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ATTN LYNX: Sometimes the Time/Tavern Continuum collapses in on itself. No beginning, no end, just the eternal return of happy hour. This round is on @EricAllanKramer. #lodge49forever #norm

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Higher Steaks was alright, but it was no Shamroxx #Lodge49Forever

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@PostCoffeeInsp So many of these (Firefly and Pushing Daisies especially) but also LODGE 49!! If you haven’t seen it go watch it now on Hulu/AMC. #longliveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever #Wearelodge49 #Lodge49

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Thursday Marathon Season 5! Hi Stakes Action! #BetterCallSaul

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@BonMotVivant @Lodge49 Luminous Knight! The Lynx are ever grateful #lodge49forever

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The immersion into the world of the Lodge begins with the show’s music—soundscapes of ambient pop and fuzzed-out guitars that make it hard to tell waking life from dream

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I *may* have revived Emmy This just to have another space to write about @Lodge49

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@LindaEmondNYC In a class... Our hearts, and our minds. We need it back!!
#lodge49 #lodge49forever #lynxforlife

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@LindaEmondNYC @RedSquirrelRed The fact that no new episodes are being made is criminal. I hope that people seeing it now will increase support for more!


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“Lodge 49 exists in a class of its own”


(PS it’s really a comedy)

What to watch on Hulu: Best drama TV shows July 2020

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I’m more depressed than ever that #lodge49 isn’t continuing. It was brilliantly written, masterfully acted, skillfully directed, looked gorgeous, and the music on this series was to die for. #FYC #FYC2020 #lodge49forever #lynx4life

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That sweet rush when you see Paul Giamatti on screen.
Consider #Lodge49. #FYC

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.@darth_jeffR look what arrived in the mail today! What a great compliment to my Cleveland magnet. #Lodge49 #lodge49forever #thankyoulodge49

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My new favorite mug. Thanks @darth_jeffR !
@Lodge49 #Lodge49Forever

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I case you wondered why @Lodge49 is so special, @jimatdeltaco has finally revealed his "secret" techniques for team building (hee hee hee). #LynxForLife #Lodge49Forever #Emmys2020

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@yaysusan Yes-a season three would have been giving me life right now! #lodge49forever

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The most perfect soundtrack. It will make tomorrow better. #lodge49forever

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@darth_jeffR @Lodge49 @AMC_TV @EricAllanKramer Jeff, you need an award for creating such Great Artwork! #lodge49forever #Lodge49 #blammo

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If it doesn't get a nomination it will be another poke in the eye with a sharp stick like when AMC dropped it. #lodge49forever #Lodge49 #FYC #Emmys2020

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If we could only see an ending to the magical ride, not the ending we were abruptly give when AMC dropped the show. #lodge49forever #FYC #Emmys2020 #lodge49

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Another reason this show needs an Emmy. #FYC #Emmys2020 #lodge49forever #lodge49

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We here at Orbis have mapped the entire hollow earth. What we’re saying is we know where you hide @TheEmmys statues. Nominating @Lodge49 will just be easier for all of us in the long run. #FYC #Lodge49 #Emmys2020

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She needs some Emmy Love for sure! #FYC #Emmys2020 #lodge49forever #lodge49

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Best Director. @AletheaJones for 'Circles' Some of the best television ever made. Period.

@AMC_TV @Lodge49 @TheEmmys @TelevisionAcad @THR

#Lodge49 #FYC #Emmys #Emmys2020

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#lodge49forever I miss these dreamy days of yore

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The editing on #lodge49 was creative, warm and a little silly. I think the #emmys need to #FYC @yaysusan and @jvgtweet

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Take me back to the Lodge 🙏 so much rewatchability, but I still need MORE
#lodge49 #lodge49forever #emmys #lodge49forever

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Let's roll deep here people, give @thomasdynamic an Outstanding Music Supervision #emmy nomination. I know you can do it #emmy2020 voters. Its a gimme!!! #FYC #LODGE49

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They really hugged on Lodge 49. Such good hugs. #Imissthelodge #lodge49forever

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Hey there @TheEmmys I hope all is well. May I recommend a awesome little show called Lodge 49 for some upcoming awards? Check it out, I think you’ll lie it. #Lodge49 #Lodge49Forever #TheEmmys

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Attention @TheEmmys please consider Lodge 49 for an award or two. #Lodge49 #Lodge49forever

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@kenwelsh11 on script: “I thought it was very tender and moving and funny. The writing was particularly imaginative. It seemed like this great story about the interaction between these people at this lodge and their ups and their downs and tribulations.”
#Lodge49 #FYC #Emmys

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@LindaEmondNYC, Connie, on the Lodge’s cast of characters: “I continue to be so proud to be a part of such a diverse cast with such unusual parts, especially the women’s roles. They are unusual and great.”
#Lodge49 #FYC #Emmys

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Bring back #Lodge49 !!! Deserves an Emmy, deserves to get a chance to finish its run #Lodge49Forever

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From Luminous Knight @darth_jeffR - Tonight at 7pmET / 4:15pmPT! Let's shake Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!
Want some FYC images to post? Here ya go
#Lodge49 #longlivelodge49 #Lodge49Forever #WeareLodge49 #savelodge49

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@thepod49 #lodge49forever Lodge 49 is a fantastic story, that I'm sorry we didn't get to see to its conclusion. I'm one of those who doesn't give a damn one way or the other about who wins awards, but Lodge 49 is definitely deserving of all kudos!

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This is all very true. I can now tell you that it’s why my character, Connie, was blindfolded for a whole episode. Had to be written in. I was sideswiped by a crossbow intended for someone else. Thanks (no thanks!) @DPasquesi. 😕
Nevertheless #Lodge49Forever
#lynxforlife 🍺🍩🏄🏾‍♀️

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If #Lodge49 doesn't get nominated/win a bunch of #Emmys, I'm going to be very upset. This show needs to be recognized as the high quality, unique, touching, real, but funny work it is. #FYC

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On the LODGE 49 set there was no sitting AND no standing. Crew had to be running in place at all times and if they stopped for even one second we halted shooting and executed them by firing squad. Sometimes, for sport, @DPasquesi picked them off one by one with a crossbow.

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ATTN LYNX: This was my favorite trailer for LODGE 49, though not many people saw it. As always a killer track dug up by our ace music supervisor @thomasdynamic.

I miss all these beautiful faces and places. You can watch seasons 1 & 2 on @hulu. #lodge49forever #digginforgold

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