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Прекрасная история про #KFCProposal .

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How are the wedding preps going? #KFCProposal

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In love 😍 vean esto y lloren conmigo #KFCProposal

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#KFCProposal is another example of story-hungry brands which are jumping up to good marketing opportunity as finger licking!

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@iAmSTMYZforever @almightyy__antt @Phindi_Maphela Man South Africans just got a couple blessed wit that #KFCProposal 🤷🏾‍♂️ Don’t Sleep on the support, no matter where it come from.

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#KFCProposal a veces pasan estas cosa , ojalá mas

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I was so sad to hear that our tweeps aren’t in charge of the #KFCProposal anymore. Now I’m cynical about the couple receiving all that was pledged to them.

Was also hoping Alphi_S (Sipho) be MC.

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This is only for #USA if you want to eat free kfc this for you #KFCProposal #kfcUSA #KFCcouple #kfc #KFC @kfc #KFCProposalChallenge #USAKFC @kfcusa @KFCUSA11
Please click here 👇👇👇

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Omg did you guys heard of that #KFCProposal how amazing is this for them! Best year & wedding they gonna have! What an advertisment stunt is this all because of a mock from a journalist. I’m loving it! Congrats to the couple and remember it’s the act what counts not the price! LM

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Re kopa update moo🙄 #kfcproposal #KFCWEDDING

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Yo cuando leí el #KFCProposal

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Los panas del #KFCproposal terminaron recibiendo USD 135k.

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I just can't help not to smile with this viral news. 💐💐💞🤵👰💞


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@mezvan No sabía que Toni Braxton todavía daba conciertos!

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If all those #KFCProposal Sponsors came to you. Would you marry your current Partner?

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I heard they'll put her on the programme as the person who'll be speaking on behalf of all the haters

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@mezvan Que bueno que estas cosas ocurren, el lugar no importa mientras la gente se quiera. #KFCProposal

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#KFCProposal is a very touching and inspiring moment with brands hyped up to give the couple a wedding experience of a lifetime. Love it!

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I think this is the season of haters shooting themselves in the leg when they intend to humiliate you, look at the #KFCProposal now #FUTABullies, to think one of the bullies made the video to humiliate that girl shows you God works in a miraculous way.

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Aww 🥰 😭 Lovely couple! Love ❤️ is POWER!!! #KFCProposal Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu 🙌🏻👏🏻

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Ever since that #KFCProposal happened I swear My kfc cravings have gone up a notch 😅😋

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😍😍😍 #KFCProposal

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@DKB20 @IOL @sa_lottery pledge money to the #KFCProposal couple. That money could've been better spent here.

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#KFCProposal made it to the Financial Mail. A whole analysis! H for Hectic.

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Guys I don't know if it's me, in these days it feels so good to eat KFC after this #KFCProposal and what @KFCSA has done to recognize this #KFCcouple. There is a sense of association, belonging, and ownership. It feels fashionable and respectable to eat it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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This morning I was listening to @Dubai92 and for the life of me I did not appreciate the caller that said “this people” referring to black South Africans that they love chicken and @KFC and hence why the guy from the viral #KFCProposal post proposed there. 😡

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Girls like @butterfly_Anele will be single forever because they don't appreciate and they love fancy things - #KFCProposal #KFCStreetWiseWedding

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Pazar sabahi miSsligi ❤️ #KFCProposal

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Hector Mkansi and Nonhlanhla Soldaat will officially get married on the 31st of December 2019. #KFCProposal #KFCStreetWedding.

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@Dubai92 #dubai92breakfast #georgieandkitch @ARNNewsCentre
#KFCProposal #KFCProposalChallenge #KFCcouple #Dubai
Am absolutely stunned with what I heard this morning.

The South African KFC proposal.

@Dubai92 should apologize

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No, I'm not crying. You are!❤ #KFCProposal

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Oh how I love this story!

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What happened to this person?

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Alguien fotografío a un individuo proponiendo matrimonio a su novia. Ese alguien luego publicó la foto con este mensaje:

"Los hombres en Sudáfrica son tan pobres que incluso hacen una oferta en KFC. No puedo imaginar quién hace una oferta en ese lugar"


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I love the positive energy that has been generated by the #KFCcouple on Twitter. The #StreetwiseWedding has filled these streets with the smell of love in the same way a single piece of KFC can ignite instant hunger when it is opened in a taxi.

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O jewa ke eng ?

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