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We hit on the second go around!! #PlatinumPerks 💎💎 #LeaúxDay & I copped the Cavs colored Retro Tee

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Inching closer and closer 🥳🥳@GOAT_vicc @fortheleaux #LeauxDay

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Currently editing the website for the release tonight

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Tonight is a special drop, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Minnesota Freedom Fund... these are on the website.. platinum shops at 6:30p CST & public at 7:30p CST prepare to shop Happy #LeauxDay #FTLFriday

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🙏🏽 #LeauxDay

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Drop tonight a portion of the sales tonight will go to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Lets sell it out!! #LeaúxDay #BlackLivesMatter

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7:30pm CST

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NEW RELEASE TONIGHT AT 7:30CST LET’S SELL OUT TONIGHT!! #LeaúxDay #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #SayHisName

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Take this opportunity to support black peoples, on more than one level! #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #LeauxDay

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Public Service Announcement :

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It’s #LeauxDay‼️who’s copping some new retro tees today? Platinum shops at 6:30 CST / 7:30 CST everyone else. @fortheleaux will be donating a portion of sales to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. 🙏🏾Let’s make sure we sell out tonight🗣🗣

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Happy #LeaúxDay! There’s a drop tonight at 6:30pm for platinum shoppers and 7:30pm for regular shoppers! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund! #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter

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Happy #LeaúxDay! It’s also #FTLFriday! Drop tonight at 6:30pm for platinum shoppers and 7:30pm for regular shoppers!

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Another #LEAUXDAY🎉 @fortheleaux

Come shop at 7:30 CST‼️

Be there or miss out on the some 🔥 gear at 🗣

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Hope everyone shopped good today for #LeauxDay 🔥💎Platinum cleaned out but it’s so much more heat coming within the next few months and New platinum members are being accepted June 1st💎‼️‼️🗣 Make sure to follow @GOAT_vicc @fortheleaux to stay updated

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#LeauxDay @fortheleaux @GOAT_vicc I believe I hit number 10 now. Finally!!

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It’s #LeauxDay and almost 7:30‼️, 6:30 for all platinum members. Retro Tees and Holographic Shirts will be dropping‼️ you don’t want to miss out on this!! Follow @GOAT_vicc & @fortheleaux to never miss out on drop!

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It’s #LeauxDay 🤧🔥

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Me getting excited when I see it’s 6:30, but then I remember I’m in EST not CST 😞. @GOAT_vicc
Anyways, don’t forget it’s #LeauxDay and there’s new shirts dropping tonight 7:30 CST (6:30 Platinum) follow @fortheleaux

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it’s #LeauxDay and Platinum shops an hour early per usual 🥳🤪 #fortheleaux #ftl @GOAT_vicc @fortheleaux

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The pack came in @fortheleaux !! I’m so excited🤗And they’re releasing more today🥺🥳 #LeaúxDay

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It’s #LeauxDay and I’m super excited for the drop tonight. Make sure y’all are ready @ 7:30 pm cst on thank you @fortheleaux and @GOAT_vicc for the consistant heat 💪🏾💯

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#ForTheLeaúxFriday #LeaúxDay

Went with a Mario concept for the Color Block Tees, I think it turned out great. S/O to @giseleloya for the Hat Edits 🙏🏽❤️

More on my IG:

#Model #Cosplay #Mario #Nintendo

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it’s #LeauxDay 🤩 i advise y’all to pull up! 7:30 cst @GOAT_vicc

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It's #LeauxDay & I'm wearing what I got from the last drop, prepared for tonight's drop

7:30 CST if you wanna know how to shop at 6:30 for future releases, lmk 👀

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When you receive your @fortheleaux shirt on #FTLFriday #LeauxDay *chefs kiss* 😌 @GOAT_vicc

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Happy #FTLFriday #LeauxDay !

I try to see which release I can let my wallet rest on & it’s impossible 😂👏🏽

@GOAT_vicc coming w/ another one tonight! 🔥 Holographic & Retro Tees dropping on the @fortheleaux site at 6:30 CST for Platinum & 7:30 CST for general.

Shop responsibly!

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Receiving #LeauxGear on #LeauxDay doubling as #ForTheLeauxFriday is actually something quite spectacular THANK YOU VIC @GOAT_vicc

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It’s Friday but it’s also #LEAUXDAY 🥳 This release will include retro tees and holographic tees that was a collab with PHASE 1 x FTL


Be on the site a 7:30 pm CST and 6:30 pm CST for PLATINUM 💎

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Happy #LeauxDay!
7:30 CST

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I hope y’all ready to get your @fortheleaux today🥳 only a few more hours! 7:30 CST and as always 1 hour early for platinum shoppers make sure you don’t miss it, there’s nothing but 🔥 in this release get it before it’s too late! #FTLFRIDAY #LEAUXDAY @GOAT_vicc

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Yall know what day it is. 😈
Platinum shops at 6:30 CST
General Release at 7:30 CST


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Goodmorning && Happy #LeauxDay ‼️ 🗣 CONGRATULATIONS to @Blytheyyy1 for winning the entry to tonight’s @fortheleaux giveaway!!! 🥳🎉🍾 DM me and let me know which item you would like!!

Oh yea!!! ISAA FTL DROP AT 7:30CST TONIGHT!!! @fortheleaux

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If you don’t know now you know, IT’S #LEAÚXDAY!! New drop of Retro & Holographic Tees tonight at 6:30 CST for Platinum & 7:30 CST for the public. I hope y’all ready. Follow @fortheleaux & @GOAT_vicc for more updates!!

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YESSSSSIRRRRR today is #LeauxDay the site opens at 6:30 cst for Platinum 😏 and 7:30 cst for the general public. IT IS GOING TO SELL OUT ‼️ don’t be in my DMs after the fact cause I can’t help you 🤷🏽‍♀️ letssssss gooooooo 🔥

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It’s #LeauxDay 🎉🎉🎉🎉

So many flavors dropping today @ 6:30 CST & 7:30 CST

Platinum shops early ofc 🎉

PSA : DONT FORGET TO SET A TIMER ! & follow @GOAT_vicc @fortheleaux

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