probably get discounts at the apothecary and on wholesale plumbing fixtures.


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How do you do it ⁦⁦@BrentMJennings⁩ ? How do you get right under our skin and stay there? It has been so beautiful watching you work. #JoinLodge49

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"When the philosophers themselves have nothing more to tell us, we may be forgiven for turning to the meaningless twitter of birds or the distant counterweight of the stars." - Marguerite Yourcenar #savelodge49

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#SaveLodge49. We need Paul Giamatti more than ever! Hanx

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