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The Democrats savage Trump supporters and refuse to try and understand why he won and why we're #MAGA.

We will fail miserably if we do the same with Bernie supporters.

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This is what the Mainstream Media does not want to Report!!!

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Wouldn't it be great if all those #MAGA women out there that blindly follow their husbands lead in all things would finally get some self respect and realize once they are in that voting booth they are their own person and can make up their own mind and no one will know.

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People who day trade operate off news cycles. The "scares" always result in sales while the "good news" create buys. With Trump we have had infinitely more "good news" (aka wins) than bad. Ergo the markets climbing overall. #MAGA working, now #KAG because #WWG1WGA

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Disgusting... I guess Trump supporters think this is a good example for their kids... 🤡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#BeBest #maga #jokes #joker #trump #donaldtrump #makeamericagreatagain #sad #usa #unitedstates #merica #america #lol

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@HotlineJosh United we Stand, Divided we Fall. Democrats rely on division to keep us preoccupied, confused and completely in the dark! #MAGA

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I remain skeptical that it will be above 8% but I’m happy to be proven wrong. #MAGA

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@AllTheWayWithD1 @Murray_747 @Bhuvanbagga @realDonaldTrump You are correct - he is not traveling abroad as much as Obama but could that be because he is GOLFING so much? I know a fellow needs to relax - especially at his age - but he PROMISED he would golf less than Obama! #MAGA

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Oh my! Now that is a lot of #MAGA supporters!

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@donnabrazile American ppl have had enough with the Democrats lies & propaganda! Oh, & we should listen to you as the truth 🤣, the woman who helped @HillaryClinton cheat in a debate. Maybe you should find a new job #maga Trump 2020

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@TrollKC Man what fun it would be to watch Trump wax the floor with Bernie. I mean socialism versus capitalism. This is like Philip Rivers versus Mahomes. A proven loser versus and proven winner. #MAGA

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Watch what happened at 0:49 in @gregrharvey's broadcast: No Greater LOVE / #MondayMotivation #Covfefe #talk #cbd #inspire #maga #love #qanon >> <<

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It’s a rainy day but I believe in hope the moment I think of @NewDayForNJ @WitzkeRebellion @jamestulp @for_zhao @FoxworthFor14 @RepDougCollins These people are fighting for Americans. #MAGA chip in! Support True Conservative!

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DOW opening loses 1000 pts down 3%

Nasdx Down 400 pts

Looks like all Cabal companies taking a haircut

#MAGA #winning #ballbusting #nesara #gesara

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Are some Universities a clear & present danger to the NAT SEC of the US? #QAnon #MAGA
Remember this from Emory last year?

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@channelinggalt I have seen market down at beginning like today and up before day over, already coming back some.

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This #NotJustLiesTreason @NSAGov Coup by Russian Mafia=Total Control @WhiteHouse #MobLife
@USAGov Zero Republicans Have A Brain? So
#DonaldTrumpf takes Children on Family Vacation Far, Far Away @RepAdamSchiff You Warn America! @DeptofDefense Is Free? #maga @SenateDems @Gop @AP

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. @realDonaldTrump should just offer everyone a million dollars to vote for him. It's about as realistic a proposal as what Bernie is trying to bribe voters with. #KAG2020 #MAGA #CrazyBernie

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Watch @gregrharvey's broadcast: No Greater LOVE / #MondayMotivation #Covfefe #talk #cbd #inspire #maga #love #qanon >> <<

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Follow @ForsakenSDFD for quality takedowns about how @carldemaio voted against survivor benefits for widows and orphans of fallen police officers, firefighters. #BackTheBlue #CA50 #MAGA #KAG

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@BernieSanders 🤣🤣dream on Bernie #TRUMP #WWG1WGALL #MAGA 2020 #EASY WIN

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TL;DR for the #MAGA crowd and others: the people on TV scaring you about change *are not living in reality*. Those who don't want REQUIRED massive change are the ones who could stand to lose a little for you to survive. But they don't care about you. #inequality #economics

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@dbongino Oh really now? I seem to recall @realDonaldTrump running circles around Hillary during the 2016 campaign. The President has not stopped working harder than any other President I can remember to turn this country around!!! #Maga #TheBestIsYetToCome

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The media has worked harder on suppressing Trump's unprecedented welcomes in other countries more than anything else. When did a US president be celebrated by the people foreign nations quite like this one is? Never.

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Kremlin talking points keep both Trump, and Putin pacified. @cia @fbi #gru

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प्रथम महिला और मैं इस देश के हर नागरिक को एक सन्देश देने के लिए दुनिया का 8000 मील का चक्कर लगा कर यहां आये हैं l अमेरिका भारत को  प्रेम करता है - अमेरिका भारत का सम्मान करता है - और
अमरीका के लोग हमेशा भारत के लोगों के सच्चे और निष्ठावान दोस्त रहेंगे l

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Addressing #NamasteTrump with my friend @realdonaldtrump. Join live!

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America as a whole is doing better under @realDonaldTrump as @POTUS

All Blacks @RealCandaceO asks agree they are doing BETTER w Pres Donald J. Trump

It’s no brainer will be ReElected BIGLY in LANDSLIDE 2020

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@MistyTienken @MikeyLutz619 @carldemaio Here’s Carl’s 2nd vote against Police and Firefighter Widows and Orphans benefits.

City of San Diego Council Minutes
FY2013 Budget Proposal Item 151

Council Minutes

Passed by the following vote:
Yea: Everyone else
Nay: Carl DeMaio


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Thread (1/16). How is that our economic statistics suggest workers have been making slow but steady progress in recent decades, while popular perception is that their family finances are coming under increasingly untenable pressure? I've been working on this, here's my answer:

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Just found this on Facebook. Bernie Sanders hugging surrogates Linda Sarsour and Amer Zahr.

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🔽 Trump Classic Lies #TrumpLies pt1

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